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    1. no … not that red brick place … oh what’s the name of the place?’ he replied, irritation colouring his tone

    2. ‘Really?’ she asked anxiety colouring her voice

    3. Stubble covered his chin and one eye was bruised and swollen and had the colouring that could only have been the result of a blow from oncoming traffic

    4. ’ He said, anger colouring his voice

    5. ‘You weren’t joking about being nervous about this meeting, aren’t you?’ he said, surprise colouring his voice

    6. was blonde in contrast to Bram’s dark colouring

    7. This is basic jealousy, he tells himself, and he can’t help colouring at the thought of Shaun and Helen alone together

    8. Li-Li excitedly opened the package of coloured pencils and colouring book and started to colour

    9. The kid continued colouring in a window

    10. He approached Little Jack, who had gone back to colouring as if nothing had happened

    11. Demons were present in many of the works, most detailed in the paintings with accurate colouring and textures

    12. “My name is William Lamb but all my friends call me Billy Boy”, I could feel my cheeks colouring as I said this

    13. When she smiled back and took his hands in hers, he looked down at his feet, face colouring slightly

    14. They live mainly in the rain forests and plains of India, southern China, and Southeast Asia, and their colouring can vary greatly from region to region

    15. To his utter suprise the coase skin with its snake like colouring and pattern was fading back to the relatively pale causcacion skin he had before

    16. Not a good look for someone of her colouring

    17. not colouring with the boys, or doing puzzles with them, or chasing them around the house

    18. ceramic, but all have the same size and colouring, these two aspects may be enough for a

    19. homology because of their shape, size, and colouring

    20. He had the same features as Angus, but his colouring was different, obviously, and so was his expression

    21. strawberry and red food colouring into whipped topping

    22. Generally this leads to wardrobe changes, changes of hair style, hair colouring, etc

    23. Using a thick heavy grease from the engine room he works it in deeply to stain the purple colouring and covers it tightly with the black insulation 'hair'

    24. “Look, you damn goons! You see how the palms of my hands are now blotched with black colouring

    25. head is dark-coloured sometimes this colouring reaches the back

    26. The only puzzling thing was that he was definitely white skinned and his colouring was, if anything fair

    27. His torso glowed with the lobster colouring of

    28. Preacher Cooper, however, was once again on the defensive, his resentment at the remarks apparent in the colouring of his cheeks and the tightening of his facial muscles, but he continued to remain quiet, perhaps assuming that discretion was the better part of valour in this instance

    29. Colouring to a delightful pink he swerved his hand to catch water as it spread toward the edge of the table

    30. colouring so I wouldn’t have to think of blood every time I looked at it

    31. It was a picture that any artist would have loved to draw and by colouring it skilfully he would have a work of unique aesthetic style

    32. He smiled back, a faint blush colouring his cheeks

    33. Tint with food colouring

    34. Her face, seen so near, was charming in its delicate detail, in its young perfection of texture and colouring

    35. "If I laugh it's with pleasure," he said, staring at the effect of her against the pale green of the reeds--where had he seen just that before, that Scandinavian colouring, that burning sort of brightness in the hair? "It's so amusing of you to be Frau anything

    36. "You? Look here, nobody with your kind of colouring should ever cry

    37. Not that he cared a straw for her mentality except in so far as its quality was a hindrance; it was that other part of her, her queer little soul that interested him, her happiness and zest of life, and, of course, the graces and harmonies of her lines and colouring

    38. She was no longer just an odd little thing, an attractive, delicious little thing to him, of the colouring he best loved, the fairness, the whiteness, a thing that offered up incense before him with unflagging zeal, a thing full of contentments and generous ready friendship; she still was all that, but she was more

    39. Her face even now after the soul-rending time she had been having, in spite of the shadows beneath the eyes, the droop at the corners of the mouth, in spite, too, it must be said of the flagrantly cottage fashion in which Annalise had done her hair, seemed to the Prince so extremely beautiful, so absolutely the face of his dearest, best desires, so limpid, apart from all grace of colouring and happy circumstance of feature, with the light of a sweet and noble nature, so manifestly the outward expression of an indwelling lovely soul, that his eyes, after one glance round the room, fixed themselves upon it and never were able to leave it again

    40. Unquestioningly acquiescent she had been; and now so pretty, with the light full on her, showing up her lovely colouring

    41. smoke colouring the Sleath an unhealthy pink

    42. “I assure you sir that your colouring is of no

    43. with his mottled colouring and tall, rangy bearing

    44. They look at the sky to see if it is going to be fine; at the fields to see if they are dry enough to walk on, or whether there will be a good crop of hay; at the stream not to observe the beauty of the reflections from the blue sky or green fields dancing upon its surface or the rich colouring of its shadowed depths, but to calculate how deep it is or how much power it would supply to work a mill, how many fish it contains, or some other association alien to its visual aspect

    45. This is an important consideration, as there is generally a strong contrast between them, the shadows usually being warm if the lights are cool and vice versa; and such contrasts greatly affect the vitality of colouring

    46. The clever manipulation of the opposition between these warm and cold colours is one of the chief means used in giving vitality to colouring

    47. But the point to notice here is that the further your colouring goes in the direction of warmth, the further it will be necessary to go in the opposite direction, to right the balance

    48. That is how it comes about that painters like Titian, who loved a warm, glowing, golden colouring, so often had to put a mass of the coldest blue in their pictures

    49. Seen in a November landscape, how well a huntsman's coat looks, but then, how cold and grey is the colouring of the landscape

    50. But when beauty and refinement of sentiment rather than force are desired, the middle range of colouring (that is to say, all colours partly neutralised by admixture with their opposites) is much safer

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