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    1. For all of his eighty years, his triple by-pass, his

    2. Traffic on the new by-pass, which runs immediately behind the house, is already building up and Jock Cascarino, who is sitting in the front passenger seat, watches the cars and their drivers

    3. “They by-passed the sublight thrust

    4. The river went winding along from east to west, issuing from The Pines and draining into ‘The Cut,’ which was a by-pass; a flood-prevention canal intersecting the river

    5. The road was originally going to be developed into some sort of a by-pass with access to the Inter-state, but that idea got bogged down in a red tape legal action at city hall

    6. believe in the Constitution, but only to explore means of by-passing it or destroying it altogether, one only has to look at what happened to two Border Control guards who because they were doing their

    7. Ken ran to the rear of the pump house and began to yank the heavy wheel that lifted the sixteen-inch gate valve on the by-pass line

    8. The valve to the by-pass was not open far enough and the surge roared around the sharp elbows and into the giant strainers before the pumps

    9. “I did, but Lieutenant James should have opened the by-pass

    10. Secondly, he also failed to open the by-pass line when he knew the shock was coming

    11. They had discovered the Earth, but before colonising it (ha, they didn’t know about the hyperspace by-pass either), those giants sent out an exploration party

    12. He was in intensive care and after a week, Doctor Brewer did the by-pass surgery

    13. They left the N1 highway at Bloemfontein going on to Aliwal North, by-passed Queenstown and then joined the N2 at King Williamstown

    14. Drove through Grahamstown, by-passed Port Elizabeth, Clarkson and then a few kilometres before Woodlands turned left down a little country road to a small holiday cottage, surrounded by lush tropical foliage, on the beach, which was owned and used by Hu Lyang, when he was not staying at his Cape Town mansion – there were no other cottages in the area – the only other structure being a wooden boathouse which had its own jetty attached…

    15. I could tell it from the way by-passers were staring at me

    16. “Jamie showed me, even showed me how to by-pass the safety feature, she says they still need a lot of work

    17. By-passing villages they went unseen as no one in this land of spirits left the relative safety of their huts

    18. The market has almost reached a saturation point for adults, and the only way to sustain market influence is to start subliminal tactics, like product placing, or advertising directly to the children, there in by-passing the adult’s built up tolerance to commercials

    19. “Sorry, a little by-passing here

    20. It should be possible to by-pass that aspect of the system, and I think I may just know how to do it, but it will need a lot of experimentation

    21. “You will see,” he said, “that this card by-passes all the machine prompts, and immediately invites me to select from the on-screen menu

    22. They by-passed the side rooms and stepped into the main chamber

    23. David that he had by-passed his truck

    24. can make a woman laugh, you can by-pass all of the usual rubbish that you will have to

    25. If the tested sample fail, it may need some other technical support to by-pass the sperm penetration

    26. The cultural unspoken norm-practice-custom-tradition was created that the Earth exists only to be ignored and used, raped, destroyed, gaped-at or by-passed

    27. In their ignorance and greed… they by-passed the best land in the world

    28. If he had not left Hanor until last, by-passing Manson in his

    29. I had worried that our house-breaking skills, hones in the Victorian era, would be thwarted by modern technology, but the security measures were by-passed with ease by my talented friend and we were soon within the very bowels of the building

    30. several by-passers turned and stared

    31. The selling can be done either through the courts, or it can by-pass the court system

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