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    1. Their clan's chieftain, a hoary monster named Vald, responded by drawing his ancestral blade

    2. The motifs came from the chieftain halls of the ancient deeps, but lightened with the ubiquitous Elven influence that was so stylish in the late 40's when this part of his palace was built

    3. to the gypsy chieftain

    4. chieftain placed his hand on the door and pushed

    5. As the Highlanders, however, were not wandering, but stationary shepherds, as they had all a fixed habitation, and were not, in peaceable times, accustomed to follow their chieftain from place to place; so, in time of war, they were less willing to follow him to any considerable distance, or to continue for any long time in the field

    6. When a chieftain is fighting in his own territory, it is dispersive ground

    7. We fanned out to form a semicircle north of the town while the guide was sent in to tell the chieftain he would have to join the Khanate

    8. The guide returned hurriedly to announce that the chieftain refused to have anything to do with us and was mobilizing his forces

    9. This proved to be Na Itzam Bak, another one with the name of a chieftain

    10. bohio—(Taino)—large house of the chieftain

    11. “The Chieftain of Pinatupa is an independent monarch with his own vote in the Assembly of The Just Alliance

    12. Two bowmen followed, and the chieftain flourished his sword and shouted

    13. Since Beathan has been chieftain, though, battles are rare

    14. That was how he met our chieftain, my uncle Beathan

    15. He introduced himself as Beathan, chieftain of his -- your clan

    16. “Men came to him, all wearing capes of the same plaid as their chieftain

    17. Cerdic helped Beathan’s father become our clan chieftain

    18. Sileas stood proudly next to her husband Harailt, and in a quiet tone said, “I had a dream, my chieftain

    19. I turned and saw Beathan, our chieftain

    20. “Ah, Great Chieftain

    21. No, O Chieftain, no,” she stammered

    22. How could our chieftain, our ceann-cinnidh, my brave Uncle, be dead? But he was

    23. Kenric, my other cousin and Finlay’s older brother, was now our chieftain

    24. His wife, Caitrin, managed the two boys, the feeding of the family and all the warriors and others who came to eat with the chieftain

    25. But when he arrived, how could I tell him that the man who had taken me also beheaded our chieftain, his friend Beathan? Even that seemed a small concern when I worried about how he could still love me after my taking

    26. “It could be another chieftain

    27. “While hunting one fall, a young chieftain, Beathan, stopped to rest here and fell in love with a maiden, Gavina

    28. To marry her he fashioned a truce with her father, the clan chieftain

    29. Clan Chieftain Haye, pleased they came, honored Beathan and the agreement of peace with a feast

    30. With the renewed vow of peace, Kenric had the bargaining tool that challenged our council to vote him the next chieftain of our clan

    31. Their chieftain, Haye, his face alert, addressed us in a deep, demanding voice

    32. Beathan would be remembered as a warrior and chieftain

    33. Beathan knew early he was to become our chieftain and started the necessary training before he was ten

    34. The day he became chieftain was a very good day for our family

    35. Haye was chieftain of his clan, but she was always close by his side to take in the events and trials and give advice

    36. “Kenric,” Haye said looking over his shoulder, “do you not control your druid that he is allowed to insult a fellow chieftain?”

    37. “Crisi,” Lovern said, “Logan is to be with his father, our chieftain, and Eanruig is to be with his father, his clan’s chieftain

    38. He is the chieftain we must kill

    39. How probable do you think it is that your tomb’s chieftain lived here?”

    40. We have a new clan; my husband is the chieftain

    41. “You have our thanks, Maegar Chieftain,” said Lady Sharon

    42. They turned to their own amusement, and did not notice Conan when he glided like a stalking panther after the chieftain

    43. Blood-ties meant little; a victorious chieftain and personal gain everything

    44. Not long after this your father went to the fields and didn’t arrive home for his supper, the entire area was searched for a number of days but not a sign was ever seen of your father from that day to this, the rat faced priest gained a large following by saying the gods had called your father across the starry trail, the gullible fools, that priest has poisoned the minds of many a good man in Tollan, do not speak of the Santaros trap just yet, we will use his own words at the chieftain ceremony, that the gods have tested you for the leadership of the whole Toltec nation, we will use his own superstitions against him, and declare your appointment as chief has come directly from the gods, because the priest has already told the people this was the reason for the difficult manhood test, he will not be able to squirm out of it, we will gain back the loyalty of the people first, then we will have our day with that false priest

    45. Both annoyed and confused, the big and powerful chieftain looked up at the guard while still on top of the naked female slave

    46. The Danish chieftain was apparently half-drunk and was none too steady on his feet as he craned his neck up to look at the lights

    47. He then gave the example by firing his disintegrator rifle at the Viking chieftain that had replied to him and was now rushing straight at him under the harsh light from the projectors of the battleship JEAN LANNE

    48. What he found was what seemed to have been the tent of a chieftain, with distinctly more comfortable and luxurious accommodations compared to that of the common man-at-arms

    49. This had to be part of the huge ransom of 5,000 silver livres King Charles had paid to the Viking chieftain Weland for him to stop his depredations around the Somme area and to go attack instead the Viking army camped near Paris

    50. His mind made, Robert knelt beside the dead Viking, whose gold rings and necklace suggested that he had been an important chieftain, and calmly looted the body, adding on his own belt the purse of the dead Dane and putting in it the rings and necklace

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