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    1. Be critical of another"s behaviour, but if you criticise who they are, you will either

    2. I have even heard some evangelical ministers and elders criticise the Church of Scotland’s own social outreach, as though it was something to be shunned and avoided

    3. ‘Are you setting yourself up as judge of the support we offer our pupils?’ Without pausing for a reply he continued, ‘Do you not think I suffer when my students suffer? Do you imagine I am so devoid of God’s love that I will not rescue the lost sheep? How dare you, after only a few weeks, criticise this establishment?’ An imperiously raised hand prevented protest

    4. Today you criticise what you know nothing about

    5. He would have loved to criticise her for not doing a better job and swanning off to London when she was needed there, but unfortunately couldn’t because he had authorised the trip, a decision he was now starting to regret

    6. To sit by, and sneer, and criticise, and do nothing, this is apparently their delight and vocation

    7. The Israelis occupy land taken by force of arms in the face of UN resolutions; North Korea sells nuclear weapons to rogue states; Iran and Syria arm the Hezbollah in defiance of world opinion; the Russians are planting flags at the North Pole contrary to international treaties; the Faroese are catching 10 times the agreed sustainable fishing quota; the Pakistanis are cheating at cricket to allow betting fraud; the Zimbabweans are seizing farms and giving them to government cronies; the US imprisons “foreign combatants” in Guantanamo Bay without any rights under US law or the Geneva convention; Greek workers riot on the streets until they get what they want; the French Government refuses to pay EU fines for breaking the rules they themselves set; terrorists blow up innocent civilians and end up in the government of Northern Ireland; the Australians criticise the Japanese for killing whales “for scientific research”, because they are “sentient beings”, but shoot kangaroos as pests

    8. or dare to criticise or simply question many of the contentious issues

    9. Mrs Astley seemed to have no purpose in life except to criticise everyone else

    10. She started to criticise some of the things her daughter-in-law did, by telling her what she was doing wrong or what she was not allowed to do

    11. I was so glad, I whose tendency is, I am afraid, to laugh and criticise, to possess one thing at which I could not laugh, to have a whole tract of beauty in which I could walk seriously, with downcast eyes; and I thought I was never going to be able to be serious there again

    12. I will not criticise my own mother who has sheltered me so long in her broad bosom, and been so long my surest guide to all that is gentle and lovely

    13. Whatever she does, from thunderbolts to headaches, I will not criticise; for if she gives me a headache, is there not pleasure when it leaves off? And if she hurls a thunderbolt at me and I am unexpectedly exterminated, my body shall serve as a basis for fresh life and growth, and shall blossom out presently into an immortality of daisies

    14. "God," said Herr Dremmel solemnly, "has arranged these introductions Himself, and it is not for us to criticise

    15. For she was becoming definitely religious; she was ceasing to criticise or to ask Why? She would sit for hours contemplating the beauty of acquiescence

    16. She wouldn't worry; she wouldn't criticise; she would merely think of Everard in those terms of amiability which were natural to her

    17. 'Curious,' said Miss Entwhistle to herself; and forbore to criticise further

    18. His follow-up story had appeared that morning and he had spent much of the day fending of comments from colleagues and acquaintances who called him to either probe further or to criticise his fertile imagination

    19. instead of merely sitting behind a computer to criticise it

    20. Sceptics often criticise the idea that two of

    21. And what right had he to criticise him in that hasty and unguarded manner?

    22. What! can it be that a young hussy that hardly knows how to handle a dozen lace-bobbins dares to wag her tongue and criticise the histories of knights-errant? What would Senor Amadis say if he heard of such a thing? He, however, no doubt would forgive thee, for he was the most humble-minded and courteous knight of his time, and moreover a great protector of damsels; but some there are that might have heard thee, and it would not have been well for thee in that case; for they are not all courteous or mannerly; some are ill-conditioned

    23. The Mole was a good listener, and Toad, with no one to check his statements or to criticise in an unfriendly spirit, rather let himself go

    24. And what right had he to criticise him in that

    25. She rose often, went to her glass, and looked at herself, as an author in good faith looks at his work to criticise it and blame it in his own mind

    26. Instead, he set about turning Ghana into a one-party socialist dictatorship and locking up or deporting anyone who dared criticise him

    27. The regime operated strict censorship and didn’t hesitate to arrest anyone who dared criticise it

    28. They were going to unleash a storm over China so terrifying that no one would dare criticise Mao ever again

    29. she had dared to criticise one of the master's acts

    30. However, I criticise, but I do not insult

    31. It is felt that distinctness and energy may have weight in recommending the most solid truths; and besides, there is more general observation and taste, a more critical knowledge diffused than formerly; in every congregation there is a larger proportion who know a little of the matter, and who can judge and criticise

    32. And what right had he to criticise him in that hasty and unguarded manner? Who had asked for his 378 of 967

    33. I still kissed his large white hand with a certain feeling of love and respect, but I also allowed myself to think about him and to criticise his behaviour until involuntarily thoughts occurred to me which alarmed me by their presence

    34. I give them all sorts of counsels and admonitions, criticise and point out the true path

    35. In a word, the piece was played to the satisfaction of every one; not the least hostile criticism was passed—who, indeed, was there to criticise? The air, "Sieni moi Sieni," was played again by way of overture, and the curtain again went up

    36. "A scandal-monger! Why not say a spy while you're about it? It's all very well for you, Alexey Nilitch, to criticise when you stand aloof from everything

    37. In particular he pleased me with the freedom with which he would criticise the professors as he pointed out to me with great clearness and acumen the merits or demerits of their respective ways of teaching and made occasional fun of them

    38. Still less can one criticise a subject on a higher plane from a lower point of view

    39. Men begin to criticise their actions in the light of the new truth, but in the meantime in practice, through inertia and tradition, they continue to follow the principles which once represented the highest point of rational consciousness, but are now in flagrant contradiction with it

    40. I say I criticise them; but that does not mean that I sympathize with the public at large in its complainings against them

    41. Those who criticise most accurately on the constitution and most unwillingly concede resulting powers, will admit them to a certain extent even in our Government

    42. There is nothing, apparently, which Taine is not competent to criticise, so subtle is his intellect, and so wide the range of his studies, but what he is most competent to criticise is Art

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