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    1. Some CNN interns debate his placid demeanor, saying that perhaps he has “turned to religion

    2. Apparently there was something about the demeanor of Moses that would cause for the Israelites to not even question that demand, but to obey and drink their shame

    3. He was very impressive, but it was his demeanor that caught Kate’s eye

    4. Their whole demeanor towards him changed when he started to laugh

    5. The effect should have been sexy but her demeanor was businesslike

    6. ” He sighed, “and she has a good demeanor about her

    7. He checked on Tyu and could not help but note the excitement in her demeanor

    8. Her demeanor was serene with a hint of mistrust, but she smiled pleasantly

    9. The strength beneath their elegant demeanor was nearly palpable

    10. She couldn’t deny the possibility – the man’s power had been unlike anything she had ever seen – but could it possibly be true? Her attempt to match the white robed woman’s stern demeanor was shattered; the image of this Destroyer unleashing his power against the Plague brought a smile to her face

    11. I find a man’s demeanor can tell a lot about his truthfulness

    12. As he spoke, his tone and his demeanor had both maddened and flustered her

    13. The Imperial pub-lican, Valga, was herself taken aback by the stranger’s demeanor and voice – a voice not overly deep and almost hypnotic with its dulcet DRAFTChapter 10 169

    14. Something was off about the man’s demeanor, but he could not determine what

    15. He had been accused of being cold in demeanor, aloof

    16. “And WHO was the goddess of love and beauty, Psyche? WHO?” Venus’s face reddened, her flawless demeanor in pieces for the first time Sebastian had ever seen

    17. Despite my cool and detached demeanor, the kitten quickly analyzed me as a long-dormant sucker

    18. The door from the kitchen swung open, and out stepped Millin Parfinn, a most amiable Halfling known for his loud, joyous family and happy demeanor

    19. Sicarius did have the icy demeanor of a debt collector

    20. Arrogance, the off-spring of Low Esteem, is (fortunately) balanced, however, by the professional demeanor of other (exceptional) athletes with little or nothing to prove, whose quiet tenor, and business like attitude, free of pretentious designs and excessive self-regard; that is to say, individuals who are comfortable with themselves and in themselves, who feel that they have nothing to prove and are (generally) less likely to be influenced by money and glamour; speaks volumes about the fundamental character of an emotional secure individual

    21. Pleased perhaps, by the prospect of attracting a new coalition of voters, (Yankee) Republicanism, traditionally urbane in its demeanor, was nevertheless determined to preserve its (own) political identity that generally embraced liberal viewpoints as they related to domestic and social issues

    22. In this maze of inky tunnels and chaotic turns, however, his demeanor has begun to change drastically

    23. The Republican Establishment, hampered over the years by its high-brow demeanor and perceived indifference to common causes, has squandered an exceptional opportunity to set the political tone over the coming generation; assisted in large measure by the (self) destructive tendencies of Democrats who continue steering further away from popular mainstream opinion(s)

    24. The change in Joseph's demeanor startled Ruby

    25. There was a sheet of steel beneath the demeanor

    26. His right hand, the one adorned with the Holy Diadems, was scratching his chin in a rather detached and insouciant way, in stark contrast to his earlier searing demeanor

    27. The demeanor displayed towards the couple was less amicable now that they no longer wore American uniforms and their papers showed them to be Polish

    28. He’d have to wait for them to show their true demeanor and spirit in the ultimate test: battle

    29. ” She said it, but shyness and hesitation were still evident in her demeanor, which was very submissive

    30. Their appearance and demeanor reminded Colling of stereotypical espionage agents he had seen in the movies, and he wondered whether the men were imitating Hollywood, or was it the other way around? Each of the men was standing by one of three cabs lined up on the dock

    31. He had seen the rapid change in her adversary’s demeanor, toward them both, when his name had been spoken

    32. “I’m trying to use my senses,” he said calmly in contrast to his earlier demeanor

    33. Isaac finally jumped into the ring and busted out with some king tut poppin’ and some MJ and James Brown moon walking and such, but Isaac more or less conceded to Rory in his demeanor and in his comments, “Yeah man, Rory you’re good, that was cool man

    34. In the midst of Bob doing his head spins, an austere looking male nurse with a dildo demeanor walked into our “break-room,” and gave us a stink face

    35. The dude wearing the black Cazals and black Kangol got uncomfortably close to me, squared up and said, “Yo Boy-yee, what you be about?!” He had said it in this demonstratively threatening tone and demeanor, as he poked his index finger hard into my NSR nameplate which had thumped my chest

    36. ” But I could tell by Blazin’s demeanor that he didn’t really think that Bob had much to do with anything

    37. Jason kept both his spleen and his sweet demeanor

    38. He said he could tell from my demeanor that I had gotten my answer

    39. “That depends on their intentions and demeanor

    40. Jack’s demeanor changed from anger to joy in a split second as she recalled in splendid detail the conversation with Mr Meucci

    41. Jesse’s confident and refined demeanor never failed to amaze me; hopefully some of it would rub off on me because I failed miserably in comparison

    42. “Soon thereafter she received a text, which no doubt was from a friend, her entire demeanor changed

    43. I felt proud to be his wife, but mostly I felt proud and privileged to know the person behind the expensive suit and impenetrable demeanor

    44. Sekeem kept his calm demeanor

    45. Jesse wondered if the change in his demeanor was owed to the nature of the question or the fact that he was addressing a female

    46. Then he returned his gaze to the crowd around him, where many were quietly exclaiming at the sudden change in his appearance and demeanor

    47. “Might I advise a mild Tranquility? I assure you, I’d be diplomatically helpless without mine, for the governing of Kleti is generally done at a bellow, and it allows me this calm demeanor that the rest of you use

    48. Try to keep in mind that we’re students of the most elite corps, and our reputation requires that we maintain a demeanor of calm confidence in the face of overwhelming excitement

    49. The other was shorter and had the demeanor of a servant

    50. There was a definite change in her demeanor with the last

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