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    1. As we went to his friend’s house, he told me that he had met my father in Tenochtitlan just before he left and my father had asked that he keep an eye out for me and urge me to stop dawdling and hurry on home

    2. On the other hand, he was right, I was dawdling and was rather enjoying doing so

    3. After dawdling outside the town for a few days, we were ordered to break camp and resume the march south

    4. He stared at me for a moment before dilly dawdling about my room, playing with the robes and Indian cloth I had hung sporadically around, dangling from the ceiling, tied to my bed posts, looking at them as if he didn’t approve

    5. ‘Quit dawdling worm, out with it

    6. When he entered, only a couple dawdling at the far end impinged upon the privacy of a chat with Peggy

    7. Though they were dawdling, in no time at all they had reached a small field in which seven horses were grazing on weeds and grasses

    8. that hut, and there he was sitting on his ass in the shade, dawdling and thinking up excuses for his inaction

    9. Her head emerged from the water, with her dark green hair glistening even more than usual as she said, “Now, stop dawdling and get in

    10. Jack said in a funny voice, “What the hell is this?” I lifted my glass slowly and took a dawdling sip of my whisky, feigning indifference, to give them a few seconds to approach

    11. They naturally took comfort in each other's society and were much together, riding, walking, dancing, or dawdling, for at Nice no one can be very industrious during the gay season

    12. She returned just in time to join the others as they quitted the house, on an excursion through its more immediate premises; and the rest of the morning was easily whiled away, in lounging round the kitchen garden, examining the bloom upon its walls, and listening to the gardener's lamentations upon blights, in dawdling through the green-house, where the loss of her favourite plants, unwarily exposed, and nipped by the lingering frost, raised the laughter of Charlotte,--and in visiting her poultry-yard, where, in the disappointed hopes of her dairy-maid, by hens forsaking their nests, or being stolen by a fox, or in the rapid decrease of a promising young brood, she found fresh sources of merriment

    13. In it was an old woman with a lip full of snuff and a weather-beaten face under a drab sunbonnet, driving a dawdling old

    14. shoulders, ‘so it dawdling there?’

    15. Now we stopped dawdling and laid our wheels to the road and went

    16. "That she should be tired now, however, gives me no surprise; for there is nothing in the course of one's duties so fatiguing as what we have been doing this morning: seeing a great house, dawdling from one room to another, straining one's eyes and one's attention, hearing what one does not understand, admiring what one does not care for

    17. And now, Watson, this is too serious for dawdling, especially as the old man is aware that we are interesting ourselves in his affairs; so if you are ready, we shall call a cab and drive to Waterloo

    18. What are you about there? Bring it quick! What are you dawdling for? If it is to be done, let it be done

    19. NIKÍTA [puts out his head] What are you about there? Bring it quick! What are you dawdling for? If it is to be done, let it be done

    20. And why are they dawdling there?”

    21. “Now then! Nearly ready? You’re dawdling!” he shouted to the servants

    22. He was as lankly dawdling as ever, but Lillian noted, with a vague uneasiness, his usual air of agreeable ennui was supplanted by one of half-wakened interest

    23. But—when you married me, you didn’t marry a dawdling dude chattering ‘advanced ideas’ with his head full of libertinism

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