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    1. The aim here is not to censor but create a lobby of senior respected citizens who can prevail upon those in control to act when the boundary of decency is crossed

    2. The ones he opposed would establish a boundary and cut off all but rudimentary contact with local society

    3. He was neither here nor there on the boundary issue, so long as he didn't have to move

    4. marked the boundary of Aunt Billie’s little estate

    5. …your boundary of fear is your boundary of defeat

    6. it takes courage to cross the boundary of this

    7. There was another faction that actually wanted to carve out a governed land with a national boundary and laws

    8. Still the prime governor wasted his time with the nationality issue, siding with the Colonel and Waldeis more often than not and urged Herndon in joining them within a boundary and constitution

    9. Three Earth years worked their way by while they debated the merits of a national boundary versus integration with the native economy and ignored the iceberg tumbling ever deeper into the brown dwarf's gravity well

    10. He spent those three years talking to each of them, trying to mold their position into something that would make Herndon agree to join them within a boundary

    11. The boundary wasn't important to Herndon, this land was peaceful and gentle and he didn't need a boundary to protect himself from it

    12. "There are some who wish to establish a boundary but not necessarily a government

    13. where the boundary line is incomplete

    14. “If he had his way I can never be sure I’m alone any more, and the boundary he picked is halfway across the island I’m on

    15. Philip took his fielding place at the boundary near me

    16. the ball towards the boundary several times

    17. 'Run, it is a single,' Ish urged from the boundary line

    18. That is not enforcing a boundary

    19. Space, being of infinite boundary (by my

    20. “It will take centuries,” Kelvin said, “Even if we are near the boundary

    21. Humanoid life, humans in particular, had crossed that boundary in the early to mid 40th if one was poor and living in his ancestral lands in the old north, many generations ago

    22. of fir marked the boundary between lowlands and

    23. The Kassikan has a boundary, with doors of one kind or another wherever you crossed that boundary

    24. The boundary includes just over two hundred and fifty acres, much of it capped by the pyramid and the dome

    25. Yassap didn’t cross the boundary stones, ‘Release

    26. boundary of the grounds, with high and thick hedges through which

    27. towards the boundary of Blackforest

    28. “Thanks a lot,” Ava said in response, “You probably only stayed with me because my home was inside the boundary of the Kassikan

    29. Desa crossed the circle and climbed over the intertwined roots that formed its pond-side boundary

    30. the scripture is a boundary that gives freedom

    31. the scripture is a boundary that gives freedom to hear God

    32. The outside of the ship and the inside are completely insulated from each other by a virtuality boundary and neither can find out anything about the other except as the system permits

    33. Admission was a penny a person, two for a keda, since it was impossible to fence the boundary well enough to enforce a high price

    34. pass the artificial boundary of a parish, than an arm of the sea, or a ridge of high mountains,

    35. The desire of food is limited in every man by the narrow capacity of the human stomach; but the desire of the conveniencies and ornaments of building, dress, equipage, and household furniture, seems to have no limit or certain boundary

    36. Clipear followed with a well aimed ball that struck Tristan’s and forced it over the boundary board

    37. In the progress of wealth and improvement, the real price of the first may rise to any degree of extravagance, and seems not to be limited by any certain boundary

    38. That of the second, though it may rise greatly, has, however, a certain boundary, beyond which it cannot well pass for any considerable time together

    39. They definitely passed ruins of a really ancient wall, the architecture changed and they were inside the boundary of the University

    40. You have crossed some boundary

    41. As you focus on your breathing, you are, in a sense, placing your awareness at the boundary between you and the world

    42. The boundary wall was taller than Danny

    43. B: -- With more plants around the globe on larger landmasses, the gases that would have been found in the atmosphere, would definitely have contained additional oxygen and having a boundary layer of water outside the atmosphere, could have led to gases being trapped in the atmosphere and an increase in air pressure

    44. Nonsense! (If, however, this an accurate characterization, just what does that tell us about Enlightenment philosophers?) His form of German idealism, involving as it must, complete subservience to the State, as manifest in the spirit of history, goes beyond the boundary of the civilized and prepares the way for Karl Marx

    45. A popular tradition was that if the King died at Kumassi, his fetish power remained, being transmitted to the next ruler; but if he crossed the boundary, the power departed with him from the capital, never to return

    46. So Polk negotiated with the British, breaking his campaign promise of 54-40 and accepting the 49th parallel, the same boundary other US presidents had proposed

    47. The people in China Grove at the far northeast boundary had been screaming for bus service for years

    48. Both could have accepted the actual Texas border at the Nueces River rather than the ludicrous claims of the Rio Grande boundary extending all the way to modern day Wyoming

    49. “Congratulations, Andrew, you’re instructor number three,” I yelled over the prop noise as we swished over the boundary fence

    50. It too licked at the same boundary

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