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    1. · If the conflict is escalating, remove yourself from the situation until you can face it calmly and appropriately

    2. Our mental and emotional states conflict

    3. One way or the other there would be a conflict this morning

    4. Flesh and spirit are in conflict with one another

    5. My mind was not renewed, my flesh was in conflict with the spirit

    6. Allowing for the unknowable and the agnostic, tolerating the conflict between

    7. Genetics was considered the blackest of the black arts and it had been at the heart of the generations of conflict between Talstan and China

    8. He thought once again of the stages of evolution, this stage is marked by conflict between the urge to be an individual and the urge to be part of a greater organism

    9. Harry Cozen is in command and this is his greatest gambit, but alien propaganda threatens to reveal the war's greatest secret on the very day the broadest and bloodiest battle of the conflict unfolds

    10. The latest conflict between the current city-states of that region [Alcazar, Corsair] have put the area on high-alert status

    11. to conflict or fear

    12. ‘Do you have the signs of the zodiac here?’ I asked, unsure of whether astrology would conflict with his faith

    13. These are always in direct conflict with the more conservatives

    14. these types of thinkers together, you would have a stew of conflict in the realms of money

    15. of the heart, no conflict within

    16. us, but a greater hope you have no inner conflict with us before doing so

    17. She did feel some remorse and conflict at hoping against hope there'd be a cancellation that would give her sooner access, but she rose above it

    18. “It’s shit on the table now,” she said, not forgiving him, but not wanting conflict since she wanted his cooperation on the boat sheet issue

    19. The boy can rot for all he cares, which is a symptom of the conflict that he feels inside

    20. their eyes on the conflict raging on the opposite shore

    21. kind of military conflict in Europe was inevitable

    22. hostility and conflict between the French and Italian

    23. That was most near the root of his conflict, he was also determined to stay in his kitchens where he was the chef and lord of his domain

    24. sign of conflict or coolness there, either

    25. When their needs came in conflict, the wars began

    26. fertile as any they had seen, but years of conflict and wars

    27. of the conflict, falling regularly and suffering the most

    28. conflict of war behind

    29. Some of them even blamed the conflict between the Royal

    30. In this dream, I also saw the conflict between those who were

    31. there is a conflict in us

    32. and these things conflict with the plan of God to go out into the

    33. began to encounter stark reminders of the conflict and

    34. aggravation of the conflict between Muslims and

    35. The more complex answer is twofold: A) Your inner and partly unconscious desires are often at conflict with some of the goals you are aiming at

    36. Isn't life a perpetual conflict, anyway? (Those appalled by my views on life should revisit the preceding pages of this book)

    37. a one if it would conflict with their theology

    38. To dream that you have an opponent signifies an aspect of yourself in which you are in conflict with

    39. The dream may point to some love triangle or some relationship conflict

    40. To dream that you are shadow boxing indicates an internal conflict

    41. To see twins fighting in your dream represent a conflict between the opposites of your psyche

    42. conflict and being stuck freeze toward Presence where there are no pathways

    43. I have tried to cover some of the words that may confuse or have conflict with interpretations problems

    44. Hence the Imperial always spoke of the conflict with an especially acute pain that many knew -

    45. Both of them quietly acknowledged that even one life lost in this conflict was one too many, and now with all of these bloody weeks gone by, there could be no truly happy ending

    46. Also, you’ll have long ago forgotten the details of the products you are promoting amid such a lengthy sequence, and you could easily find that they actually conflict with offers and promotions you make in your Broadcast emails

    47. Markus: I am a loyal employee, and I believe that it is in the best of both of our interests to have this conflict resolved

    48. Hating war creates conflict

    49. be in conflict with that real — but hidden — game plan

    50. Most people are, in some way, in conflict with the

    1. Topher recalled feeling conflicted

    2. confused them and they became conflicted about what they should do

    3. Well… this was a ridiculous idea, he thought to himself; his emotions were conflicted

    4. that Ranger felt conflicted in his relationship with

    5. The roars of laughter from the older men at his absurdly conflicted expressions rang out suddenly over the lake and echoed through the woods

    6. When Jameson got wind of the tentative notion, he was conflicted

    7. Without the seductions of a conflicted ego, reality lacks the incentive to transform itself into illusion

    8. you will be conflicted

    9. He nodded, and the flicker of compassion in his face made me even more conflicted

    10. Very kind, but conflicted, his heart, I don't know

    11. He gives me a conflicted look and touches his lips to my forehead, right between my eyebrows

    12. I stare into his dark, conflicted eyes for an instant before he punches me in the jaw

    13. “I think my conflicted emotions confused the simulation,” he says

    14. Decades before, when Ganesh had to perform this very task, he had been conflicted by the very same emotions he was reliving today

    15. It conflicted somewhat with what I learned going to church

    16. I feel so conflicted

    17. She felt fatigued and conflicted for having wasted so many years in school

    18. Her emotions are conflicted

    19. with conflicted emotions--joy and embarrassment

    20. Was her mind conflicted over something or was she just trying to change the subject from where it had strayed? Perhaps both

    21. The Major hesitated for a moment, looking conflicted

    22. conflicted with religion was physically dangerous,

    23. findings even when they conflicted with the Bible

    24. This clearly conflicted with Genesis, but religion

    25. accepted though it conflicted with the biblical

    26. The show of respect conflicted with the annoyance in his voice

    27. which conflicted with Genesis, was a plant of “godless

    28. I felt so conflicted

    29. "Well, that is a complication and I understand how you will be conflicted

    30. “You’re conflicted,” he said after a moment

    31. Dayne didn’t seem conflicted at all

    32. Equally naturally, being in lust I dismissed any of my ideas that conflicted with his and made further plans for his seduction

    33. E nodded, but a conflicted feeling flooded over him

    34. physically based and less evaluative, less complex and less conflicted

    35. All your friends are deeply conflicted young Amanda, and in time you shall see this for yourself

    36. There is nothing wrong with my friends, it is you that is conflicted

    37. Elise Jones was conflicted

    38. “Wendy, you are deep, conflicted and complex

    39. She is conflicted between doing what she knows is the right thing to do and being loyal to her father and sister

    40. Her emotions about him were entirely too conflicted to deal with right now

    41. BCG looks conflicted and so does the doctor

    42. I am conflicted

    43. Simon watched, conflicted as to how he felt or what to do

    44. Churchill was silent for a long moment, obviously conflicted by the price England would have to pay for such a quick victory in this war

    45. Seeing this replay made me feel accomplished, but conflicted: I seemed to be able to comprehend the incomprehensible, but I sucked at altering my own behavior

    46. He had already had a long discussion with her on that subject four days ago and understood why she was loath on depending much on the British and the Americans: both countries had their own agendas that partly conflicted with her long-term goals and both had serious disagreements with her, be it about racism for the Americans or about imperial attitude in the case of the British

    47. Faye, on the other hand, was a sweet, innocent young woman trapped in a marriage with this Romeo but whose mean streak was cleverly concealed by her Southern-belle demeanour; though this conflicted with Elizabeth Bascomb’s vivid depiction of the charming, granddaughter-like figure, Feltus realized that Lady Ashburn was somewhat more clever in her observations and interaction with the suspect

    48. Conflicted was the name of the game and I tried rationalizing that I would never see Elizabeth again

    49. I can tell you are conflicted," I said in the calmest, most neutral voice I could muster

    50. He was conflicted in the situation

    1. There has been a lot of conflicting information that I have the active thyroid hormone

    2. A type 3 can act worse than a type 1, it all depends on who does or doesn't get help or meds or whose personality elevates or depreciates the event with conflicting factors

    3. If the body gives a conflicting response such as telling

    4. Doctor Jasari is torn between two conflicting emotions and it is all that he can do to ask a civl question

    5. jumble of conflicting emotions as he stumbled into the

    6. Now we have two conflicting interests coming to us on this case, that in itself is not terribly unusual

    7. With conflicting feelings whirling in his head, he stuck the

    8. Jean’s head was a whirl of conflicting thoughts as he went

    9. Everyone wants a healthier diet, but with all of the conflicting nutrition information in the media it is hard to determine what type of diet is healthy

    10. It is also possibly conflicting with the ultimate goal of your life

    11. My desires are obviously conflicting and this prevents me from fully benefiting from everything I could get from PPW

    12. In fact, they were at odds and there was a strong animosity between them—not necessarily due to their conflicting personalities, but rather it was a consequence of their natural, symbiotic relationship that converted one into the hunter and the other, the hunted

    13. Little did anyone know how much conflicting emotion surged through him

    14. These people are usually the same ones who have trouble understanding the conflicting personalities/level of wisdom of their children

    15. The conflicting nature of these two voices would often lead us to questions similar to the following:

    16. Thus, the journey in life is a one that speaks of self-mastery, which involves making decisions within an environment of conflicting emotions and desires

    17. Obviously, you cannot have conflicting goals in life or

    18. It is easy to understand that to have conflicting goals will

    19. Had she betrayed Khan because he was becoming dull? Did she just want a new person to manipulate? Khan had kept her out of the ring, so would she use Raven to do the same? His mind was in pieces, and conflicting ideas jostled for space in his thoughts

    20. The potential resource for knowledge and, more worryingly, conflicting beliefs and ideas may send an AI or EI (Evolutionary Intelligence) into its own state of mental conflict

    21. Raven was fighting his emotions, conflicting desires and fears clawing at him

    22. constant now, and not the conflicting whirlpool that had played around him moments earlier

    23. General Wheeler assumed command on shore, and conflicting orders resulted

    24. Although international treaties and alliances are of vital importance to the security of any nation, they must neither compromise a nation‘s sovereignty nor permit conflicting (national) interests to undermine that nation‘s purposeful designs unless intended to promote harm to other (peaceful) nations

    25. Discordant (human) emotions are oftentimes the result of conflicting designs that drive an individual to distraction or despair; individuals who have lost sight of themselves; that is to say, of their intended purpose, that render their lives uncertain or without meaning

    26. Conflicting viewpoints and differences of opinion are perennial rites of passages that typically define traditional parental/child relationships

    27. This defective reasoning, of course, does not admit a (conflicting) Higher Moral Authority that otherwise ―informs‖ a society whose members have (supposedly) been reduced to the lowest common denominator; material beings or high grade machines lacking moral and spiritual substance; guided solely by pre-determined dynamics subject to their (own) unitary laws

    28. The belief in a Divine Being must necessarily engender conflicting loyalties between God and the self-appointed guardians of Historical Determinism whose (moral) authority must go unchallenged

    29. standardized working environments? When measured in constant dollars, is he or she properly convinced that the average worker employed in comparable positions is relatively worse off today? It seems that the (fictitious) contempt for Wal-Mart and to a lesser extent, their competitors who are being given a free pass for not performing quite as well, perhaps, has less to do with the negative impact on traditional (small) businesses and changing landscapes than their (Democrats‘) obligatory pandering to their union base whose conflicting interests, properly understood, need not be elaborated here

    30. Delnagro‘s troubling column (―Anthem gets attention‖) questioning why players and fans attending professional sporting events should be required to stand during the playing of our National Anthem, despite conflicting ideological viewpoints, instead of being allowed to ―sit it out in peace‖, if that is their desire, underscores a disturbing tendency among a number of Americans who routinely take peace for granted

    31. There are conflicting reports of who fired the first shot, ATF agents or cult members

    32. Additionally, there was conflicting evidence regarding Gene Frazer: his maid and several others verified that he packed and left several days before the murder for what he said was a trip to the US, but he was not listed as a passenger on bus, plane or ship, nor did immigration record his departure

    33. Could it be that we’d come into conflicting currents caused by

    34. The day came when Gareth's head was spinning with conflicting advice

    35. The conflicting land-use needs of nomadic peoples—followers of wild, then gradually domesticated, herds—and members of more settled communities have created a friction between them that has had a long tradition

    36. He of the lowest underclass, but whom she owed her very life to, stirred conflicting feelings within her

    37. Ignoring the conflicting thoughts and messages which tumbled in his mind he let the emotion of fear expand, experiencing it fully, but not becoming part of it

    38. These range from basic instinctive and learned reactions…all the way up to self-conscious thinking and reflection…In the middle are the processes of deliberative and reflective thinking…which mediate between the conflicting goals of the top and bottom levels

    39. “We are getting a lot of conflicting

    40. Elena: The last time I was here there was an issue conflicting me, but when I found the answer I was looking for, the door to the exit of the labyrinth opened for me

    41. two witnesses gave conflicting evidence, so invalidating all the other witnesses, which

    42. something as stupid as conflicting point of

    43. are recognized as conflicting objects

    44. conflicting information coming in (and causing me to feel naïve and

    45. Levinson went on to point out that these conflicting emotions cause a father to behave in an unpredictable and contradictory manner, leading those close to him to think that while on the one hand he wants the business to succeed, on the other, he is determined to make it fail

    46. on what is good for us accounts for not only conflicting advice, but

    47. Because of conflicting statements from them, I started to suspect something,” David continued

    48. The harassment came from long hours trying to make sense of, and respond to, conflicting and unprofessional orders from Washington; the fear came from knowing the results were not right and never would be, and the consequences to both conscience and career were not pleasant to contemplate

    49. Because I believed the welfare of humanity might depend on their continued relationship, I encouraged and supported it in spite of my conflicting feelings

    50. conflicting beliefs into the works, the last thing they wanted to

    1. Professional services of trained counselors may also be made available free of cost to senior citizens who are in the grip of anxiety, depression, grief arising out of bereavement and conflicts due to problematic relationships with family members

    2. The joint family conflicts are usually due to intolerance and comparison with each other

    3. elders realizing the conflicts that do exist among the brethren

    4. the major conflicts take place in the use of money through their everyday lives

    5. You were both fervent, dedicated people - you had to be - but, as he grew older I think his conflicts began to take their toll and so his heart grew weaker until, in that dressing room, in that final moment, it gave out and without warning his struggles were over

    6. The person receiving the word is left confused as to why this conflicts with what God has shown them

    7. interpreted rightly and in context, conflicts with the conclusions of

    8. He spoke with the weight and wretchedness of veterans of storied conflicts from decades past

    9. Faith is acceptance of what you know even though it conflicts with your logical mind set

    10. Then imagine friction arising from emotions or interpersonal conflicts that use up that energy

    11. Wars, conflicts, pollution are chief effects of this imbalance in attitude

    12. How is the universe any worse off for that? He now had access of every recorded event in human history; much of it – the scientific and technological achievements, conflicts – was driven by a false belief in the greater good

    13. If there were conflicts he didn’t get to know about them

    14. In Somalia, for example, humanitarian efforts spearheaded by the United Nations (UN) to provide famine relief to that starving country has resulted in inter-clan conflicts among tribal warlords who perceive such intervention (nation-building) as a threat to their territorial sovereignty

    15. An even stickier proposition may surface whenever conflicts arise between the peculiar aspects of Justice and private designs or what is properly referred to by many as Conscience, that oftentimes bows to its ―own‖ Truth

    16. (―What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul‖?) Once again, these (internal) conflicts should give pause to whether or not that individual should otherwise tender his or her resignation

    17. What I find truly remarkable about the servile mindset of politically correct attitudes (which appear to have taken on a life of their own) are the (internal) conflicts that (must) oftentimes arise whenever artificial expressions of a questionable sort inevitably collide with the thoughtful judgments of individuals who, in their private moments, (would) otherwise know better than to acquiesce to affected manners

    18. What: The Cold War, a mix of declared and undeclared, official and unofficial wars and conflicts that lasted 40 years

    19. Left out are conflicts which were largely anti-colonial struggles or between nations which, though partly proxy wars, had primarily other causes

    20. It also does not explain much about later conflicts in the Cold War, as the second theory does

    21. Intra-Societal conflicts must inevitably produce unintended consequences respecting legal precedents affirming that no one individual or group of individuals is above the law

    22. The famous military treatise, �The Art of War� written by Sun Tzu depicts a philosophy of war for managing conflicts and winning battles

    23. Hawaii continued to have a turbulent history, with some one of the most radical labor conflicts in the US, seeing major strikes in 1900, 1904, 1905, 1906, 1909, 1912, 1920, 1924, 1934, 1938,and 1940

    24. Such a war would have happened not only at the same time as US conflicts with Britain, but close to the same time as Mexico's conflicts with France over unpaid debts led to the Pastry War

    25. What may make a settlement more likely is not just the other conflicts complicating the war

    26. A native of Dixons City Academy and graduate of Bradford College, he began travelling the world at the age of 19 and participated in various regional conflicts and provided protection to the 14th Maharaja of Patiala where he learned Sniping, Vehicle operating skills and explosive skills

    27. ” He was still having some internal conflicts, but saw no good options

    28. avoid conflicts, get along with others more and generally have a

    29. p) High reduction of the conflicts among countries with the elimination of the economic and monetary frontiers, because the Project solves the problem of the income

    30. foreign conflicts that has led to the deaths of thousands and thousands

    31. It avoids economic retaliations or conflicts of interests among the country-members, as well as it puts an end to contraband, robbery, tax, import quota and wash of the money

    32. The national and world benefits will be incalculable, because they put an end to the socioeconomic conflicts and it avoids Planet Earth’s destruction, without damaging its organizations and the people

    33. Besides, those countries are in constant civil wars or conflicts among neighboring countries that cause immense fields of refugees

    34. without idleness, waste and destructive conflicts

    35. The models, the baselines, data gathering, conflicts of interest because of grants, and refusal to tolerate the views of others, brought to mind The Inquisition, and the

    36. Rondon believed that the internecine conflicts with rival groups were based on previous hostilities and territorial disputes

    37. All conflicts of Spirit

    38. Our problems and conflicts also arise from our own negative and destructive actions

    39. Throughout history world conflicts have been deeply rooted to energy

    40. conflicts with the aero modeling club and philatelic society meet, but there was one entry that stopped Donald dead in his tracks

    41. ing conflicts on projects, and complete every

    42. Another source of international conflicts is our stubborn, deep-rooted

    43. This caused a lot of conflict in our species, similar to the conflicts that plagued the past 5000 years of your history, Jaden

    44. There are many conflicts between different species from different planets

    45. We get into conflicts with many species and try to help other species when we can

    46. from the habitual tendency to create and perpetuate conflicts?

    47. created the innumerable conflicts of life and death, pleasure

    48. Our unconscious mind is full of conflicts, which over-

    49. If its history relates an initial English colonization, it also narrates conflicts between English, French and Spaniards

    50. “Sincere and friendly” dialogue could very well resolve conflicts between rational people, but it would result in “a cynical ruse for the soulless fanatics that accept as virtue the dishonor of deceit”

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