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    1. "You would compare the Yakhan to them?"

    2. "I would compare them to Lasnar," she said

    3. We still compare ourselves with others or follow them

    4. Keep notes on the temp and compare

    5. Most adjectives have the positive degree, the comparative degree followed by ‘ than’ to compare 2 things, and the superlative degree preceded by ‘ the’ to compare more than 2 things

    6. She knew that somewhere there were files that she could file compare to backups to notice Glenelle had made changes, but she wasn't here when it was done and might not notice

    7. We compare ourselves to what could be

    8. She would theorize and compare to more observation for as long as it took

    9. They had no choice, but to wait in discomfort that didn't compare to mine

    10. Take note of the things that do not make any sense to you, and try to compare situations

    11. It was a work of art without compare

    12. He had to compare it to the amount of photons that are being exchanged by stars to get a larger flux

    13. Nothing with Serena could compare to the intensity he felt with Rayne

    14. have X-rays taken of his knee, so he could compare

    15. “I have been to many, many planets, but none, none can compare in beauty with this!” She waved her hand about to indicate the forest before her

    16. It looked exactly like it did in 1648bc because people could travel back and forth between the different echos to compare them

    17. He told me not to compare him to other men in my life, in the present or from the past or in the future

    18. “You have your own quest in the city, chasing the ghost of a woman you compare me to

    19. As doors swing to and fro with the constant movement of nurses and support staff, interested bystanders try to catch a glimpse of the drama, eager to compare the reality of television medical scenes with the fiction all around them

    20. He’s whispered that in the ear of most other committeemen by now, we sometimes compare notes

    21. I have 441 of the pictures on file, let me see that marble again, I’ll compare it

    22. “It’s about celebrating the rich rewards of this year’s harvest, about collecting together the combined foods of all of Slump County and coming together to Trouble Valley to partake of a glorious feast with all sorts of delicious food and compare it with all the other tasty foods of New Zealand! My Mansion’s keeping an intake of the Granary where we’re keeping all the food,” Julia said

    23. My family called it forest, but it’s desert compare to this

    24. haven’t been tampered with, and compare the results to

    25. Also, if you compare the book of Revelation with the books of Daniel and Zechariah, you will find slight differences in what are obviously the same stories

    26. 2) What does he compare her to? What is she like? _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    27. It would be indecent, no doubt, to compare either a

    28. However, neither of them could compare with Alec's own desire to be with her once more

    29. But compare the spacious palace and great wardrobe of the one, with the hovel and the few rags of the other, and you will be sensible that the difference between their clothing, lodging, and household furniture, is almost as great in quantity as it is in quality

    30. When we compare the precious metals with one another, silver is a cheap, and gold a dear commodity

    31. Let any man, who has a little of both, compare his own silver with his gold plate, and he will probably find, that not only the quantity, but the value of the former, greatly exceeds that of the latter

    32. I am curious to see how the powers of the pure strain compare to this new infection

    33. But the reduction will appear much more sensible and undeniable, if we compare the price of this manufacture in the present times with what it was in a much remoter period, towards the end of the fifteenth century, when the labour was probably much less subdivided, and the machinery employed much more imperfect, than it is at present

    34. I will compare this to a conversation with an animal

    35. Now, compare the collated responses to the two tables you previously

    36. Compare Exercises #3 and #6

    37. Now, compare Exercises #4 and #5

    38. (Compare this with the critical dissatisfaction Of a prophet’s fear and warnings

    39. You can also compare the volume of searches between two or more

    40. When we compare, therefore, the state of a nation at two different periods, and find that the annual produce of its land and labour is evidently greater at the latter than at the former, that its lands are better cultivated, its manufactures more numerous and more flourishing, and its trade more extensive; we may be assured that its capital must have increased during the interval between those two periods, and that more must have been added to it by the good conduct of some, than had been taken from it either by the private misconduct of others, or by the public extravagance of government

    41. To form a right judgment of it, indeed, we must compare the state of the country at periods somewhat distant from one another

    42. I shuddered to compare my life with

    43. Compare the cultivation of the lands in the neighbourhood of any considerable town, with that of those which lie at some distance from it, and you will easily satisfy yourself bow much the country is benefited by the commerce of the town

    44. Compare the present condition of those estates with the possessions of the small proprietors in their neighbourhood, and you will require no other argument to convince you how unfavourable such extensive property is to improvement

    45. hermeneutics demands we compare scripture with scripture

    46. Compare that figure to the company’s annual generated revenues

    47. But if we compare together the habits of a soldier and of any sort of manufacturer, we shall find that those of the latter do not tend so much to disqualify him from being employed in a new trade, as those of the former from being employed in any

    48. It would have been beautiful beyond compare had it not been for the fact that the diamond was spinning at such a speed it defied even canine vision

    49. “Blessed is Sheranara, golden measure of the Shepherd's care, Of the many she is the beauty above compare

    50. Compare the mercantile manners of Cadiz and Lisbon with those of Amsterdam, and you will be sensible how differently the conduct and character of merchants are affected by the high and by the low profits of stock

    1. It's a mean and harsh planet compared to this one when you get right down to it

    2. After I left you I was content with a little place on the prairie, well, not that little, but compared to a nation it was nothing

    3. Women are particularly susceptible to developing depression and anxiety disorders in response to stress as compared to men

    4. "But Americans and Brazilians are definitely still from the same planet compared to here

    5. "Compared to four tons of aluminum?"

    6. As compared to 1947 the rupee has depreciated from its par value to less than 5 paise today

    7. Her return from Sinbara had convinced her that she was a city girl, what was she doing out in this desert at the onset of dark? Sinbara was an urban wonderland compared to this

    8. •Rock dust is inexpensive compared to other mineral products

    9. the doctors compared such pain with the pain which women usually

    10. Glenelle had to admit that even though Ava did her best to make the war back at Sol sound exciting, it seemed long ago and far away compared to the adjustments she had to face, being a clone and her whole time had been turned into a fantasy realm

    11. She compared this to stories she read of people getting into derelict spaceships

    12. the Waitrose car park seemed ambrosially soft compared to this hard, cold, terminal

    13. Consider these three as compared to the good leaders

    14. It’s always freezing cold and wet standing in the churchyard but I suppose it’s a small thing to suffer compared with what the soldiers had to go through

    15. The daemon coordinating input from the fighters' and the junks' LiDAR arrays had compared all the available views of the stars from all the friendly craft in the immediate vicinity, and those views of the surrounding stars should have been identical, but they weren’t

    16. Bahkmar wondered why he dared make that statement, but compared to what he'd already revealed, this was small

    17. In this statement, we find that the darkness is being compared to the Spirit, and the depths are being compared to the waters

    18. The usual horrors of the Waitrose car park seemed ambrosially soft compared to this hard, cold, terminal descent

    19. Luray actually looked pretty sturdy out there, compared to what Desa expected

    20. The late 34th century in these parts was literate, peaceful and prosperous actually, compared to the centuries that lead up to it

    21. The fact is, the sex I had with him was just an 'uh, uh, ahhhh' compared to what we just had

    22. Night in the mountain forest had been quiet and peaceful compared to the hours of darkness here

    23. Compared with what you have been through, a broken night is nothing

    24. “What lies before us and what lies behind us are small matters compared to what lies within us

    25. What was four decades compared to her life before? An inglethor pud on a mountainside

    26. Sally and I have spoken about her dreams and compared them to mine

    27. There was a bathroom that was downright swank compared to the compost cans on the poop deck that most riverboats have

    28. They joined up with them and compared notes

    29. He compared us with Americans he had met, 'Same language - different sky

    30. Sefir is a wonderfully smooth ride compared with the other equines I have ridden, but I am gradually finding the movement more and more painful

    31. No candle in a window is as bright as Kunae in the sky, 61Cygni B, a much brighter star than any in Earth’s sky, even Venus, but nothing compared to the full moon of Narrulla, which gave only a quarter the light of Earth’s

    32. Their life stories were told and compared and much was made of the fact that two very different worlds had collided and, out of the chaos of the moment, had created a perfect picture of what the country should be striving for

    33. Thom’s old universe was two rooms and some views compared to Ava’s, which had seventeen hundred square miles of land in the Caribbean, she wouldn’t get away with that

    34. Of all the dreadful shocks experienced that day, nothing compared to the sudden and degrading catastrophe that he had just suffered as he’d bent down to pick up the soap in the prison shower

    35. My life at that moment could not have been worse yet I was full of admiration for these tortured villagers and compared to their solid commitment, once again I felt like an outsider – and a coward

    36. Compared to me, he was a hero, a man whose simple life was far from easy but one who'd found peace of mind in that very simplicity

    37. Compared to Gujarat, Ahmedabad had better luck, the Ty channels said

    38. people died in Ahmedabad compared to tens of thousands elsewhere

    39. But that is how maths works - compared to thirty thousand, hundreds is a

    40. A known entity like the Curitiba was safe compared to that

    41. How big is God compared to that?” Arthur asked him

    42. they compared the time of his beating to the time of

    43. She laughed at his dire descriptions of the harsh conditions and kissed him lightly saying he had never stayed on the third moon of Alterei Regula; this would be a piece of cake compared to that

    44. She knew what Alan’s toilet facilities were like in the vale and compared them to that pail

    45. told and compared and much was made of the fact that two very

    46. Not much by way of material in these compared with either the earlier ones I have been through already or the much bulkier ones I haven't looked at yet

    47. Compared to them she was as shapely as the average young tree trunk, perched up on long saplings, with long scrawny arms and insect bites for tits

    48. “So this was made here? I ask because I had wine before, but it was a hurried home-brew compared to this

    49. nothing compared to the sudden and degrading catastrophe that he

    50. compared to the joy we felt we received when that

    1. ” He paused, then asked, “Do you know how Bostok compares to other cities of the world?”

    2. It operates within the gonads and among many other actions, compares your genes with those of all your sex partners

    3. Mr Mun compares this operation of foreign trade to the seed-time and harvest of agriculture

    4. Each new set of burgomasters visits the treasure, compares it with the books, receives it upon oath, and delivers it over, with the same awful solemnity to the set which succeeds ; and in that sober and religious country, oaths are not yet disregarded

    5. I understand that nothing compares to actually being in the situation

    6. What stands out the most about ‖rising‖ energy costs triggered by rapid population growth and higher standards of living, is that the price of a gallon of gas in ―constant‖ dollars compares quite favorably with what Americans were paying at the pump a half century ago in relation to other commodities and services at that time

    7. “Well, Frank, I think it is time I cut to the chase and tell you about my story and see how it compares to yours’

    8. When measured against the cost of other goods and services, however, the increase in the price of a gallon of gas, adjusted for inflation over the past half century, compares quite favorably with the rising costs associated with Healthcare or Education or the cost of purchasing a (new) home or automobile or a variety of consumer products for that matter

    9. forgets that many people have contributed to his “success” and that if he compares

    10. It compares all the data collected by our senses (as well as our thoughts and emotions) with a list of possible threats

    11. It constantly compares all the files that you download with a list of already discovered viruses and takes a defensive action every time a match is identified

    12. This supposedly suggests that Jesus compares a grave and dead man’s bones to something unclean, hence cremation is acceptable

    13. compares this to the publication of prophecy in his day and at his place

    14. When the Lord speaks to Job, He compares His powers to those of a man, please

    15. I realized that, I understood why Scripture compares

    16. In a recent article Klaus compares environmentalism to communism

    17. It is not for nothing that Christ compares this

    18. Lomborg compares that cost to the projected cost of preventing the one million deaths that occur annually from automobile accidents

    19. Hadley Arkes, professor of jurisprudence at Amherst College, compares that view to “ancient fallacies,” as he calls them, such as scientism

    20. This train of thought compares closely with many aspects of Buddhism

    21. This compares with 9% if you had bought the shares outright

    22. compares with $60,000 if you had not bought the call, a saving

    23. This compares with selling at the

    24. compares with 10,281 examples over the five year period from 1998

    25. How He compares this lust

    26. " He compares the north-men to a contagious disease, and asks if an epidemic can be avoided by flight or fought off with weapons?

    27. then compares this beauty created by the Renaissance painters, who, for her,

    28. The Centers for Disease Control has published a compilation of assessment tools for IPV that compares the psychometric properties of existing tools

    29. I leap to her side and shove her behind me- I thought that Ani was frightening, but nothing, nothing, compares to the fear of losing my son

    30. This compares with an average of 1 minute and 50 seconds from traffic from

    31. This compares the

    32. compares it with the price of our brand

    33. “I will hear from all witnesses this afternoon in my chambers and I want the paper to provide an expert witness on the chemical breakdown of Suprame as it compares to all other sedatives

    34. Then there was a snort from Podo, who then said, “As if that compares to the seven thousand I have floating over this little city

    35. this means we just compared the first zip code in the table to the last one and thus we’re done with that group of compares

    36. Compares if the objects x = 2; y = 2; x

    37. Compares if the objects x = 2; y = 3; x

    38. Nothing compares to steak and eggs, even though it may not be good for you

    39. This compares with the plug-in hybrid, were I to convert my car at a cost of fifteen grand

    40. The house you own today hardly compares to the brand new Cape Cod that you had built twenty years ago

    41. It came out in 1988 and was directed by Robert Redford and in no way compares to any other war movie since the gore, death and violence are missing

    42. It compares the data between two form elements to see if

    43. So, what happens when you click on the Submit button? Well, CodeIgniter compares the value set in the cookie on the user's machine (set as csrf_cookie_name in config

    44. This file calculates the user's age, compares it to the required age, and returns true or false depending on the result

    45. an “opportunity cost” because it compares the rate of return of firms with similar risk in a

    46. percentage cost of equity by the book value of equity, and then compares it to net

    47. effect, it compares two sets of numbers: 1

    48. income and compares it with Fed-Ex’s rather ordinary growth

    49. produce a fundamentally derived forecast that compares favorably with naive

    50. After all, nothing compares with a “late night beverage”

    1. · To dwell more on pleasant things rather than unpleasant things, like comparing with less fortunate than with those who are born with silver spoons in their mouth

    2. “That doesn’t seem right,” Henry said as he crossed his eyes comparing the two texts

    3. Once we stop comparing ourselves with others and define our identity based on our own terms, we remove the constraint we have put on our mind

    4. “Don’t worry about that, I’ve got it,” Henry said as he went back to comparing the different reports in his hand

    5. We are all the time comparing the characteristics of men and women and wanting them to be same

    6. I stand there for some time reading the instructions on the different boxes and comparing them

    7. Inside the trailer the students were busy comparing notes and feelings about what they just experienced

    8. I nod to him as I digest this information, comparing it with the small knowledge I have of worship on Earth

    9. There was another thoughtful pause, as if Alistair was comparing

    10. thirst, the two men started a desultory conversation comparing the

    11. with much loud conversation and the comparing of notes

    12. That's how they improve – Not by comparing themselves to someone else

    13. They followed suite not missing a beat, in the conversation, soon all three sat Indian style, comparing the advantages of heating this way

    14. A French author of great knowledge and ingenuity, Mr Messance, receiver of the taillies in the election of St Etienne, endeavours to shew that the poor do more work in cheap than in dear years, by comparing the quantity and value of the goods made upon those different occasions in three different manufactures; one of coarse woollens, carried on at Elbeuf; one of linen, and another of silk, both which extend through the whole generality of Rouen

    15. In all those different stages, therefore, we can judge better of the real value of silver, by comparing it with corn, than by comparing it with any other commodity or set of commodities

    16. We can only observe that the process is active by comparing the present to what 55

    17. But I strongly suspect you were comparing notes on the unusual happenings on Eludi-4

    18. Comparing this prophecy with what happened on the night when Cyrus invaded Babylon, we also have the following passage in Daniel where we see remarkable accuracy in the events that took place

    19. Later that morning it was drizzling steadily as we went over towards the farmhouse were the field kitchens had been set up by the wall of another barn now that they had arrived by the Battalion cooks? We walked past Captains’ Melstone and Thornley who had maps and lists in their hands which they were comparing and studying intently we saluted them but they never even noticed so they must have been studying something important

    20. If we take isolated Scriptures without comparing all

    21. money, riding round looking at the other hunters and comparing

    22. To cut a long story short, comparing an HDD

    23. [Jayse] After The Lord had poured out His Spirit on Jonathan, while he was reading aloud, I was looking outwardly, considering and comparing myself with my brother

    24. As indicated above, anti-gun proponents are (oftentimes) likely to define violence in American Society in terms of gun ownership by comparing its own (violent) crime rate(s) with that of other Western Industrialized Nations (including Japan) that have lower (violent) crime rates then we

    25. “I’m not comparing

    26. There’s no point of comparing the

    27. We soon had him comparing our great aces with their great aces, which was exactly what we were hoping for

    28. She instructed the computer to do a search based on comparing selected facial features from the images and the facial database

    29. Colling was somewhat surprised when Elizabeth told Zabiewski that her husband would probably make better use of his time by comparing his inventory against the list of needs that her superiors had informed her would be provided by the Warsaw headquarters

    30. Colling pulled out the notebook that he had carried in his suitcase from Germany, and began to make a show of comparing it with the list he had been given

    31. The agent traced her operator’s permit along the base of the entry, obviously comparing the data

    32. She picked up a shoe, made a show of studying it, then allowed it to slip backwards slightly while comparing the length of its sole to that of her sneaker

    33. At first I was led into it in comparing the story, Cain and Abel, with a known parable, the Prodigal Son, because of my feeling that the two were connected

    34. International Mathematics and Science Study ranked the United States 19th out of 21 when comparing

    35. comparing it to the rainbow colors in a puddle of oil in the parking lot

    36. Comparing notes, Vera recently found her husband sitting on the floor in his study at home surrounded by his books on Arctic exploration

    37. By comparing the two contribution

    38. I can only describe it by comparing it to a mental asylum during play time or art hour

    39. Instead of comparing how things were in the past, you can use

    40. It can be useful to comparing a string with spaces or

    41. We are still in the process of comparing the girl to her mother,

    42. Even though she tried not to do it, she found herself comparing his body to Daniel’s softer, shorter form

    43. is spent by experts comparing ideas as to the correct translations, sometimes accept-

    44. As Productivity is something which is derived by comparing the Size produced with effort consumed, the case when we don’t have productivity, further analysis and improvement becomes difficult

    45. Here we are not comparing with 10 tasks, instead for the 7 tasks we completed, what is the variation till now

    46. ‘The nanomoles in the father’s brain, updates with his children remotely by comparing DNA characteristics

    47. Comparing common traits of OBEs with their precedence, Dr

    48. comparing its style to the one Gonzalo Berceo used in his poems on the Virgin Mary

    49. Comparing Bush and Clinton, 74% prefer Bush and only 20% would prefer

    50. I kept comparing all of them to the one I’d almost had and driven away

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