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Cesspool в предложении (на )

  1. Humanity is a cesspool.
  2. I mean she must be a cesspool of S.
  3. That, and it was a humid cesspool outside.
  4. The town was nothing but a plague-stricken cesspool.
  5. As I gazed forward into the hypnotic cesspool, I beheld the.

  6. The cloud in the midst of the cesspool began to tumble in it's.
  7. Him all that was in that cesspool! Dear God, that overwhelms MY.
  8. This is basically a poetic way of saying that water began to cesspool.
  9. A person can easily be good for the country while operating a cesspool.
  10. The "cesspool question" had already been a subject of dispute between them.
  11. I am, there’s a cesspool back that way, it’s all tool storage along here.
  12. Rich! Do you know where he made his money? In the cesspool of European finance.
  13. And getting sucked into the cesspool their daddy made his living in, like she had.
  14. At a few other times he said the Nixon White House had been no less than a cesspool.
  15. If a giant had filtered this cesspool, he would have had the riches of centuries in his lair.

  16. Whatever cesspool lives they live from here, at least they will have a chance to make something of it.
  17. It seems, in fact, to be a sort of horrible beast made for the night which has just been torn from its cesspool.
  18. The exact geographic areas which Alexander the Great conquered … has remained a human cesspool for 2 ½ thousand years.
  19. They, and those like them, are why I started The Shag & Golf — to earn the ticket out of this cesspool as soon as possible.
  20. The bulk of the houses, built in Moorish style, boasted a foetid cesspool under the centre courtyard, from which all rooms open.
  21. Sometimes the loner digs a well and a cesspool, and plants a garden, but others transport their water in fifty-gallon oil drums.
  22. It was an office well suited to the man; a dark, cold box lit only by a desk lamp, with a north facing window that overlooked the industrial cesspool below.
  23. European colonialism and Empire building would never have become a cesspool of intensified hate and racism and fear, and intensified human filth and corruption.
  24. As far as I was concerned, the fact that I still had control over what I did to my body was what kept me from drowning in their cesspool of non-negotiable rules.
  25. The Don River kind of snakes its way through Toronto from north to south and by the time it gets close to dumping into Lake Ontario, it has all the charm and attraction of a major league cesspool.

  26. He understands the secret springs of the heart, and they would understand Him had not His language been dragged through the cesspool of theological doctors during the long night of Papal darkness.
  27. You will not find genital-sexual-excrement revulsion in nomadic cultures that travel; their feces and urine do not accumulate to become a stinking, rotting cesspool of disease-carrying microbes and bacteria.
  28. The prince of this world will take fright, he will succumb more promptly than did the spirit of the sea; but this social evil is not the sea, but a foul cesspool, which we assiduously fill with our own uncleanness.
  29. This house was something that the matrons of Atlanta whispered about furtively and ministers preached against in guarded terms as a cesspool of iniquity, a hissing and a money by herself to set up such a luxurious establishment.
  30. At that time, PSL’s accounting was consolidated with NMSU’s, but the University’s outside counsel said that because PSL was such a cesspool of fraud, it should be spun off as a separate cost center to protect the university.
  31. If he could find that stairway, could he find the door he knew at the bottom? Where did that stairway go below? Down into solid rock? Or would the flight snap off and hurtle down thirty feet into an abandoned cesspool? First he had to find the stairway.
  32. This cleansing has reduced the death-rate to regular proportions, yellow fever during the past summer has been unprecedentedly scarce, and when the projected canal is cut, to flush out the vast cesspool, Havana harbour, the city, quaint and beautiful despite the dirt, will become a Mecca for winter tourists.
  33. The headlong precipitation of a people into the truth, a '93, terrified him; nevertheless, stagnation was still more repulsive to him, in it he detected putrefaction and death; on the whole, he preferred scum to miasma, and he preferred the torrent to the cesspool, and the falls of Niagara to the lake of Montfaucon.
  34. The main entrance at 450 Bauchet opens into a clean, well-lit, and tiled lobby called the Inmate Reception Center, as if the IRC were a hospitality suite at a convention center rather than central booking for the two thousand inmates who are bused in daily and warehoused in this cesspool until their arraignments and trials.
  35. Because of this sudden unexpected spurt in Chinese civilization: all of China was held back and turned into a cesspool of ignorance and corruption… while corrupt Europe was allowed to continue its unspeakable advancement of evils poisoning the New World with their germs and their evil poisonous culture of avarice and greed and usury.
  36. He, Jesus states further that heaven and earth will pass before the law fails, this is scriptures -and yet we have the good theologians calling these very same statutes of scriptures, Jewish Culture not applicable today! Well then, let me not judge, but rather state that I do not wish to be part of this cesspool of vile crap which only descends into DIRE consequences!.

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