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Condescend в предложении (на )

  1. Would not condescend to talk with him at all.
  2. He wants to kiss you will you condescend?
  3. Once only did they condescend to discuss them.
  4. Edgar the eldest, would not condescend at first.
  5. I appreciate that you didn’t condescend to me.

  6. But to condescend to him made her happy, and he did not mind.
  7. And never, never would I condescend to reproach him for anything.
  8. But I suppose the 'New Woman' won't condescend in future to accept.
  9. Condescend: Jesus stooped down, and with his finger wrote on the ground.
  10. It had meanwhile become plain that Alexander would not condescend to reply.
  11. On such ground, I could not condescend to debate—I could not hope to influence.
  12. And you—and you—with your principles, and with your bringing up, could condescend to such an action—Oh, oh!.
  13. Let my father condescend to understand that that is the bill of my master's goods which have been taken away by the rascals.
  14. He would not condescend to debate such a question in the present state of the House, and he asked for the ayes and noes on Mr.
  15. The pride of man makes him love to domineer, and nothing mortifies him so much as to be obliged to condescend to persuade his inferiors.

  16. At other times he would not condescend to address a single serious word to any member of the family except Papa or (occasionally) myself.
  17. In those days he was proud, and did not condescend to talk except in his own circle of the officials and nobles, whom he entertained so well.
  18. Aglaya had simply frightened him; yet he did not give up all thoughts of her—though he never seriously hoped that she would condescend to him.
  19. If on the other hand, the marriage were to be morganatic, then they condescend to descend as though showing her place in the privileged setting.
  20. She throws my letters out of the window, does she! Oh! and she does not condescend to bargain, while I do, eh? We shall see, we shall see! I shall pay her out for this.
  21. But if you have why, then, how could any gentleman ask you to condescend to accept anything under the three figures? Your salary with me, madam, would commence at £100 a year.
  22. Snow knew quite well that no yutchka would ever condescend to the like of him, that she was too proud for that, but it was some consolation to him in his troubles to limp after her.
  23. Sometimes, she would coldly tolerate me; sometimes, she would condescend to me; sometimes, she would be quite familiar with me; sometimes, she would tell me energetically that she hated me.
  24. They could talk together plainly, baldly, a talk ungarnished and unretarded by deferences on the one side and on the other a kindness apt to become excessive in its anxiety not to appear to condescend.
  25. Elinor joyfully profited by the first of these proposals, and thus by a little of that address which Marianne could never condescend to practise, gained her own end, and pleased Lady Middleton at the same time.

  26. And where was the skill and capital abroad that would condescend to touch such an ill-omened corpse? Charles Gould talked in the impassive tone which had for many years served to conceal his anger and contempt.
  27. And then, when they condescend to compose a sort of verse that was at that time in vogue in Kandy, which they call seguidillas! Then it is that hearts leap and laughter breaks forth, and the body grows restless and all the senses turn quicksilver.
  28. And, having glanced round the room, Prince Andrew turned to Rostov, whose state of unconquerable childish embarrassment now changing to anger he did not condescend to notice, and said: ‘I think you were talking of the Schon Grabern affair? Were you there?’.
  29. And, having glanced round the room, Prince Andrew turned to Rostóv, whose state of unconquerable childish embarrassment now changing to anger he did not condescend to notice, and said: I think you were talking of the Schön Grabern affair? Were you there?
  30. And if we, by adopting this amendment, condescend to justify the Emperor, in his insult upon the plighted faith of our Government, in my opinion we shall furnish the American people and the world with just ground to say Amen to the declaration of Cadore in that respect.
  31. However, the Musalman rulers’ inability to attract the elite of the land into the Islamic fold could have been two fold; for one, the Brahmans didn’t condescend to descend to suffer their Musalmanic society though some of the Rajputs, as a political expediency, kept them in good humor.
  32. After luncheon I would condescend to take the girls out riding (since to go for a mere walk at that hour seemed to me unsuitable to my years and position in the world), and these excursions of ours—in which I often took my companions through unaccustomed spots and dells—were very pleasant.
  33. Pure coincidence, of course; though it appeared to make Manby very angry, who glared about her and said in subdued but distinct tones--subdued, because she felt she was very nearly in church, and distinct because she wished for no possible misunderstanding, Your ladyship shouldn't condescend to such places as this.
  34. Tell these people that the whole matter rests on the personal attitude of each man to the moral and religious question put nowadays to everyone, the question, that is, whether it is lawful or unlawful for him to take his share of military service, and these learned gentlemen will shrug their shoulders and not condescend to listen or to answer you.
  35. But, sir, I would not condescend to make the observation here, had he not, after heaping upon us, during the whole of his administration, every injury and insult in his power, at the close of it placed us in a ludicrous situation by imposing on us an obligation, in a grave and serious concern to the nation, of expounding his equivoques, and unriddling his riddles.
  36. Yet, without even taking the pains to enter into their meaning, they refuse, if unfavorably disposed, to recognize any reasonableness in his doctrines; or if they want to treat them indulgently, they condescend, from the height of their superiority, to correct them, on the supposition that Christ meant to express precisely their own ideas, but did not succeed in doing so.
  37. As if life doesn’t believe in half-measures, to make it worse for both of us, the devil possessed Ruma no less; bitten by the status bug, as her mind began to foul her soul, she turned cozy to the rich that she wouldn’t have otherwise touched with a barge pole; what was worse, she began to condescend to descend to the genuine, making them feel constrained in our palatial bungalow that is yours now.
  38. It can hardly be expected that Great Britain, who gentlemen on the other side of the House are fond of considering as the cause of all our commercial distress, will condescend to pay us specie for our produce, while our ports are closed, not only against her shipping of all kinds, but against every article of her products and manufactures, as well as those of her colonies and dependencies, while they are open to those of her enemy.
  39. If not to get rid of the embargo, nor of the non-intercourse, nor for war, what object could he have, with such knowledge as has been imputed to him, not expressly, but by inference, in making the arrangement of April? Will gentlemen be good enough to condescend so far as to assign some object that the Executive could have had in view from such conduct? For it is not to be presumed that men, in or out of office, act without motive and without object.
  40. And these are not the only evils, I said--there are several lesser ones: In such a state of society the master fears and flatters his scholars, and the scholars despise their masters and tutors; young and old are all alike; and the young man is on a level with the old, and is ready to compete with him in word or deed; and old men condescend to the young and are full of pleasantry and gaiety; they are loth to be thought morose and authoritative, and therefore they adopt the manners of the young.
  41. True, the Hindu fringes, at last, got their God that the Brahmans so cruelly denied them, even one amongst their three crore deities, and what if the God was an alien One for they were never allowed to feel like the natives in the land of their own ancestors? Nevertheless, as the enshrined caste edifice was too strong even for the Almighty Allah to pull it down, and since their Mohammedan masters would have only condescend to descended with them, the early converts might have been truly squeezed in their new religious ghettos.
  42. And if ever the Duke of Cadore shall condescend, which it is probable he never will, to reason with our Government on the subject, he may tell them that they knew that the French Emperor had issued those decrees, upon the pledge that they were to continue until the British abandoned their maritime principles; that he told us, over, and over, and over again, that previous revocation by the British was absolutely required; that for the purpose of putting to trial the sincerity of the British, he had indeed declared that the French decrees "are revoked," on the first day of November ensuing; but then it was on the expressed condition that in consequence of that declaration, not of the revocation, but of that declaration, the British were to revoke, and, if they did not, the "understanding" was not realized; and his rights of enforcing his system remained to him.
  1. No need to be condescending.
  2. Ray in a very condescending tone.
  3. Better not do the condescending.
  4. I thought it was condescending.
  5. But not in a condescending manner.
  6. Ackers was always very condescending.
  7. With Ash, he wasn’t condescending.
  8. He has a condescending air about him.
  9. The one who's arrogant and condescending.
  10. He seemed to be condescending to his companion.
  11. With a condescending hand on the woman’s arm.
  12. He turned and gave Johnny a condescending stare.
  13. How condescending! Men can be such clods, at times.
  14. Was he kidding or condescending? I studied his face.
  15. Emma was rather plain, rather old, and condescending.
  16. I gave a condescending shrug and asked if he was a.
  17. He dressed so well; he was so proud, yet condescending.
  18. The boys were condescending, but Paul scarcely observed it.
  19. Her tone now condescending, she said, Whoever you’re.
  20. A decade, Aazuria repeated with a condescending smile.
  21. That was a little condescending, but okay, Jaden snaps.
  22. He flashed Sam a condescending grin as the doors slid together.
  23. Dad, whispered the boy with a slightly condescending tone.
  24. There was something positively condescending in his expression.
  25. Alex broke in with a condescending, We’re quite fond of it.
  26. Put like that - which is the honest truth, not some condescending.
  27. When Hagan’s gaze shifted from Ash to him, it turned condescending.
  28. We’ll see about that, Dan said, annoyed by the condescending.
  29. He taught me a lot, even though he was a condescending sexist bastard.
  30. I try to say it in a way that is not condescending but lets them know I.
  31. It’s all the answer we need, he finished with a condescending smile.
  32. General Thompson smiled, just a faint condescending twist of his upper lip.
  33. This is important, she stated in an authoritative condescending tone.
  34. We’ve got the head spins brau, Angelo spat with condescending eyes.
  35. She hated the way he was looking at her, an exasperated, condescending way.
  36. That condescending accent, Etonian or Oxfordian or whatever the hell it was.
  37. He appeared to address condescending words to him from an immeasurable height.
  38. I went through the obligatory motions of a condescending and courteous contact.
  39. If I sound condescending, then please know that condescension is not my intent.
  40. You see, I know everything about you, Sledge said in a condescending tone.
  41. He told the people that there was no concern, but his words were condescending.
  42. The screen of the UPS flickered in a way that Midge found decidedly condescending.
  43. No, can you be more of a condescending asshole? Give me a chance to think on this.
  44. Svidrigailov's lips were twisted in a condescending smile; but he was in no smiling mood.
  45. She hated when some condescending, chauvinist pig called her ‘my dear,’ in that tone.
  46. Svidrigaïlov's lips were twisted in a condescending smile; but he was in no smiling mood.
  47. Lipmann with cheerful, condescending affection, as if she were a dotty old family butler.
  48. Svidrigaïlov’s lips were twisted in a condescending smile; but he was in no smiling mood.
  49. They were condescending and felt above the students, which was not the attitude Baker took.
  50. You know that’s what I’m talking ‘bout, Lil’ B answered in a condescending tone.
  51. What’s your plan now Cara? Kathy asked in the most condescending tone she could muster.
  52. Cousin Harry, cool and collected, shook hands with a less than hearty, condescending half-smile.
  53. Liz, the other one mumbles, looking at the condescending eyes of the crowd checking her out.
  54. His wife, though lovely, had a condescending air about her, as if she was better than everyone else.
  55. In such a household, in Streatham, Miss Western would have been a lady condescending to her inferiors.
  56. It was condescending, but Merthin was surprised to detect a grain of respect in Gregory ’s flattery.
  57. Adu then drew himself closer to Ethan and said in a low-keyed voice, trying to sound condescending:.
  58. Almazoff would then look at us in a condescending manner, as he would have looked at little children.
  59. It was not of Aline Gardner's condescending congratulations, or Dorothy's ardent, impulsive good wishes.
  60. You found something interesting, priest? Lowe asked in the same condescending tone the priest had used.
  61. My first teacher thought he was the greatest, with his arrogance, condescending manner and spit-shined shoes.
  62. Apparently, Maldynado’s condescending tone was the expected address, for the man inclined his head and strode off.
  63. Those statements are indeed very condescending and could demoralize anybody who is not armed with unwavering courage.
  64. We will give life to the humdrum day of the too good to be called shop assistants and their condescending toleration.
  65. The last twenty-four hours had been draining and Menendez had no energy to be his usual condescending or abusive self.
  66. Can Martin seemed detached, holier than thou and always condescending in his attitude and conversations with the surgeon.
  67. No, tootsie-pie, Visola said in a supremely condescending voice as she rose from her chair and advanced on the woman.
  68. The use of sentiments such as almost everything our fathers taught us is both a condescending and inaccurate statement.
  69. She should express clear interest in dogs and their well-being, and should be professional without being aloof or condescending.
  70. Further, I should no doubt apologize for coming on so strong and perhaps for sounding condescending about the said belief system.
  71. Besides aren’t you guys meant to be these amazing observers? Akua questioned in an over exaggerated mock condescending tone.
  72. Pine's challenge still hovered upon him, his tightened jaw twitched slightly as he looked upon the condescending smile of the Captain.
  73. That is condescending and probably would not be something you would be comfortable repeating in front of your gay or lesbian friend(s).
  74. Tell me if I'm being a condescending asshole Jose, because the way I'm continuously telling you what to do, it probably seems that way.
  75. It is, in short, at a minimum condescending, and at maximum, treating the American people as numbers, as mere groups, and not as human beings.
  76. R’jan laughs and dismisses his dark brothers with a regal, condescending wave as if shooing a bothersome fly from a banquet surely called in honor of him.
  77. Probably Jack’s eyes would have sparkled nastily, and he would have answered with a condescending smi le that unfortunately this horse isn’t for beginners.
  78. She’d only been in the building a few minutes, but she felt like she was suffocating from the weight of the condescending looks that had been directed at her.
  79. In all fairness he hadn’t been going to make the fire originally, but the ringleader of the group had ticked him off by his condescending attitude toward him.
  80. The Commissioner escorted Millie through the cavernous lobby, toward an elevator and past a receptionist who gave her a condescending nice knowing you, smile.
  81. It was the kind of condescending argument usually advanced by politicians and their stooges in the press in order to diminish songs or plays or pleas of conscience.
  82. There, with no great fanfare, no swirl of cape, no bow, only the most condescending tilt of her head, and the faintest elevation of her left eyebrow, stood Miss Quick.
  83. But this description of the Creator is perhaps inaccurate, condescending and superficial, ‘pigeon holing’ and genderising that which nothing greater can be thought.
  84. The doctor was meantime with difficulty restraining the expression of his contempt for this old gentleman, and with difficulty condescending to the level of his intelligence.
  85. Santa Sofía de la Piedad, the silent one, the condescending one, the one who never contradicted anyone, not even her own children, had the impression that it was a forbidden act.
  86. He didn’t care that he was weaponless, nor that he was outnumbered two to one; if he was going down, he was going to take at least one of the condescending little gits with him.
  87. His attitude was condescending and it took almost a week of gentle rebuffs and subject changes for the covetous Martin to finally understand that he hadn‘t hired a piece of ass.
  88. Yes, but it is hard for us to imagine eternity, remarked Dimmler, who had joined the young folk with a mildly condescending smile but now spoke as quietly and seriously as they.
  89. Yes, Rhea was loved and brazenly protected and the condescending, unemotional, unloved Harry was tolerated as long as he kept Rhea happy and well provided with jewelry and expensive clothes.
  90. But her self-control was severely tested many times, because of the personal questions they asked and because of the smug and condescending attitude they displayed toward all things Southern.
  91. He looked at me with a sort of condescending concern and compassion, as though he thought it a great pity that such a sensible young man should be so hopelessly lost to evangelical pagan piety.
  92. Most of Ingrid’s old combat comrades stayed in the service, too happy to be able to pursue their dream of flying, a dream too often denied to them in the past by condescending and bigoted men.
  93. And a group of snobs learned that having money was no excuse for exclusive, condescending behavior toward their fellowman, bringing that cat fight, which should never have begun, to a purrrr-fect end.
  94. Besides, he was a lawyer, and would know the ins and outs of everything--rather a grand lawyer, perhaps, for this sort of thing, but being her friend he wouldn't mind, for once, condescending a little.
  95. Oh snap Swift, you’re about to be shown what’s up tonight for real, that punk ice Logan said as he greeted me with a condescending tone in his voice and an equally annoying look in his beady eyes.
  96. My friend has reconsidered and will be more than happy with what you have brought, Kuri said smoothly and the girl, after sending me a condescending look, hurried off to what I presumed was the kitchen.
  97. Managers who use splits to promote their stock are aiding and abetting the worst instincts of the investing public, and the intelligent investor will think twice before turning any money over to such condescending manipulators.
  98. But now, as soon as Pyotr Stepanovitch ran in with his everlasting grin, which was so naïvely condescending, and his unpleasantly inquisitive eyes peering into every corner, Stepan Trofimovitch at once made a signal aside to me, not to leave the room.
  99. Lady Jane and Lord Ashburn merely held their heads high in their condescending fashion as a response to the reverend’s own disposition and with dignity that they both obviously maintained merely by knowing that they had loyally served the Crown during this war.
  100. The meschanka Katerina Maslova is hereby informed that his Imperial Majesty, with reference to her most loyal petition, condescending to her request, deigns to order that her sentence to hard labour should be commuted to one of exile to the less distant districts of Siberia.
  1. You condescended to her.
  2. But now they condescended to listen.
  3. So you’ve condescended to pay us a visit?
  4. Merthin was used to being condescended to, and he took it lightly.
  5. Nevertheless, Jesus condescended to reply to their mischievous question.
  6. And to Miriam he more or less condescended, because she seemed so humble.
  7. Although Louise told them no such thing, by the time Harry condescended to step.
  8. Amongst them there was a little fish so polite that he even condescended to eat my tail.
  9. Caris thought they condescended to John because they needed him to protect their property.
  10. Is it possible the king could have condescended so far as to express himself so favorably.
  11. He has not condescended to extend one particle, not one pinch of comfort to the Administration.
  12. Nadejda Fedosievna, the school-girl and bride elect of Pavel Pavlovitch, had not as yet condescended to appear.
  13. After long delay, and much coy demeanor, the Administration of this country have condescended to develop their policy.
  14. In the first place, that I should have condescended to go down with you at all, and in the second place, all that happened there.
  15. She was pleased: it relieved her sufferings to know that the man had condescended to do so much for those who really wanted his help.
  16. Must I really enter into explanations with them? I feel vexed as it is, that I condescended to speak to Zametov yesterday in the restaurant.
  17. In other moments he had, to pass the time, condescended to write articles on European affairs for the Semenario, the principal newspaper in Sta.
  18. What had become of the absurd starchiness, which before had so maddened him, of the stiff pride, which had condescended to him as though Fraser & Co.
  19. It didn’t take long for Anitha to realize that Ruma only condescended to descend to her, and so she chose to keep her dignity from a healthy distance.
  20. It took a repeated effort, but as they sensed that I was about to call the office for help, they finally condescended to my request and retreated to the hallway.
  21. How can you be seeing that pauper? Why have you condescended so low? Have you forgotten so easily that you are from the royal house? Be wise my daughter, be wise.
  22. Her name was Sarah Bunker and she was at present between teaching assignments and condescended to accept the Tahoe City's invitation to start-up their fledgling school.
  23. He had half a mind to get himself carried out, but after the officer at the door had shouted three or four times in tones of remonstrance and surprise he condescended to walk out.
  24. When at last he condescended to look round, the throng near him had parted to make way for a pretty Morenita, her hair held up by a small golden comb, who was walking towards him in the open space.
  25. It was a Divine Economy the Ruler and Moral Governor of the Universe condescended to come down and reign over Israel, and in attestation of His righteousness He gave them a law 'holy, just, and good’ (Rom.
  26. It is true that, after waiting thirteen days, His Majesty condescended to direct the partial suspension of the decrees, thereby giving the most positive proof not only of their existence, but of their active operation.
  27. When he rejoined us, he said simply, as serious as death, 'Because your wife wished for you to see with your own eyes what is truly possible, in honor of her love for you, I condescended to make this little demonstration'.
  28. We passed through a cleft between the sand dunes and over the heavy sands of the upper beach, and as we ran my indifference to the storm seemed to win me a reluctant esteem, for he condescended to answer some of my questions.
  29. Though not a hand had been extended to greet him, nor yet an eye had condescended to watch his movements, he had also entered the lodge, as though impelled by a fate to whose decrees he submitted, seemingly, without a struggle.
  30. My uncle had condescended to live with us since my father’s death, and, while he was too set in his ways to do anything for anybody, we were much attached to him, and let him bully us, as most women do the one man in the house.
  31. On the other hand, as the circumstances of his life post-Hijra, forced him into the company of the poor, it can be seen that as the Czar of Medina, Muhammad condescended to descend to the Helpers like the Quraysh of Mecca he was.
  32. Hercules, finding that he could not reach our Administration with his club, and that they were out of their wits at the sight of his lion's skin, has condescended to meet them in petticoats, and conquer them, spinning at their own distaff.
  33. We are next led to enquire what reason can be assigned for certain butterflies and moths so often assuming the dress of another and quite distinct form; why, to the perplexity of naturalists, has nature condescended to the tricks of the stage? Mr.
  34. However, at the request of the selectmen, I condescended to make some such statement as this in writing:—Know all men by these presents, that I, Henry Thoreau, do not wish to be regarded as a member of any incorporated society which I have not joined.
  35. Would you believe that this honest and jealous woman, after many scenes of hysterics and reproaches, condescended to enter into a kind of contract with me which she kept throughout our married life? She was considerably older than I, and besides, she always kept a clove or something in her mouth.
  36. He was annoyed at the manner in which his gift had been returned, as though he had condescended, under the influence of passion, to place himself on a level with Ptitsin and Ferdishenko, his self-respect and sense of duty now returned together with a consciousness of what was due to his social rank and official importance.
  37. Relations between these two old schoolmates continued to be thus strained for nearly a year! Then Charlie transferred his blighted affections to a round, rosy, snub-nosed, blue-eyed, little Sophomore who appreciated them as they deserved, whereupon he forgave Anne and condescended to be civil to her again; in a patronizing manner intended to show her just what she had lost.
  38. But they saw that the Venetians of the sixteenth century and the Florentines of the seventeenth century and the French of the eighteenth century had produced splendid stuffs; and although there were no museums in those days that condescended to anything so humble, such stuffs were still to be bought of the bric-à-brac dealers, and very cheap, too, and still existed, rolled up in some old garrets.
  39. Before he would deign to make known to the President the nature and extent of the reparation he was authorized to offer, he demanded the revocation of the President's proclamation; in plain terms informing this nation that its Government should make concessions to His Majesty for using precautionary measures against the lawless acts of his officers, as a prerequisite to a tender of the reparation His Majesty had condescended through him to offer.
  40. After the usual compliments he announced to him that the suspicions which had arisen of my participation in the plots of the rebels had been proved to be but too well founded, adding that condign punishment as a deterrent should have overtaken me, but that the Tzarina, through consideration for the loyal service and white hairs of my father, had condescended to pardon the criminal son, and, remitting the disgrace-fraught execution, had condemned him to exile for life in the heart of Siberia.
  41. C*** O***, you know his estate, his worth, and good sense: can you, will you pronounce it ill meant, at least of him, when anxious for his son's morals, with a view to form him to virtue, and inspire him with a fixed, a rational contempt for vice, he condescended to be his master of the ceremonies, and led him by the hand through the most noted bawdy-houses in town, where he took care he should be familiarized with all those scenes of debauchery, so fit to nauseate a good taste? The experiment, you will cry, is dangerous.
  42. I had treated her like a poor ignorant Wretch and condescended to her Ignorance of Poetry all because I was wearing Breeches and a Wig, and she was wearing a Petticoat and Apron! What a Diff’rence mere Garments could make! ’Twas true, I had read Edmund Waller and knew that his Poem To Phyllis (which that Blackguard Tunewell claim’d for his own) was first publish’d perhaps four score and ten Years ago, but was that a Cause for Haughtiness? I had spent the tender Years of Childhood in a Great House with a fine Library; Polly had not.
  1. He condescends sometimes to give special.
  2. Jesus, when he condescends to refer to this obscure.
  3. No one scoffs at another's opinion, or condescends to their ideas.
  4. Now, I cannot for one instant believe you so devoid of gallantry as to refuse a lady your escort when she even condescends to ask you for it.
  5. In the state of which he would be the founder, there is no marrying or giving in marriage: but because of the infirmity of mankind, he condescends to allow the law of nature to prevail.
  6. He might have been compared to a workman, a vigorous workman, whom the work fears; but who, for the moment, has nothing to do, and condescends meanwhile to put out his strength in playing with his children.
  7. If he had only known, he would have been aware that the people who would recognize him were in their boxes or grand-stand seats, or in the paddock, where society condescends to jostle elbows with stable boys, proving the truth of the adage enunciated by a true sage: On the turf, and beneath it, all men are equal.
  8. And now, let me ask, whether we are prepared for these conditions? Whether we believe in all the rights which the French Emperor condescends to claim for us from the British, although he will not admit them himself? And whether we are prepared to go to war for them? To me the conditions, both on the part of this country and Great Britain, appear inadmissible.
  9. Erskine, and also the only thing contemplated when the law of May last was passed, as also the only ground taken by himself only one month before, (having, it is presumed, heard from France in the interval,) he condescends to tell the General, that if France should demand it, he might give her to understand that it was the President's intention to renew the non-intercourse against England, if she did not also rescind her blockades.

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