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    1. He thought about it for a moment, using the time to tear the cellophane from the oaty bar she’d bought for him and ripping off a chunk with his teeth

    2. He just swaged off into some tale about how it all comes from factories wrapped in cellophane

    3. He looked back to his hand that was holding the bottle and by now the bottle had shriveled up like it was a thin layer of cellophane

    4. Bingo! Rory held the report from the Lab in his hand: two of the boxes contained what they purported to contain – unadulterated food of a good quality – the third box however was the jackpot! - the food undoubtedly contained an addictively potent cocaine mix!!…so it would appear that not all the Lunch Boxes contained drugs, so the distribution would strike randomly – those children unlucky enough to get a “doctored” food parcel were on their way to becoming addicts! – absolutely iniquitous…what sort of monster would deliberately addict children?!…The lab had found a tiny puncture-mark on the cellophane wrapping – the liquefied drug had been inserted into the food via a hypodermic syringe – easy and quick!

    5. Sound was a thin crackling like cellophane being ripped from a package of cigarettes

    6. I haven’t even cracked the cellophane

    7. After a short rest, he went to the adjoining bathroom, saw a paper cup wrapped in cellophane, wrestled with the cellophane, but couldn’t rip it to get the darn cup out

    8. He removed the red cellophane and tossed the cheese in his mouth

    9. Niki demonstrated by removing the cellophane from the piece of cheese and then removing the red

    10. It consisted of an empty hamburger roll (the kind that looks like white cotton and has next to no nutrition) wrapped in cellophane and a little plastic cup of water sealed at the top with tin foil

    11. The other baggie held an empty cellophane bag, which had contained Cheez Twists snack food before someone or something had eaten them all

    12. The radiance of the splintered sky, a fractured vase tearing cellophane canopies, littering the blue with a fluorescent presence so pervasive that we forget the blue is never there; it is not lit up; there is no veil illumined; it is the light that creates the sky – the passage at a speed ridiculous that anchors color to the heavens

    13. On it were a lonely pot plant, an unused video tape still in its cellophane wrapping, a sixteen inch television set, and at the far end a number of books in a neat pile

    14. After peeling off the cellophane wrapper and removing the tin foil wrapping of the twenty-count pack of smokes he would reinsert one of the cigarettes face-down

    15. It is not wrapped three times in cellophane and plastic

    16. 'Yes, do of course My wife, perched on the back of the sofa in a litter of cellophane and silk ribbons, bring him, I'm told he's sweet

    17. My wife turned her head on the pillow and smiled wanly; she stretched out a bare arm and caressed with the tips of her fingers the cellophane and silk ribbons of the largest bouquet

    18. The profits realized from cellophane, ethyl gas and various plastics, and from advances in the arts of radio, photography, refrigeration, aeronautics, etc

    19. She peeled cellophane and foil from the mouth of the packet, tapped out a cigarette

    20. Him and Marion and Skip, running in their rustling slickers, making a noise like cellophane, with the rain patting them all over, their faces greased with it, past the playground and the slides, along the posted road, and to the pavilion

    21. Charles Halloway took his time removing the cellophane, waiting for some hint, some move on the part of the universe to show him where he was going, why he had come back this way for a cigar he did not really want

    22. Several large desk panels slid open and banks of control consoles sprang up out of them, showering the crew with bits of expanded polystyrene packaging and balls of rolled-up cellophane: these controls had never been used before

    23. And the soldiers wore the girls’ hats, one a tiny yellow straw boater with a bunch of daisies on the crown, the other a white knitted half-hat to which medallions of blue cellophane adhered

    24. I ordered bratwurst and sauerkraut and distinctly saw the cook unwrap a sausage from a cellophane slip cover and drop it in boiling water

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