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    1. "You only mated because your glands compelled it

    2. I hoarded my daily ration of cigarettes, denying myself the luxury of nicotine relief for hours on end, until, like a binge drinker I felt compelled to indulge in some weird chain-smoking ritual, gorging on tar and smoke until I was physically sick

    3. Undoubtedly, he came with us just because his religious parents had compelled him to, so as to guard his sister's virginity!

    4. In the bar, wrapped in the warm embrace of alcohol and the fantastic promise of the boy with the tousled hair and that cheeky smile, she had suddenly felt compelled to decline the offer of more fun

    5. And yet, they felt compelled to tell old Ted that, after all, it was an exceptional summer and everyone’s tomatoes had turned out pretty well

    6. 'I do,' Ish said, feeling compelled to speak, 'but there was a single there

    7. He watched as she said farewell to the earthman, Alexei, and wondered what had compelled the man to save her

    8. your interest on what you are truly compelled to (be sincere with yourself

    9. felt compelled to tell old Ted that, after all, it was an exceptional

    10. compelled to leave his home and everything else behind

    11. Helen was compelled to try and quell the rising storm, and

    12. You see once when he was compelled to survey across a lake for the feasibility of a bridge or something or other some engineer had dreamt up, he filled these bladders with air, tied them to ropes with weights dangling from them and had me place them at intervals along the water to assist him in his solving distances or such

    13. Harry was actually compelled to shake a few gentlemen's hands as they departed after dinner

    14. He thanks God quietly for this woman and lets the warmth in his groin spread throughout his entire body, but the thrill of her touch is too much to bear with anything approaching stoicism and, despite a valiant effort, he is compelled to roll onto his back, to roll into her and pull her down towards him

    15. She had winnowed Titania and Hipolyta's several crates of studies and writings to one apiece, and gathered a crate-worth of Jameson's work as resources to any arguments she might feel compelled to make in their behalf

    16. It is compelled and has no alternative—

    17. Party spirit- people affected by this spirit will feel compelled to live a life of excess

    18. ‘I have no idea what it was that compelled you undertake

    19. Drua'd felt his anger rising once more and suddenly felt compelled to squash something with Hell's Bane

    20. Ordinarily, I would not follow an infuriating male I barely knew into his apartment, but I felt compelled to see to his injuries

    21. Now that I’m a holy man I feel compelled to pass on my vast wisdom, so here it is…

    22. Although we had broken up she told me that she felt compelled to come and see me to see if I was OK as she sensed I was in trouble

    23. Already, he seemed compelled to turn her travels into verse

    24. Nevertheless the Empire’s forces in Skyrim were compelled to oblige, from a diplomatic standpoint

    25. The latter was compelled to read the note on the top, while the former just amusedly looked on

    26. It is as though the poverty-stricken coagulation which is the language of mortal man were broken into fragments under the formidable pressure of the Heavenly Word, or as if God, in order to express a thousand truths, had but a dozen words at his command and so was compelled to make use of allusions heavy with meaning, of ellipses, abridgements and symbolical syntheses

    27. The sight of it compelled Penelope to stop and very bitterly call out to the heavens, and curse the dragon that poured forth one more shower of flame from its perch

    28. I sorta kinda felt compelled to pocket that little bit---I got the distinct impression she,” and Reia nodded to the most serene face of Mim again, “She really wanted me to bring it back to the Huntress

    29. Something compelled him, however, to reach back into his long robe’s pocket and retrieve the same note he had lingered on earlier

    30. There was nothing particularly unusual about it, but it nevertheless compelled her attention

    31. Ever curious, she was compelled to approach and steal closer for a better look

    32. Like the Beloved, we possesses the authority to grant gifts and boons, and like them, we are compelled to bestow those blessings for the asking to those whose need is real

    33. Something compelled him to reach under his shirt and pull out the dragon pendant he had so often cursed and sworn to destroy

    34. And yet he felt compelled to move towards the front door, as if there was just no choice anyway

    35. “Because she compelled the demons to leave her behind

    36. What was he doing with the blasted bread knife, which he had carefully wrapped and carried around town? But he felt compelled to continue

    37. His eyes were so blue she felt compelled to stare at them

    38. “Well then knob-head what did this order say before I’m compelled to chastise you severely and punch you in the face

    39. During dinner Rosemary felt compelled to offer an explanation as to why she had suddenly turned up on her aunts door-step

    40. He then compelled Captain

    41. He did not feel compelled to tell anyone about this,

    42. Gerrid would be compelled to provide interesting suggestions and not contradict anything L-Seven-Six concluded

    43. To summarise: the SAP stepped up to enforce parliaments’ laws as it was compelled to do by law

    44. Although I agree that gun licenses should not be issued arbitrarily and only under extraordinary circumstances, isn‘t reasonable to assume that the vast majority of individuals willing to surrender their ―weapons‖, that are (otherwise) gathering dust inside clothes closets, dresser drawers and kitchen cupboards, or stuffed inside a sock, for that matter, represent a small minority of law-abiding citizens who, in any event, would be unlikely to use them, unless pressed, unlike hardened criminal elements in the community who wouldn‘t give a second thought to surrendering the tools of their trade unless they were compelled to do so? A fifty-dollar gift certificate from Macys is insufficient compensation for the criminally-minded

    45. When I saw that image, something compelled me to visit this place first

    46. I think, now, that I must have been here before and was somehow compelled to return

    47. Any reasonable individual might properly argue that an animal, uninhibited by conventional customs, oftentimes does what comes naturally without regard to ceremony unlike higher orders of beings compelled by (religious) or social reasons that temper their (natural) inclinations

    48. Staff she’d located and trained, would be gone when she next returned (fired ‘for cause’, he would invariably say), and she would then be stuck dealing with their complaints of abuse and compelled to pay Social Security benefits

    49. He felt compelled

    50. I am compelled to

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