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    1. ) His administration went on to bungle several other standoffs, first with survivalist Randy Weaver and then with the Republic of Texas militia

    2. Won’t the callous politicians know that it’s in chasing the quick buck that these greedy guys bungle with their lives; why don’t they exhort farmers to part-opt for the cash crops to meet both ends? Moreover, it’s not as if the bankrupt traders and the insolvent others are not known to commit suicide but then, there is no political axe to grind over their deaths; it all boils down to lobbying, in the open as in the U

    3. ‘Honey bungle, when’s the Beastie coming back?’ she purrs

    4. And then, strangest fact of all, the people who find it a hard struggle to live, or who exist in dreadful poverty and sometimes starve, instead of trying to understand the causes of their misery and to find out a remedy themselves, spend all their time applauding the Practical, Sensible, Level-headed Business-men, who bungle and mismanage their affairs, and pay them huge salaries for doing so

    5. But what did I have that I’d trust them not to bungle? Not only did I never again see the white van in Hell’s Kitchen, but Billy Three-Sticks, whom I’d taken for my passafuoco, my passageway into Samantha, was gone, too

    6. “We do that,” Jill said nervously, “we might bungle this whole investigation

    1. “After you two bungled acquiring the Super Chip, I put my superior intellect into action trying to pinpoint its new location

    2. "I got a little help from Ava," she ad-libbed, "I hope you're not angry with me?" Her smooth introduction to his situation was pretty well bungled already

    3. Bush bungled not just both wars but the response to Hurricane Katrina

    4. The unnecessary Second Iraq War, the failed response to Hurricane Katrina, and the bungled Afghanistan War were all direct consequences of GW Bush being appointed president

    5. A bungled Translocation can be the kind of disaster that scars your soul to see

    6. Of course, none of them expected it to turn out this way with Bobby running to recapture the position bungled by LBJ after Jack’s assassination in 1963

    7. Talking of Anastasia, word on the street is that Vincent ‘Chin’ Gigante and three other men loyal to Genovese tried to kill him this morning but bungled their attempt

    8. For example, getting Barclay out of his research project, which was seen as such a threat to the Russian economy, and out of the country as well after Makienko’s bungled attempt to assassinate him, was very clever indeed

    9. Not too long after the FBI’s fourth annual bungled attempt to put down civil insurrection by what they called “right-wing extremists,” all the little splinter groups of “patriots” and “skinheads” and assorted other we-are-God’s-chosen cults finally got together, as had been feared in the establishment’s worst nightmares

    10. I had about thirty more seconds as they bungled around in the fog before they realized I was gone

    11. WW1 was a total bungled disaster on both sides of the conflict from the top down

    12. Whoever sank the boat bungled the job

    13. You should be running a far tighter ship to avoid these bungled operations

    14. I suspect that the cameraman was already doubled up with laughter, as he completely bungled the shot, barely capturing my ascent to the scaffold

    15. Graham could not have anticipated the financial havoc wrought by canceled and decommissioned nuclear energy plants; nor did he foresee the consequences of bungled regulation in California

    16. The two Italian-born Americans were accused in 1920 of the murder of two men in a bungled armed raid on a shoe factory in Massachusetts

    1. shoved on the back-burner to appease a bungling Congress

    2. "The master plan is in ruins thanks to your bungling

    3. More, she had accused Mainwaring of bad management, incompetency, of being a reject of the British SIS whose bungling had resulted in the deaths of many Canadian agents

    4. That data also saved another year or more of bungling around on the design of the bomb itself

    5. The rest of the escort fighters would catch them up; they never did due to administrative bungling and eighteen young men in six slow, old aircraft went on their way

    6. Faced with the same allegation of "bungling in high office" which forced him out of office in the First World War; Churchill took the unprecedented step, during war time that is of ordering a military tribunal to be set up to investigate the break-out

    7. That German victory was countered, however, by political bungling when Germans attacked

    8. He was convinced that he could get away from these two bungling jailers but thought that if he did so he would never get to the root of what their motivation was, and maybe not even discover who they were

    9. “Yes, the bungling ninny is our father, as much as that thought displeases me

    10. And having measured, she put the glass on a tray, took it down to the library, advanced, after that single moment's bungling at the door, with the composed tread and impassive countenance of one performing a daily duty at the appointed hour, and said, her eyelids respectfully lowered, "Your drops, m'lady

    11. editor that both of them would run the story as the scam was more of a bureaucratic bungling

    12. bungling and incompetence, the Feds were eager to recover

    13. Churchill’s horrible bungling of the Norway affair the year before in 1939 should have turned all the cabinet members of the inner circle against him: yet they chose him over the stately, wise, competent Lord Halifax

    14. Crass thought that the principal piece of bungling in this affair was Hunter's failure to secure

    15. Taken off guard by my bungling affection, she held me in her arms for a moment, then pressed me gently away

    16. From all that occurred at the trial and his knowledge of Maslova, Nekhludoff was convinced that she was innocent, and at first was confident that the other jurors would so find her, but when he saw that because of the merchant's bungling defense of Maslova, evidently prompted by his undisguised liking for her, and the foreman's resistance which it caused, but chiefly because of the weariness of the jury, there was likely to be a verdict of guilty, he wished to make objection, but feared to speak in her favor lest his relations toward her should be disclosed

    17. “It ought to go now,” the boy announced, after some further bungling examination

    18. The men who had attacked Lindley and the player’s lad had been but bungling robbers of the road

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