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Breathing в предложении (на )

  1. He was in deep breathing.
  2. You can see it breathing.
  3. He is no longer breathing.
  4. Now he was breathing hard.
  5. Her breathing is a lullaby.

  6. I heard her deep breathing.
  7. I use breathing when I am.
  8. The soul is the breathing.
  9. I can't feel his breathing.
  10. I could hear them breathing.
  11. We were both breathing hard.
  12. Is the body breathing? Check.
  13. He was breathing on his own.
  14. By the breathing your body.
  15. But their breathing is ragged.

  16. Lungs are organ of breathing.
  17. I needed some breathing room.
  18. I’m breathing way too hard.
  19. I tried to steady my breathing.
  20. They were both breathing hard.
  21. The blonde is still breathing.
  22. He watched her breathing, it.
  23. She heard his breathing, close.
  24. She was breathing in shallow.
  25. Both of are us breathing hard.

  26. His breathing labored and hard.
  27. We were both breathing heavily.
  28. The sound of laboured breathing.
  29. Breathing out: what's up, Doc?
  30. He was breathing over me in a.
  31. He could not hear her breathing.
  32. Breathing fire across the land.
  33. But she was no longer breathing.
  34. Mac could see he was breathing.
  35. Only then did I start breathing.
  36. He tried to calm his breathing.
  37. I tried to control my breathing.
  38. He said you weren’t breathing.
  39. Kirk can see that he's breathing.
  40. This way, easier breathing can.
  41. Libby stood there breathing hard.
  42. And he was breathing, of course.
  43. She heard his laboured breathing.
  44. In and out, just keep breathing.
  45. But still he wasn’t breathing.
  46. The air was alive and breathing.
  47. Behind me, I hear him breathing.
  48. Whitton was still not breathing.
  49. I was still breathing really hard.
  50. The man wasn't breathing heavily.
  51. His breathing was still shallow.
  52. At least she’s still breathing.
  54. On the far end, I heard breathing.
  55. Heart rate low, breathing normal.
  56. Center on your breathing as the.
  57. Egil was still, barely breathing.
  58. They squared off, breathing hard.
  59. He is breathing normal again so.
  60. Damon was breathing hard, ready.
  61. She was still breathing all right.
  62. His breathing was slow and heavy.
  63. I was crying and breathing heavy.
  64. Even his breathing was very weak.
  65. My breathing had become irregular.
  66. She was breathing rapidly and he.
  67. Or maybe it was breathing I hated.
  68. Only once did her breathing turn.
  69. Her breathing came fast and heavy.
  70. Normal breathing is quiet and easy.
  71. She seemed to be hardly breathing.
  72. Focus your mind on breathing only.
  73. I could still hear her breathing.
  74. Again, breathing hard, as he had.
  75. He was breathing faster and faster.
  76. As a living breathing water entity.
  77. I realised I had stopped breathing.
  78. Stay in this position, breathing.
  79. Both fighters were breathing hard.
  80. Trugga was still breathing heavily.
  81. He is a shadow breathing,.
  82. I lay there, not breathing,.
  83. He is a shadow breathing hard,.
  1. I breathed in a rush.
  2. He breathed a sigh of.
  3. They breathed for a while.
  4. I said and breathed a sigh.
  5. She breathed a long sigh.
  6. I breathed a little easier.
  7. I breathed in deeply and.
  8. He breathed a bit relieved.
  9. He breathed in and exhaled.
  10. Saul breathed out in relief.
  11. Carrie breathed a sigh of.
  12. Thedes breathed a sigh of.
  13. Ailia breathed for a moment.
  14. I blinked and then breathed.
  15. He breathed into her ear :.
  16. He breathed out and chuckled.
  17. He breathed a sigh of relief.
  18. She breathed a little easier.
  19. She breathed a sigh of relief.
  20. Not while she still breathed.
  21. He breathed in again, found.
  22. Greg breathed a sigh of relief.
  23. Gary breathed a sigh of relief.
  24. I breathed a tired, happy sigh.
  25. I breathed the sigh of relief.
  26. Gould breathed out in a tone.
  27. Joey breathed a sigh of relief.
  28. An Zi coldly breathed, Humph.
  29. Merry breathed a sigh of relief.
  30. Danny breathed a sigh of relief.
  31. I breathed out a sigh of relief.
  32. Then tell me, he breathed.
  33. Then I breathed, smoothed her.
  34. Matai breathed a sigh of relief.
  35. Chris breathed a sigh of relief.
  36. She breathed in a gasp for air.
  37. Nigel breathed a sigh of relief.
  38. He breathed heavily and happily.
  39. Sasha breathed through her teeth.
  40. I breathed a little more calmly.
  41. Marius breathed freely once more.
  42. So he breathed as shallowly as.
  43. Chiron breathed a sigh of relief.
  44. It was this that Danny breathed.
  45. She breathed quickly and knelt.
  46. Jade breathed slowly but firmly.
  47. Viella breathed a sigh of relief.
  48. Then I breathed a sigh of relief.
  49. Not long after she breathed her.
  50. I breathed heavily into the phone.
  51. Travis breathed a sigh of relief.
  52. I breathed out and started playing.
  53. He breathed out heavily once again.
  54. He breathed a huge sigh of relief.
  55. Di Yang finally breathed in relief.
  56. Thank God, she breathed out.
  57. He breathed in deeply and coughed.
  58. She breathed, she saw, she sensed.
  59. I nodded and breathed out, Yes.
  60. I’m fine, she breathed out.
  61. The woman breathed a sigh of relief.
  62. Tress breathed out a sigh of relief.
  63. I breathed in the pine-scented air.
  64. She breathed deeply to overcome it.
  65. The senior Russian breathed heavily.
  66. I breathed in his smell and smiled.
  67. I breathed in and flinched visibly.
  68. Malik breathed several deep breaths.
  69. His face lit up as she breathed a.
  70. Taquelle breathed a sigh of relief.
  71. Inwardly I breathed a sigh of relief.
  72. Ash breathed in Caruth’s clean air.
  73. Eilidh breathed hard, hands on knees.
  74. Not a creature in the place breathed.
  75. He shut his eyes and breathed deeply.
  76. Then she breathed and opened her eyes.
  77. Oh, thank Christ, Luke breathed.
  78. Smith breathed out slowly and waited.
  79. She breathed out a gas from her mouth.
  80. He lay and "breathed" himself for a.
  81. She breathed in harsh gasps, Dont.
  82. And? I breathed and she moaned.
  83. Ahhhhhhhh- the Oogie breathed aloud.
  84. She bled and breathed; her heart beat.
  85. Oh, Andrei breathed down my neck.
  86. He parked the car and breathed deeply.
  87. She breathed her hot breath in his ear.
  88. Upstairs, on his bed, Douglas breathed.
  89. No … she breathed out in agony.
  90. He breathed a sigh of relief when he.
  91. I need to go he slowly breathed out.
  92. That was wondrous! Dalia breathed.
  93. He breathed in deep so as not to faint.
  94. I don’t believe it, he breathed.
  95. Nico breathed out heavily as she stood.
  96. That was incredible! she breathed.
  97. I breathed in sharply to calm my nerves.
  98. I breathed; the suit regulated the air.
  99. His words breathed out to chill my face.
  100. She breathed deeply and closed her eyes.
  1. He breathes next to us.
  2. He breathes into my ear.
  3. Dana breathes hard in anger.
  4. He breathes and it is gone.
  5. And by the morn as it breathes.
  6. Xzavier breathes a sigh of relief.
  7. He lives and breathes that horrid.
  8. Or the morn as it breathes:.
  9. More than you know, he breathes.
  10. She simply listens, hears, breathes.
  11. You’re a virgin? he breathes.
  12. Lift up your arms, he breathes.
  13. Ted hesitates and breathes in deeply.
  14. He shifts, grunts and breathes quietly.
  15. The Earth breathes upon living things.
  16. Does that feel good? he breathes.
  17. There’s no alarm, Beth breathes.
  18. One breathes there with nose and mouth.
  19. Breathes there a man with soul so dead.
  20. Tell me you didn’t? he breathes.
  21. He squeezes me closer as he breathes out.
  22. I was about to tell her, he breathes.
  23. Day breathes into my dreams, shades on the.
  25. That and your smart mouth, he breathes.
  26. God breathes life into the lungs of a child.
  27. She shudders and breathes shallowly in a sea.
  28. There is no respect where you say it breathes.
  29. All good things, Miss Steele, he breathes.
  30. One that breathes fire and kidnaps princesses.
  31. I said, Ellen lies as easily as she breathes.
  32. The Friend breathes into one who has no breath.
  33. He squeezes one eye shut and breathes slowly in.
  34. Alex breathes in deeply, practising self control.
  35. Even as the sand doth, when the whirlwind breathes.
  36. He closed his eyes and heaved a few deep breathes.
  37. When churchyards yawn and hell itself breathes out.
  38. The animal opens its jaws wider and breathes on Sloth.
  39. He breathes heavy, staring the dead moose in the eyes.
  40. He enters men’s nightmares and breathes evil thoughts.
  41. The sound dies away and Eugene breathes a sigh of relief.
  42. Ciere, he breathes, and he doesn’t look happy at all.
  43. No, Gelahn breathes, glancing down at the cane he holds.
  44. No, he breathes as if I’ve knocked the wind out of him.
  45. Nothing will his riches avail him when he breathes his last.
  46. Later, Miss Steele, he breathes, his voice full of promise.
  47. I declare this Ana open, he breathes, and cuts the plastic.
  48. Davie breathes out and feels a sense of relief wash through him.
  49. One there breathes the enormous fetidness of social catastrophes.
  50. How nice is this? he breathes, blowing on one of my nipples.
  51. A man who breathes only with his upper chest lacks the vigor and.
  52. It doesn’t surprise me Barrons lives and breathes The Art of War.
  53. You hate it that much? he breathes, his eyes filled with horror.
  54. Do you want to do this? he breathes, looking down at me intently.
  55. He says he still breathes, but his life has been over for a long time.
  56. When it spits out that water and breathes on it, the water solidifies.
  57. That he now breathes, and creeps about on earth, is owing all to me!.
  58. Opening her front door Suzy breathes a sigh of relief as she steps inside.
  59. Deuteronomy 20:16 Do not leave alive anything that breathes (nshahmuh).
  60. But the Sperm Whale only breathes about one seventh or Sunday of his time.
  61. He tries to catch his breath and breathes heavily while holding his chest.
  62. As though some beast breathes all the time at the windowpanes of his mind.
  63. As long as he breathes it every three days, his will is subservient to ours.
  64. Who wouldn’t? Joey said in a weak voice, still drawing deep breathes.
  65. No, he breathes through his spiracle alone; and this is on the top of his head.
  66. Her back arches and her arms tense and she breathes out a single, completed Oh.
  67. This history lives and breathes in the hills around Eshowe, Melmoth and Nkandla.
  68. He wanders around on the grass and breathes deep in the cool early morning fog.
  69. Tylin sat with her legs folded underneath her, taking deep breathes to cool down.
  70. This depends on the state of mind in which the person breathes their last breath.
  71. Don’t hate me, he breathes softly against my skin, his voice achingly sad.
  72. He breathes nervously, out of pursed lips, as if blowing on a spoonful of hot soup.
  73. By learning to breath with slow and deep breathes it will bring your mind and body.
  74. Tammas breathes them in, and his body recognizes you, and keeps himself acclimated.
  75. You too, baby, he breathes, and with those words, my Christian is back briefly.
  76. And that job will not be over until the last living human breathes their last breath.
  77. It is not always what is actually in a letter, but the spirit which it breathes that.
  78. She could not walk, had some use of her arms, and could talk in short, forced breathes.
  79. As she walks out of the living room she shuts the door and breathes out with a big sigh.
  80. Here… fast, hard, he breathes, and his hands are on my thighs, pushing up my skirt.
  81. When his gaze sweeps over the area, Ciere ducks back behind her crate and breathes hard.
  82. Talk to me! He breathes as he pins me to the wall and restrains me between his arms.
  83. Nothing plain or old about vanilla – it’s a very intriguing flavor, he breathes.
  84. I have always the feeling that she breathes a sigh of relief every time I bid her good-by.
  85. And you’re biting your lip, he breathes, moving slowly to his left as I move to mine.
  86. And the touch of that vapour, the inhaling of its pungent wisps, was death to all that breathes.
  87. Connecting the mask to the oxygen cylinder Bill switches it on and Lewis breathes in gratefully.
  88. Lewis does not answer as he puts the mask back over his nose and mouth and breathes in gratefully.
  89. You’re not a great submissive, he breathes as he holds my chin, his eyes dancing with humor.
  90. Bending his head, he breathes in the scent, its purity a sharp contrast to the salt tang of the sea.
  91. When mind thinks as subject it creates misery and when mind thinks in surrender it breathes in peace.
  92. We would be honored to show you the collections, Sergeant Major, breathes the assistant director.
  93. I think I was trying to convince myself that’s the case, but you … He breathes in, then mumbles.
  94. He breathes in deeply and, orientating himself by the position of the car, he starts to walk towards the road.
  95. He stopped his breathing for a moment and then breathes again; his feeble health was fluctuating every now and then.
  96. Why love the woman who is your wife? Her nose breathes in the air of a world that I know; therefore I love that nose.
  97. Taking the cigarette from the ashtray he lights it with his bright yellow lighter and breathes in the smoke gratefully.
  98. He breathes deeply, swears quietly once more, and promises himself that he will never work for foreign bloody bastards again.
  99. When an attendee breathes deeply, it probably means that he wants to interrupt the conversation and express his point of views.
  100. Johan listens to the screeches of birds, breathes in the salt smell of the water and welcomes the warmth of the sun on his face.

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1. Breathe in let it go.
2. That is how we breathe.
3. You breathe in and out.
4. As I live and breathe.
5. I breathe, I walk in.
6. It helps me to breathe.
7. It was hard to breathe.
8. Breathe in and then blow.
9. The air that you breathe.
10. You can breathe up here.
11. We breathe with our gills.
12. Out here, we can breathe.
13. But it is hard to breathe.
14. At least I can breathe.
15. I BREATHE THROUGH my nose.
16. The child did not breathe.
17. I breathe a sigh of relief.
18. I wasn’t able to breathe.
19. Just breathe for a moment.
20. We could breathe, and we.
21. But she can still breathe.
22. Breathe it deep into thee.
23. But she needed to breathe.
24. I tried to breathe normaly.
25. I could not breathe in the.
26. Breathe out: So that I may.
27. She had caught her breathe.
28. Breathe plenty of fresh air.
29. I tried to breathe normally.
30. It’s hard to breathe now.
31. I felt breathe of happiness.
32. I could not move or breathe.
33. I have gills to breathe with.
34. She told herself to breathe.
35. So that I may breathe again.
36. Song began to breathe heavily.
37. I could not breathe normally.
38. So learning to breathe with.
39. Tony was straining to breathe.
40. Breathe in me, Breath of Life.
41. It was easier to breathe up.
42. We all remembered to breathe.
43. She was struggling to breathe.
44. Breathe a prayer, drop a tear.
45. She seemed indeed to breathe.
46. She forced herself to breathe.
47. Breathe, do not fucking panic.
48. Breathe on these, my dry bones.
49. Finally I could breathe again.
50. And breathe a drama in his ear.
51. He inhaled a breathe of relief.
52. Stop, sit still and breathe.
53. He tried to remember to breathe.
54. As you press it in, breathe in.
55. Then breathe out and loosen up.
56. We breathe it, don’t we?
57. Breathe deeply of the fresh air.
58. Dieter almost could not breathe.
59. She could breathe freely again.
60. The latter could hardly breathe.
61. She didn't move, didn't breathe.
62. I can barely breathe down here.
63. I can hardly breathe much less.
64. It is vital to learn to breathe.
65. Okay, he heard her breathe.
66. Our hero could scarcely breathe.
67. But it’s still hard to breathe.
68. I breathe easier knowing there.
69. It was hard to breathe, and she.
70. The old man struggles to breathe.
71. Neither of them dared to breathe.
72. Breathe a sigh and count to ten?
73. They are able to breathe, indeed.
74. She started to breathe into her.
75. We stopped there to breathe and.
76. I barely had a second to breathe.
77. OH I breathe the air of relief.
78. Breathe, breathe, he told himself.
79. Try to breathe through your heart.
80. He could neither breathe nor move.
81. Skidoo! Now I could breathe easier.
82. She held her breathe just in case.
83. Maybe she’d never breathe again.
84. I felt his warm pulsating breathe.
85. It was becoming harder to breathe.
86. She was finding it hard to breathe.
87. I can’t move, can’t breathe.
88. I bite my lip and breathe heavily.
89. He could breathe deeply once more.
90. Caris was almost afraid to breathe.
91. We cannot breathe air without water.
92. I felt as if I could breathe again.
93. And suddenly, it's hard to breathe.
94. Try to breathe deep, McCoy said.
95. She had to force herself to breathe.
96. Joey stopped and took a deep breathe.
97. Every breath you breathe can be an.
98. I will breathe after my own fashion.
99. Suddenly I couldn’t breathe at all.
100. I was still able to breathe in the.

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