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Caller в предложении (на )

  1. The caller was a man.
  2. We switch on the caller.
  3. I glance at the caller I.
  4. And let him have caller ID.
  5. I peered at the caller ID.
  6. She checked the caller ID.
  7. A quick check of the caller I.
  8. The caller had to be patient.
  9. The caller ID says NOAH WALKER.
  10. Thanks again caller, Jam here.
  11. That‘s it for the caller so far.
  12. That was your mystery caller, no.
  13. This same caller was on last week.
  14. I’m a Caller, said Windzer.
  15. Caller ID, ever heard of it?
  16. Big baller shot caller, fine by me.
  17. The role caller looked at the board.
  18. The caller said he was August Spies.
  19. In fact the caller was Dr O’Brien.
  20. Did the caller say who he was?
  21. Yes, Orlando greeted the caller.
  22. She saw who it was on her caller ID.
  23. More silence, then the caller hung up.
  24. He checked caller ID and saw nothing.
  25. He instinctively checked the caller.
  26. The caller this time was Alan Potter.
  27. The caller display said DI Morton.
  28. Cambridge was not the caller, however.
  29. Did the caller describe the man?
  30. Borja about my request for a caller ID.
  31. Tony didn't recognize the caller, but.
  32. Where the bingo caller only had one leg.
  33. So the caller was a man, says Kate.
  34. You were the caller on the Talk Show.
  35. A glance at the caller ID and he winces.
  36. Then he turned to look at his caller ID.
  37. Out of area, the caller ID flashed.
  38. I grabbed it and eyeballed the caller ID.
  39. Ben who was the caller on the talk radio.
  40. Let the caller and the called disappear;.
  41. The caller ID always showed it as blocked.
  42. They could only guess who the caller was.
  43. The caller knocked again, louder this time.
  44. She picked it up, and looked at the caller.
  45. I called the number back on my caller ID.
  46. My heart drums as I stare at the caller ID.
  47. It’s about the prank caller, I said.
  48. Let her think it is an obscene phone caller.
  49. Wait, don’t hang up, the caller said.
  50. And caller ID would give you away, anyway.
  51. Caller ID was good until ID block came along.
  52. The caller clearly was a student of the game.
  53. Wow, that caller really knows his football.
  54. The other day I had a caller on my radio show.
  55. Carol, it’s Sandra, the caller announced.
  56. Ames instructed the caller, Go to Jerusalem.
  57. This is Catherine Quaid, the caller said.
  58. Also, if the caller says they're broke or on.
  59. There was not even the hope of a chance caller.
  60. This time the number of the caller was blocked.
  61. Caller: No, I have on a blouse and slacks, why?
  62. Cliff checked the caller ID and flipped it open.
  63. Instead, he turned around to address his caller.
  64. She looked at the phone number on the caller ID.
  65. Caller: Honey, I may be old, but I’m not stupid.
  66. He checked the caller ID window, but got nothing.
  67. Zoleka picked it up, the caller was saying hello.
  68. One caller however, wasn’t interested in candy.
  69. She saw who it was on her caller ID and picked up.
  70. A woman's voice responded: I wish the caller well.
  71. If you don’t have caller ID, answer the phone by.
  72. The caller had a British accent and sounded scared.
  73. The caller transmits a SETUP message to the switch.
  74. Caller: I thought you just said it was nine one one.
  75. What? he shouted after checking the caller ID.
  76. Carol, this is Jerry Owens, the caller announced.
  77. But the caller didn’t use the anonymous hotline.
  78. Why should I listen to you? I asked the caller.
  79. Montana looked at the satellite images of the caller.
  80. But the number on the caller id wasn’t Sierra’s.
  81. Hold on, I said as if the caller could hear me.
  82. It might have come from Miss Regine’s prank caller.
  83. After Cynthia did as the caller asked I felt a major.
  84. He nearly choked when he heard the name of the caller.
  85. Jesse, go check the Caller ID and find that number.
  86. Alarmed by the sound of the caller, Alex sat up in bed.
  87. He checked the caller ID and went outside on the porch.
  88. The anonymous caller claimed that the perpetrator was.
  89. To her relief, the caller ID said it was an assistant D.
  90. I glanced down and saw UNKNOWN CALLER on the faceplate.
  91. I’m trying to find Brian Carter, the caller stated.
  92. Have you told him about the prank caller? he asked.
  93. Later in the year the Phone Company introduced caller ID.
  94. The caller ID was showing a number I didn‘t recognize.
  95. You can see that the caller is a medium to heavy set 96.
  96. Then the phone rang and she looked at the caller details.
  97. On a whim, Devon picks it up and glances at the caller ID.
  98. She said to the caller, No, you have the wrong number.
  99. Clint left the room to answer the caller on the intercom.
  100. Flashes of Paul, Ben, that caller again goes thru my head.

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