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    1. She said that Marjory had been full of life and ideas before she married him but he had put a damper on her

    2. Frank put a damper on the whole thing though when he said

    3. I also told her that I hoped to be able to get some leave to come back home and see her and Rosie after the offensive was over I signed off as usual in the pink but I felt anything but not having any mail from her had really put a damper on my heart

    4. I wished I could share my happiness with Mr and Mrs Langford but quickly wiped that thought out of my mind or else I would certainly put a damper on my happy day

    5. did not seem to damper the efforts

    6. fire, then close the damper whle I check that every window is

    7. that he just put a huge damper on her night out

    8. I hadn’t seen her in five years, and burdening her with my problems would only put a damper on the evening

    9. Yes it is you don't give yourself enough credit where it is due and that has been a huge damper on your lifestyle Jay

    10. The hollow was damper than high spots, but this didn't worry Chica

    11. I mean – there’s nothing like diaper duty to put a damper on a relationship

    12. face, he stopped, now feeling the vibration of the damper

    13. It was late fall, the air cool, but it couldn’t put a damper on our warm friendship

    14. When the rain followed, it put a final damper on

    15. As noted, the sight of the villain vision had put a damper on my initial great joy or emotional

    16. However, his query also effectively put a damper on her thoughts, and she blushed a deep and fiery red when she realized what she’d been thinking

    17. “ Too bad that others think your appearance puts a damper on their activities

    18. When the truck started moving I wanted to cheer, but the zombie was still holding onto the hood of my truck, putting a damper on my victory

    19. That day they gnawed on their stale damper bread and shared a raw potato

    20. The next morning Mary brought a billy-can into camp and made tea and damper mixed with sugar for the children

    21. They couldn't help but smile as the damper turned in the flames of the fire

    22. Transferring to Branton had put a damper on any prospective Division 1 suitor

    23. Elfric’s presence here would put a damper on Merthin’s conversation with Edmund

    24. In the damper hollows the Mauritia palms threw out their graceful drooping fronds

    25. Admittedly, mandatory coverage under the Affordable Care Act does put something of a damper on medical tourism, since U

    26. A lawsuit of any significance casts a damper on the securities affected, and the extent of the decline may be out of all proportion to the merits of the case

    27. This was a damper, and conversation died again

    28. Prince Andrew did not laugh and feared that he would be a damper on the spirits of the company, but no one took any notice of his being out of harmony with the general mood

    29. Her appearance always acted as a damper to the curiosity raised by her oral oddities: hard-featured and staid, she had no point to which interest could attach

    30. By adjusting the damper and firedoor you can have as much draft as you like

    31. Refiners and integrated oil and gas companies will continue to be laggards for the foreseeable future as low margins in the refining business will continue to act as a damper on stock prices

    32. • Refiners and integrated oil and gas companies will continue to be laggards for the foreseeable future, as low margins in the refining business continue to act as a damper on stock prices

    33. Suddenly between ten and eleven it had stopped, and was followed by a horrible dampness, colder and damper than the rain, and a sort of steam was rising from everything, from every stone in the street, and from every by-lane if one looked down it as far as one could

    34. Maybe my lack of experience puts a damper on my imagination

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