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    1. Craggy, rugged, once handsome but now lined by late nights of concern for his community, his country and for the world

    2. "That right knuckle-head," he pushed Travis's craggy forehead back with the heel of his hand, "I your teacher and I fucking tell you already about unlocking the Yant but you didn't have god damn ears, only want to know about how to make Yant more quickly, more powerful, more beautiful

    3. Thin, craggy, shaven headed, a good fifty years of age with a small white goatee dangling under his chin

    4. " His craggy face scowled at the floor

    5. Although life by the sea might appear to be idyllic, it is not without its problems of season and poverty, and there was once a poor fisherman who lived with his long suffering wife in a caravan on the cliff tops that rise up from Cornwall’s craggy southern coastline

    6. on the cliff tops that rise up from Cornwall’s craggy southern

    7. A chiseled craggy profile, big hair flowing around his high forehead and from his lips and chin, all a flowing white swirl

    8. His features were best described as craggy, like the rocks at the edge of his land when he farmed alone

    9. So he set off as well into the direction of what looked like a promising cluster of older-looking trees, their barks craggy and laden with moss, happily whistling a tune he could not possibly remember what it was

    10. Probably there is no other scenery quite like it in the world, rolling, craggy hills, strewn with loose rocks and covered with scrubby trees in a bewildering variety of shades of green, now and then animals crossing the road in search of food, or

    11. continued up the hill's craggy face until finally it beckoned them into a break near its top where

    12. The craggy face twitched

    13. Craggy rocks and black volcanic sand stretched inland about a hundred yards to the base of a high stone wall, which marched off in either direction as far as we could see

    14. packed soil, deep, loose sand and rugged, craggy terrain

    15. That evening my ‘date’ arrived at the restaurant with an elderly woman in a turquoise evening dress and craggy face framed by grey hair scraped back into a tight bun

    16. Workers craggy, lean and taciturn when they learned I was a foreigner

    17. Bill Smith and his wife, a craggy, large-boned woman wearing beige hair coiled in plaited discs over her ears and a stone-splitting glint in her eye, arrived to check the display and the entries in the catalogue

    18. Ceder grabbed her oar and fended off the craggy rocks as they approached, ferrying the boat left or right with no time to think, acting on impulse

    19. next hour, they weaved through the craggy surface, rifles pointed at the ground

    20. He bends over to soak his long hair, removing bits of dirt and crust, then sits in the small pool of running hot water trickling out from the craggy mountainside

    21. Stretching upwards was a craggy hill with a thick patch of trees at its centre

    22. What would their homeland look like? Would it be covered in hills and the occasional forest, like Kildonar? Would it be mountainous and craggy like eastern Mackilla, or flat grassy plain-land like Donube?

    23. Most were craggy, carved and battered with weathering, then covered up with a dressing of plants, but Joey could make out one with the painted sculptures of animals and people in some sort of dance

    24. Joey swatted some of them out of his way with the bat and made it across the dirty craggy roof

    25. the way the older man with the craggy features and chestnut hair that was graying at the temples had his head bowed

    26. Once aboard, the captain was introduced to the helmsmen of the launch and his passenger, a craggy faced man calling himself Stan Peters (actually Geoff Collins)

    27. Next, he reported the overpowering of the craggy faced man now being escorted away from the machine, by the crew

    28. He was immaculately dressed, with his head shaved, a craggy face, probably in his early Fifties and physically, supremely fit

    29. Even as Carla replied, the hairs on her neck stood up and alarm bells rang in her head, as the memory of the craggy faced man flashed into focus

    30. The peace of the air wafts over me, and I smile, first at the clear blue sky, next at the craggy shapes of the Sierra Nevada to the north and east, her peaks still frosted with snow even into the late spring

    31. As it towers above this craggy ground,

    32. His back and shoulders ached and the last few meters of the way had been littered with sharp rocks and boulders, causing his horse and the one that he had brought for the venefica, to lose its footing more than a few times and nearly throw him down onto the craggy terrain

    33. Sunlight had drained the sky of darkness, though the sun was still hidden beneath the craggy mountain horizon

    34. It was lined with craggy rock and smelled of old campfire

    35. The creatures were everywhere, standing in clusters on the floor of the cavern, perched on craggy rock juttings and ledges along the walls and peering from behind boulders and crevices in corners

    36. They were in the large cave where Nikko had been earlier and as then dozens of the hairy creatures huddled around the walls and peered from openings and around craggy stone corners

    37. And all the craggy mountains yield

    38. The priest had an unfortunate resemblance to Abraham Lincoln, the same build and craggy facial features, but with more hair

    39. There was no traffic and without halting Teller pulled Brigit to his left and they raced along the sidewalk opposite a small bay with craggy shore lines forming a pincer

    40. “Where are we?” Petra looked at the wild and craggy landscape

    41. Distantly, I could hear voices, but what held my attention was what I saw — not a tunnel, but an expanse of black, craggy ground, sloping gently upwards toward a low hump that convulsively spewed white-hot fire

    42. His surface was a glowing orange-red, crusted here and there with craggy, blackened material and ash

    43. As we go on, we come to a craggy section, full of steep elevations and drops

    44. Nearing the top of the craggy climb, his heart stopped

    45. reached the broad, craggy summit of the hill; from this height,

    46. The moon cast an eerie glow on the craggy rocks

    47. A cold looking barren wasteland covered in snow and ice broken up here and there by a few craggy mountain peaks

    48. There high underwater cliffs reared up, straight walls made of craggy chunks arranged like big stone foundations, among which there gaped black caves so deep our electric rays couldn't light them to the far ends

    49. Their number was formidable, now that he had begun to fear, and yet these names, powerful though they were, had often caused him to smile with the same kind of satisfaction experienced by a traveller who from the summit of a mountain beholds at his feet the craggy eminences, the almost impassable paths, and the fearful chasms, through which he has so perilously climbed

    50. That craggy headland at the northwestern end of Silverlode Island, across Dolphin Reach from Eraystor, boasted immense, cliff-like deposits of wyvern guano which were the main reason Silverlode had been settled (if one could call its sparse population density “settled,” even now) in the first place

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