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    care for

    1. "There's a lot at stake," she said, "More than you could know, but I do care for you more than you think and that fact is making it difficult to fulfill my obligations

    2. "I really do care for you and our life here, much more than I should

    3. Thousands of generations ago, fleeing or fighting in stressful situations was not a good option for a female who was pregnant or taking care of offspring, and women who developed and maintained social alliances were better able to care for offspring in stressful times

    4. ‘Oh Emma …’ I muttered, touched by her obvious care for me but all the same annoyed that Dan should think me such a pathetic creature to be pining for him

    5. It may not be easy for sons and daughters who have to care for old parents

    6. Given that the family remains the mainstay of care for older people in rural areas, boosting the household income is essential to improving care, including access to health care

    7. The approach should fit in the community context, reinforcing the traditional value of respect for the elderly in order to strengthen informal, family care for older people while utilizing their influence to solve day-to-day problems and obtain the cooperation of village population to the government

    8. i believe that you love me and care for me as a lov-

    9. Good leaders must show the same care for those they lead

    10. The boy who brought the baggage up this morning is going to be staying here for the time being to care for the ggs

    11. “Once contact is made with the egg you will then have to care for it

    12. That drowsiness reminding me too much of being human and I didn't care for it

    13. When we got home my father had Scientologists that were going to care for me out of only respect to him and my mother was going to crash the car into a hospital emergency entrance

    14. Luray was right, she did care for him and didn't want to lose him now that they had finally reached the city

    15. She has to be instructed on how to care for the egg properly so that the dragon has a chance to mature naturally

    16. He has made it very clear that he doesn’t care for convenient little compromises and political deals, believing absolutely that a spade should be called a shovel

    17. relationship, that is, you are with someone that you deeply care for and continuously desire that person

    18. on, to care for you unconditionally

    19. Ali was too excited to care for his dad's instructions

    20. my life “to have and to hold” and to care for as he

    21. would care for me

    22. Naria rose and grabbing a goblet asked Rayne if she would care for some Tesh, as she was pouring herself some

    23. Altera was soon inundated with requests to be part of the detail she would take with her; the Queen’s Light Brigade did not care for the inhabitants of Miner’s Hold, especially Matai

    24. “Once I was willing to help care for it, Himla put some in over the walk

    25. I don't care for his abusing alcohol, or his abusing you, but like I said, he's not that way with me

    26. This all happened a year and a bit before the twins were born to George and Belle, and White Feathers at once began helping the new father care for his son while James also kept up his livery stable business

    27. “I learned about it because of the patients I’ve had to care for, especially Ava and all Tdeshi’s predecessors as they researched the project

    28. And he was of course delighted whenever Titania followed White Feathers up to the stables to visit or care for the horses

    29. Why did that hurt so much? Was it just her ego being bruised? She couldn’t really care for such a low-life bumpkin as he, could she?

    30. Had he? Why would he care for her at all with that constant struggle?

    31. I do care for him even though he is an ass a lot of the time

    32. From what I can gather, her mother is unlikely to have either have the resources or the ability to care for her

    33. He brought it up (I didn’t dare) … said he’s staggered by how much I meant to him … he’s staggered! That is nothing to how I feel about it … that a man like him could care for a woman like me … a concept to approach gently and in small doses … even so, blows my mind

    34. “I learned about it because of the patients I’ve had to care for, especially Ava and all Tdddeshi’s (his pronunciation of the northern name left something to be desired) predecessors as we researched the project

    35. “As much as I care for you Ava, I would not end a life for you

    36. However, it definitely was more than the two of them needed, or could care for

    37. “We no longer care for the singularity; we now understand THE TRUTH! The answer is spoon

    38. "I'm not good enough to own something as impressive as that, I wouldn't even know how to care for it correctly

    39. After all, if she was going to care for this place, she must be able to care for herself

    40. “Matt, we're your friends, no matter what! We will always love you and care for you! Don't kill yourself, Matt!” Julia cried, as his friends hugged him and he was inched closer towards the singularity

    41. ‘Just be glad you have a family to care for you,’ said

    42. He knelt at the open door and allowed her to care for the cut

    43. The Father is into relationship and has a desire to love and care for his children

    44.  They don’t care for the sheep

    45. “Laura told me Miss Frobisher was not happy about her and Robin having a child and breaking the agreement so I have offered to care for the baby whilst she goes back to teach

    46. But statutes of this kind are generally presumed to provide with equal care for all deviations from the middle price, for those below it, as well as for those above it

    47. "I found out too late that there was no one among you trained to care for your system needs, so Major Bancour was forced to leave you with an avatar in her place

    48. equipped to care for Annabelle

    49. seems favourable for the moment, without care for the

    50. Has no care for me… there

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