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Compilation в предложении (на )

  1. This interesting book is a compilation of.
  2. The Bible is a compilation around the central.
  3. All the rest of the book Genesis is a compilation of.
  4. And in every part of the world a compilation of his ut-.
  5. The compilation instructions are provided at the website.

  6. So the character was a compilation of three men, not just.
  7. A compilation of the Document or its derivatives with other.
  8. Using a compilation of hand gestures and broken English, they.
  9. Satan whispers that the Bible is nothing but a compilation of myths.
  10. Foundation or PGLAF), owns a compilation copyright in the collection.
  11. I’m also attaching an intermediate compilation of a fabrication file.
  12. My daughter and I didn't directly participate in the compilation of the.
  13. The depth of reading, studying and experience implicit in the compilation.
  14. This is a compilation of personal testimonies of how God blesses when we are.
  15. I don't wish to be hampered by any restrictions in the compilation of my notes.

  16. It has been argued that this book may be a compilation of two or more earlier.
  17. I will also be cutting together and epublishing a compilation of my flash fictions.
  18. Why don’t you mute me and put on the latest Kidz Bop compilation instead?
  19. A compilation of magic formulas intended to guide the pharaoh through the afterworld.
  20. The compilation of this information is facile and holds little surprise for the market.
  21. So is it with the content you’ll find here, a compilation of daily maxims and musings.
  22. I hope that you have enjoyed reading our compilation of thoughts on relationships brought.
  23. The markup language is a compilation of instructions that are to be provided with content.
  24. Now, on a more serious note, here is the compilation of all the information I have gathered.
  25. The last part of the validation is the compilation of the data, with any conclusions into the final.

  26. Ginzburg, asked Tolstoi to write his recollections of him, in the compilation, To The Memory of V.
  27. It has been argued that this book may be a compilation of two or more earlier accounts of this event.
  28. The twelve tables constituting thefirst written compilation of Roman Law, said by Livy and others to.
  29. Midrash: A compilation of tales and stories, probably put together after the destruction of the First Temple.
  30. Amon-Ra was himself a compilation of the fertility god, or god of invisible power, Amon, with the sun god Ra.
  31. The Bible then might be seen as only the latest compilation of what all those encounters have tried to describe.
  32. It was a compilation of thoughts and sayings from the elders of most of the indigenous tribes across the country.
  33. A compilation made in 1957, when the market’s level was by no means low, disclosed about 150 of such common stocks.
  34. No, this is a compilation show of the first half of the season with a few extra behind the scenes shots tossed in.
  35. This— he indicated the dispatch in Shyngwa’s hand —represents a compilation of the information in all them.
  36. As a result, listening to my father’s old digital combat compilation had become an essential part of my Armada gaming ritual.
  37. Instead Ralf had forged onward, on a solo path (in one manner of viewing it), to become a compilation of perhaps a thousand diaries.
  38. The Centers for Disease Control has published a compilation of assessment tools for IPV that compares the psychometric properties of existing tools.
  39. Its a compilation of legend and myth, he replied, the ancient Britons believed that the forces of Light and Dark held sway over all countries.
  40. The title led me to assume it was a compilation of his favorite gaming music, and I’d grown up listening to those songs while I played videogames, too.
  41. The Things We Talk About - A Compilation of Thoughts on Relationship ____________________________________________________________________________________.
  42. The Project Gutenberg Literary Archive Foundation ("the Foundation"or PGLAF), owns a compilation copyright in the collection of ProjectGutenberg-tm electronic works.
  43. The Project Gutenberg Literary Archive Foundation ("the Foundation" or PGLAF), owns a compilation copyright in the collection of Project Gutenberg-tm electronic works.
  44. The Project Gutenberg Literary Archive Foundation (the Foundation or PGLAF), owns a compilation copyright in the collection of Project Gutenberg™ electronic works.
  45. If they embrace the new found knowledge, then the few of us who still truly do believe by faith will become many and armed by the power of the entire compilation of the Holy Words.
  46. Shortly before his death, at the request of Grot’s brother, Tolstoi wrote his recollections about him, which were printed, together with his letter to Grot, in the compilation, N.
  47. The thought that the books had to be destroyed filled him with deep sadness; it was the consideration of this possibility what led him to transcribing months ago a compilation of the individual copies.
  48. However, winning takes one important factor: being able to communicate, being able to build a team, cooperation, the compilation of two ideas, two strategies that have to become only one, the team strategy to play correctly.
  49. You’ll meet many of them today anyway, and once I’ve done the compilation, I can pass you the faces and names of those who don’t come today through our Link, in much less time than it would take you to review them yourself.
  50. The Bible is a compilation of texts that were originally separate documents (called "books") first written in Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek for a very lengthy period, then assembled to form the Tanakh (Old Testament to Christians) and then the New Testament.
  51. If only the ‘Fortune 500’ was in compilation in the times of the Mohammedan rule in India, it would have been no surprise that the Musalman Nawabs, leave alone their Sultans, would have taken the cake, leaving the Hindu Rajas a few crumbs to satiate themselves with.
  52. Simon's face transformed into a vivid movie screen of lifelong images; the devastating compilation of traumatic events, he blamed bad luck on, had finally culminated into a phenomenal-sized snowball; one that rolled viciously down the slope that seemingly represented his life.
  53. Given all those cartoon adventures and my Nana avidly watching All Our Yesterdays, a compilation of old newsreels and headlines from twenty-five years earlier, it is little wonder that suspicion and dread remained alive in boys who had not even been born until nine years after the war.
  54. For us, these commandments are more subjective, in that what we are referring to is a compilation of some of our favorite but less obvious rules and principles for life and the markets that Bill O’Neil conveyed to us on a daily basis, outside of what is found in his books and seminars.
  55. Here Dena, Jista waved, this is the compilation of the data we've extracted from the navigation systems on the nine 'guests' vessels we 'escorted' to the Gorim stations---and the data we gleaned from their command systems that was inserted automatically from all other contact ships over the last four years.
  56. The following compilation is intended to present in compact form the evidence at present available on this question: How far did the Greeks choose, for the sculptured decorations of a temple, subjects connected with the principal divinity or divinities worshiped in that temple? We have omitted some examples of sculpture in very exceptional situations, e.
  57. Here, after gradually failing in loftier hopes, he had "read" with divers who had lacked opportunities or neglected them, and had refurbished divers others for special occasions, and had turned his acquirements to the account of literary compilation and correction, and on such means, added to some very moderate private resources, still maintained the house I saw.
  58. Yet if all the facts for a whole year were brought together into one book, on a definite plan, and with a definite object, under headings with references, arranged according to months and days, such a compilation might reflect the characteristics of Russian life for the whole year, even though the facts published are only a small fraction of the events that take place.
  59. It is so stated by the President of the United States in the introduction to the compilation of the land laws, in which he states that we unquestionably have a right to the country as far west as the sources of the rivers which fall into the Mississippi, to the sources of the Red River, Arkansas, and Missouri; that with respect to the territory immediately bounding on the Gulf of Mexico, we have claims to the "province of Texas," which it is well known is a very large province.
  60. How would he have known that the Bible, as we have it today, would one day exist? How could he predict what would happen in the future and know the numerical requirements, which he would have to adhere to, for including codes about the future into his writing? Every single letter in the Bible fits perfectly into a masterfully designed, fully integrated compilation that can only serve its intended purpose, if each individual letter is in its intended designed position and remained there over millennia.

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