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    booby trap

    1. They booby trapped the house and were about to come finish us off when

    2. They enchanted the place as a booby trap, but we can protect ourselves,” William said and pulled me behind him

    3. He cuts 'em up for mines and booby traps

    4. She used to take delight in setting small booby traps for the soldiers and would often hide and watch her handiwork

    5. the booby trap was some computerised thing that would go off

    6. There is no indication of a booby trap, but we should be careful

    7. His face was a mask; a sarcophagus of suffering lay deep in the labyrinths of his soul, booby trapped with vicious spikes of self-loathing

    8. “I see! Should we install a few trip wires and booby traps across that street?”

    9. “You set a booby trap in the roof of the warehouse, a white mist or smoke came from it, making people bleed to death

    10. It was thought that switching off was so obvious, that a saboteur would think it was booby trapped

    11. But did the hyphen mean to press at the same time? And if he got it wrong what could happen? Could Ed have taken the time to booby trap the stone? That was a risk Gordon would not take

    12. house had been booby trapped with flares and tiny explosives that weren’t big

    13. staggered out of the house, fumbled his way past al the booby traps and headed

    14. Once inside, we will make our way cautiously to the bridge and the engine room, but keep your eyes peeled for booby traps and demolition charges

    15. There are no visible booby traps in or near the airlock: it is safe to use the controls of the airlock in my opinion

    16. Michel however became increasingly cautious as he approached the last partition airlock before the bridge level: if the hijackers had prepared booby traps, this was one obvious place to put one

    17. Carefully examining the grenade for any anti-lifting device or second booby trap, Kaltigins found none and let out a breath of relief

    18. aftermath of Vincent's booby trap in the woods

    19. sensor used in the booby trap that killed agent John Travis

    20. remnants from the booby trap that kil ed Travis

    21. because he really wanted to use his booby trap idea on one

    22. the prison guard was to die in a booby trap

    23. part of a booby trap

    24. booby trap of all time

    25. The whole booby trap idea was a crapshoot but if it

    26. “The doors have been booby trapped,” Sonny said

    27. shoe, a particularly nasty Vietcong booby trap that was smeared with

    28. there were guns and mines and booby traps everywhere

    29. Gary had suggested booby traps on the old fashioned

    30. Bev said, “There will be patrols and possibly booby traps

    31. The house was booby trapped and the doorbell set off the

    32. “Or big-time booby traps,” said Mike, “and if you just happen to find the Ark of the Covenant and some dudes have opened it—”

    33. “I knew this place was booby trapped!”

    34. Nguyen also taught them how to rig booby traps, from the simple punji and bamboo stake pits to the lethal Malay whip log, two large logs suspended from two opposite facing trees, when the trap on the ground was tripped the logs came together crushing the unfortunate victims, messy but very effective

    35. Five soldiers and the younger village members went off and started to clear all the remaining booby traps

    36. And she installed diffused booby traps to trap the Dragons

    37. Don meditated for his inner energy to flow out and break open the booby traps

    38. They got themselves unleashed from the booby traps and headed to the lab where Nova-MER-code was taking its shape

    39. Of course, now that I’ve written about how awesome my insides are I realize I’ve just made my eventual skeleton incredibly tantalizing to grave robbers and so now I’m going to have to make booby traps to protect my dead body

    40. The second is: If you do pay attention to short-term earnings, look out for booby traps in the per-share figures

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