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    1. It is my belief from personal relationships with the people involved that we are conveying this crate to the most likely rightful owner

    2. ’ Berndt said, his expression conveying much

    3. The capital of the country would be the same, though a greater number of pieces might be requisite for conveying any equal portion of it from one hand to another

    4. ” Helda hesitated slightly before conveying the bad news

    5. If the serpent in the desert is in any way conveying a message about events that were to occur in the future, looking at this logically, we have in the desert people who dying because of their involvement with sin (being bitten by the serpents)

    6. It took me a while to put this sentence together so that it would both make sense when reading the sentence itself, as well as providing the appropriate letters in the desired positions for conveying the hidden message

    7. Remember?’ The honesty conveying through her eyes

    8. That an individual may suddenly ―feel‖ the unexpected ―loss‖ of a close friend or loved one who is still living; conveying an

    9. They had a range good enough to talk to the ship from here, and they seemed pretty competent at conveying inflections and little nuances of expression

    10. “I didn’t know you spoke Russian,” said Colling, the tone of his voice conveying his annoyance, both at her concealing her linguistic ability and her flirting with the two soldiers

    11. The Russian captain seated himself on the receptionist’s desk and said he would wait until Colling returned, a wink at Colling conveying his apparent intention to use the time to flirt with the pretty receptionist

    12. conveying the idea that the Laws of Moses no longer operate in the world of today

    13. “Oh?” Jarin Huss said, his expression conveying more surprise than he meant it to

    14. 46 And the report reached Esau, saying, Jacob died in Egypt, and his sons and all Egypt are conveying him to the land of Canaan to bury him

    15. 46 And the report reached Esau saying Jacob died in Egypt and his sons and all Egypt are conveying him to the land of Canaan to bury him

    16. ” He looked out over the assembly to see if his words were conveying the renewed urgency that he felt

    17. Somonik was honored for his communications brilliance, and it was pointed out that at one point he had been conveying or participating in over eighteen hundred different conversations simultaneously

    18. conveying the renewed urgency that he felt

    19. ‘Twas then I saw the butterfly in all of its magnificence, bow, waving its tremendous wings as if conveying its “good-bye

    20. I turned and looked into Her eyes, then touched Her forehead with My hand conveying how much I had changed, what I had seen, what Earth had said, that unbeknownst to anyone I had been gone a long, long time in preparation for what task was soon to call Me back to Earth

    21. wondering about conveying Barbara’s character

    22. A lovely thought quaintly expressed, but conveying the great truth that every

    23. conveying such a sense of resistless power that some have found themselves

    24. Hence, we should focus on conveying our

    25. Neither are we conveying new age, spiritual, or religious unconditional love such as ‘hug a tree’ type of love

    26. Thus they are capable of spreading the most outrageous rumours as well as conveying truth and light

    27. “Yes?" he answered, conveying his annoyance

    28. Often times there is not one singular person or entity conveying this information

    29. This knowledge was conceived as a method for conveying to the public the reason for the atrocities

    30. conveying the more important message that ―I know that you are a good

    31. It was obvious to him, to the person conveying the story to

    32. conveying her story, tears were rolling down her cheeks,

    33. victims are absolutely terrified of conveying their stories in

    34. After conveying my story the Prime Minister wholeheartedly

    35. I could think of nothing but conveying Linda’s message

    36. “So why do you believe you’re pathetic?” He reached into his shoulder bag for a pair of magnets to use as a therapeutic metaphor conveying that we attract negativity by thinking negative thoughts

    37. After conveying the good news to Toby he leaped up into the

    38. Recall what I said about putting who you are into your book and you can see that conveying hilarity may actually come quite easily for you

    39. bear to see you that way; when you were conveying your short

    40. this person, without properly conveying the full message to my

    41. is there a reward for conveying information leading

    42. Corey began to tremble as he was conveying the story to my

    43. My mother began to feel groggy, while Corey was conveying his

    44. With all of the stress and tension of conveying my story, I'd

    45. while Timmy was conveying his story

    46. After conveying my story to Greg, he agreed that something

    47. However, that didn't stop him from conveying an

    48. Mitchell kissed the top of her head, conveying the love he had for her

    49. behavior you have found a way of conveying information, using the art of communication

    50. Whether conveying meaning simple or complex, words are little pieces of imagination

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