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    1. The Alderfolk had got his sense of decorum back

    2. Soon enough, the meat was dispensed with and the young woman moved on to the soup, which she sheepishly attempted to eat with a bit more decorum

    3. The apparent absence of shame and self-respect has provided cover for a number of athletes otherwise impervious to the principles of proper decorum

    4. It would seem that decorum and good taste are (oftentimes) responses to collective attitudes that, for ill or good, condition our behavior

    5. The Patriarch let out an almost hysterical laughter, his shoulders bobbing freely up and down in an unseemly lack of decorum

    6. A plush red and green carpet seemed to add a sense of decorum to the room, which overall seemed to exude a certain air of gravitas, possibly more than what Hilderich found tasteful

    7. And me being the cat that throws decorum out of the window sometimes and also being the cat that just can’t mind his own damn business; I interrupted their “private moment” and said, “Sup guys …

    8. Pancho, who was noted for ribaldry and profane jokes and profane language in anyone’s presence, was the picture of decorum the whole luncheon

    9. Even at White Sands and Dragons’ View, the mixed crowds of tourists had followed the decorum of the elven lands they were visiting

    10. They had been strangers only a short time ago, but the relief of seeing one another again after such a near calamity escaped the bounds of decorum

    11. The added anguish that spread across Moshe’s face marked well the effort that it had taken all along to retain some manner of male decorum

    12. such a near calamity escaped the bounds of decorum

    13. “I won't have this!” Pharaoh screeched as he leaped to his feet, the decorum of office

    14. that it had taken all along to retain some manner of male decorum

    15. investigation be conducted with the same decorum

    16. He’d be sorely pissed at my lack of proper decorum, but that wouldn’t last long

    17. By the grave and stern decorum of the countenance it wore,

    18. Giving up on this mystery, Larkin concentrated instead on following the rules of decorum for the welcoming ceremony

    19. was decorum, a tense watchfulness between the vultures

    20. Decorum prevents me from relating much of the subject matter she discussed with the as-jolly-as-can-be-expected-for-$12-an-hour old elf

    21. This Supreme Justice Council wants to examine them so that decision of the most sensitive case would be make on merits and the world should see that decorum of court was upheld in all respects and all norms of justice were followed

    22. Please remember you people would not be permitted to undermine the decorum of the court at any time, at any cost…

    23. As long as you’re in that uniform, I will demand a certain level of respect and decorum from you

    24. After all, the ruler of the Universe should show some control and a sense of decorum

    25. The three monastics, who had maintained their religious decorum up to this point, now lost it completely

    26. and acted with decorum while conducting their business

    27. ” Edward straightened his posture, determined to show that, as angry as Carl was at him—and he had every right to be angry, with that Edward would not argue—there was a certain level of decorum needed in a situation like this to keep emotions under control

    28. Brimfield, I usually allow a certain degree of latitude in my classroom as far as proper decorum and etiquette are concerned, but there is a distinct line between what is acceptable and what is not

    29. ” She cursed and forced herself to sit up next to Flower and enquire with decorum the purpose of this most welcome visit

    30. And again she is very close, too close for decorum, and again it is a fact that hovers at the edge of his consciousness, something that should strike him as uncomfortable and off, but the feeling of her proximity is completely different

    31. The whole purpose of his visit was to present an image of sobriety and decorum

    32. What the hell---life beyond orbit was rarely a matter of prudence and stilted decorum, and there was always something to be said for brute force

    33. He was so reckless and arrogant in his approach that he threw all caution and decorum to the wind, behaving as if it was his birthright to have sex with me

    34. The industrious breeze lifted up the stray hairs from her forehead and gave it little pats and kisses that seemed audaciously familiar applied to a brow of such decorum; the restless poplar leaves whispered all the secrets of life in her unhearing ears; the cottage gardens of Vilmnitz, ablaze that day with the white flame of lilies, poured their stream of scent into the road, and the wind caught it up and flung it across her sober nostrils, and she could not breathe without drawing in the divineness of it, yet her face wore exactly the same expression that it does when we are passing pigs

    35. Mitch initiated the freewheeling chat by taking a dig at his foe’s warped sense of decorum

    36. Tussie tried to make amends for having obstructed her plans by exerting himself to the utmost to entertain the children as far as decorum allowed

    37. I will speak carefully, mindful of the need for decorum in a court of law

    38. Oke and myself are gratified that we can orchestrate the ritual of their passing with decorum

    39. It was imperative in her mind that modesty and decorum be practiced at all times, as after all there were only males living there, and six of them were young lads

    40. the decorum of the French classic theater,more tearful than Don

    41. This subliminal message of manners and decorum tells us to remain as we are: emotionless, machine-functioning tool-users

    42. decorum in meeting at the river like this, but it would

    43. When I saw what I had become I was sick, the vitriol numbed only by the counting, by associating with others who counted, who set up market and traded golden promises, setting benchmarks and standards, the backslapping types like Sweet, with their particular form of etiquette and decorum to the likes of Sergei and his set, wearing money like a bullet proof vest

    44. Durgeon, for all of his political decorum, carried the reputation of a monster

    45. „Gentlemen please, may we have some decorum on the floor,' interjected Roy in high

    46. Thomases or other doctors of the Church, observing as they do a decorum so ingenious that in one sentence they describe a distracted lover and in the next deliver a devout little sermon that it is a pleasure and a treat to hear and read

    47. Anselmo was completely satisfied by the words of Lothario, and believed them as fully as if they had been spoken by an oracle; nevertheless he begged of him not to relinquish the undertaking, were it but for the sake of curiosity and amusement; though thenceforward he need not make use of the same earnest endeavours as before; all he wished him to do was to write some verses to her, praising her under the name of Chloris, for he himself would give her to understand that he was in love with a lady to whom he had given that name to enable him to sing her praises with the decorum due to her modesty; and if Lothario were unwilling to take the trouble of writing the verses he would compose them himself

    48. considerations of decorum, she flung her arms around his neck and pressing her face close to his, said, "Yes, my dear lord, you are the true master of this your slave, even though adverse fate interpose again, and fresh dangers threaten this life that hangs on yours

    49. "Tut, you fool," said Sancho; "it will be only to practise it for two or three years; and then dignity and decorum will fit her as easily as a glove; and if not, what matter? Let her he 'my lady,' and never mind what happens

    50. He did not remove Rocinante's saddle, as his master's express orders were, that so long as they were in the field or not sleeping under a roof Rocinante was not to be stripped--the ancient usage established and observed by knights-errant being to take off the bridle and hang it on the saddle-bow, but to remove the saddle from the horse--never! Sancho acted accordingly, and gave him the same liberty he had given Dapple, between whom and Rocinante there was a friendship so unequalled and so strong, that it is handed down by tradition from father to son, that the author of this veracious history devoted some special chapters to it, which, in order to preserve the propriety and decorum due to a history so heroic, he did not insert therein; although at times he forgets this resolution of his and describes how eagerly the two beasts would scratch one another when they were together and how, when they were tired or full, Rocinante would lay his neck across Dapple's, stretching half a yard or more on the other side, and the pair would stand thus, gazing thoughtfully on the ground, for three days, or at least so long as they were left alone, or hunger did not drive them to go and look for food

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