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Depleted в предложении (на )

1. The mercury is never depleted.
2. His account was nearly depleted.
3. His strength depleted, he became limp.
4. With savings depleted and no prospect.
5. This stuff is Depleted Uranium and the.
6. The chamber siphons a drop of depleted.
7. The power in my Interceptor was nearly depleted.

9. This man would arrive looking drained and depleted.
10. Magnesium is depleted over time and will need to be.
11. Vitamin A stores have also been shown to be depleted.
12. Orsis was dying due to overuse of its depleted crystals.
13. I will allow her to speak, but she is depleted at the moment.
14. When ATP is depleted within the cell, the cell can no longer.
15. His sixty years had depleted little of his strength of presence.
16. CP stores within the cell are depleted, the body must use other.
17. Because you depleted all your energy on pulling us out of the.
18. Her body depleted of energy and depression would set in very fast.
19. Blake memorized the number to the loom with the depleted bobbin and.
20. When ATP is depleted within the cell, the cell can no longer contract.
21. However, during times of stress, glutamine reserves are depleted and.
22. His air completely depleted he allowed his body to drifted to the top.
23. At night is when you replenish those depleted stores and also enjoy.
24. There are also risings in Spain, and the home army is badly depleted.
25. By the time the big cardboard box was mostly depleted, the lil bomber.
26. We too have endured great losses, our numbers depleted as are your own.
27. Jason he noticed a bobbin feeding into the back of the warp had depleted.
28. Then my lesser lift wasn’t due to your power being depleted, my dearest.
29. If you don’t mind my saying, Talia, your strength is somewhat depleted.
30. It was exactly as you said in your fax, Jane, a depleted uranium tipped slug.
31. It depleted most of the N2 tank but was finally able to bring up the pressure.
32. Atop an upturned trashcan near the bonfire, supplies of booze are soon depleted.
33. Upstairs in the quiet of my apartment, I realized how emotionally depleted I was.
34. It became known in the 1970s that ozone in the atmosphere was being depleted by.
35. Atlanta society, scattered and wrecked by war, depleted by death, bewildered by.
36. Claire reached in past her pain, hoping she could stop him with her depleted power.
37. When it is brought on shore and dies, it is very stressed and has depleted its ATP.
38. That momentary strength he had mustered for that final charge was all but depleted.
39. Her reactor was now so depleted she barely had enough power to get back to the Sun.
40. This type of funding raises the cost of capital even as earnings are depleted, and.
41. Unfortunately, the mineral resources that have been depleted can never be recovered.
42. Chance pulled the remaining beers from the depleted case, and replied in a slurred tone.
43. Vitamin B6 increases the production of red blood cells that usually are depleted for the.
44. All the oxygen was depleted, from his last deep breath and he needed to breathe again, now.
45. At this moment your emotional resources are quite depleted, though they will recover quickly.
46. Once CP stores within the cell are depleted, the body must use other methods to replenish ATP.
47. To see an abandoned or empty warehouse indicates that your inner resources have been depleted.
48. Mostly he reminded me of a man coming out of a long, hard drunk—worn out, depleted, collapsed.
49. But the mountain warfare had been so grueling that the Allied units were depleted and exhausted.
50. Until my soul collected in a lump at my throat, threatening to vacate my depleted, heroic flesh.
51. Maybe the passage of time had all but depleted whatever it was that created the fluorescent effect.
52. Drawing air into her suddenly depleted lungs, Ellie prayed silently for the right words—and failed.
53. You were finally cornered, your explanations exhausted, your alibis depleted, your pride in tatters.
54. This vitamin is stored in the muscles and fat and as it is rapidly depleted it must be renewed regularly.
55. When the Seven attacked the Realms, Isobel used the energy she accumulated when Elena depleted the titans.
56. Rob seemed to be working harder at living but was feeling depleted by the lack of response from his wife.
57. The Veiled’s homeworld was a large, old world, the natural resources of which had been depleted long ago.
58. Most of the second wave of fireships had simply zipped by, due to the depleted amount of available targets.
59. At her side, a depleted, three-sheets-to-thewind Frank sat up with a dopey smile plastered across his face.
60. But what I saw on my computer was that I’d depleted my buying power on 60,000 shares of IAG, a gold stock.
61. After our small store of rainwater was depleted, all we had to drink were the meager juices from these fish.
62. If my funds are depleted, I can get dough with a cash advance, but I have to remember still another keyword.
63. Earth is ready to implode under the weight of its excess population, its pollution and its depleted resources.
64. In order to even restore some of its depleted energy, you need to waste gallons of gas to power the alternator.
65. Most of today's mass-produced foods are seriously depleted of nutrients and are highly chemicalized with additives.
66. But as inventories are depleted, the market moves to a supply-side bias, placing upward pressure on market prices.
67. He took a drag of air, which proved to be difficult indicating that the air was almost depleted, then he pointed at.
68. Hunger, thirst, and exposure to blistering sun by day and chill by night depleted survivors with frightening rapidity.
69. They were travelling in their own vehicles and it soon became apparent that their numbers would soon be depleted by two.
70. You are completely depleted, and your system will be in shock for days from such a complete injury, and the healing of it.
71. Although the militia are depleted rapidly by the army’s superior weaponry, they keep on arriving from all over the country.
72. Dazed, depleted, the girl’s answers grew monosyllabic, in spite of an air of forced gayety which she strove hard to maintain.
73. The plant obeyed Jane's orders, and sent it roots over the hill to the remaining fighters who were weary and depleted of water.
74. I was in the neighbourhood and wondering if you could spare a few moments of your time to help us with the depleted parish funds.
75. Through the generosity of friends and neighbors, and the tireless efforts of his family, the supply of oxygen was never depleted.
76. The innkeeper apologized when he brought a tall bottle of Riesling, explaining that his wine cellar was much depleted by the war.
77. The men of the Ordu suggested I go north into the mountains since the Leni lenape had depleted the Kubilai Valley forests of game.
78. An examination by some of Rashi’s munitions specialists determined that the captured pickets had depleted most of their missiles.
79. Thus, parents no longer need to exert a shouting mouth, a nagging book of repetitions which results in wrinkles and depleted energy.
80. He kept the depleted wealth a secret, until his creditors threatened to expose him if they didn’t get the money that was owed them.
81. You know, with this meager sunlight, and as depleted as my power is, I should float here for at least twenty minutes… he chuckled.
82. Use of depleted uranium in ammunition has resulted in increase of cancer rates in Iraq from 40 per 100,000 population to 1,600 per 100,000.
83. Although there is some minor damage to the ship and its systems, the main problem is that the ship’s power core has long been depleted.
84. A couple of hours earlier, she’d imagined making love, but she was too depleted for that and Colin seemed to be feeling exactly the same way.
85. The ship responded sluggishly and Greg blamed the depleted fissionable material in the reactor and the fact that the ship was seriously overloaded.
86. As Johnny forced the kiss he imagined he was somehow recharging his manliness that had been so brutishly depleted from the scene with the rangers.
87. It was difficult for the crew not to be disheartened – Fishmael's swillings had severely depleted the rum, and the herring was half gone already.
88. Where the Ozone layer has been depleted it leads to an increased rate of sunburn, skin disease and skin cancers in people who live in those regions.
89. Each step depleted her body of much needed oxygen, and by the time they reached the third floor she had to lean against the wall to catch her breath.
90. That the crater would reflect the source of my power to a focus point above the bowl, allowing me a faster or more powerful recovery if I become depleted.
91. Well, he ended up in the harbor, undoubtedly as the result of a power struggle within the depleted ranks of the gang, and died of shark attack and exposure.
92. This short, powerful film mentions what soldiers were exposed to: depleted uranium, the effects of oil fires, immunizations, chemical and biological warfare.
93. Those calories are derived first from the glycogen stored in your muscles and then, as that becomes depleted, from the fat stored in your belly and elsewhere.
94. He had cut down on the regular boozing with Doc and his friends, the hang-overs and his depleted bank balance helped his decision, and he was all the better for it.
95. The aftermath of exertion, in my depleted state, always took the form of a waking doze, during which the space created in my crowded head gradually filled up again.
96. Remember, like us, but unlike these elves, you absorb power from the sun, and if you use too much of it during the night or while underground you can become depleted.
97. The availability of coal and oil as our sources of energy is rapidly being depleted, so it is becoming more and more important than ever to conserve our natural resources.
98. He found a secluded area overlooking the northern mountains, and watched the clouds skimming across the mountain peaks, the mountains themselves looking gray and depleted.
99. Militia bands continued to be present on all the country roads they traveled, and their store of zlotys was steadily depleted as they paid the required imposts at each stop.
100. However, if in two years you have depleted your savings and have not been able to cover your expenses by trading, consider the possibility that trading for a living is not for you.
1. Role-playing victim plays upon our empathy, thus depleting us.
2. Capsaicin achieves this effect by depleting nerves of a pain-mediating.
3. As the meal progressed, the wine flowed faster than anticipated, thus depleting the supply.
4. Civilization is engaged only in a one-way process of depleting the earth of as much energy as possible.
5. He had had five cups of coffee, and my stockpile of coffee granules from fifty years ago was depleting fast.
6. In recent times, words are used more to mislead than to convey truth and hence the power of words is depleting.
7. We are polluting and depleting the world through over-jobulation; rather than finishing work, we are endlessly producing businesses and their copykitsch redundancies.
8. Ravaging Eartheart with immunity depleting strip mining, mountain top removal, and clear cutting, we violate her energies, seeking to enslave them, instead of reciprocally sharing.
9. By not depleting their energy reserves; they can have more interesting experiences, they can learn more, change more and become destructively wiser in avoiding paths of the most resistance.
10. The result, as a gallery of spectacular underwater pictures clearly demonstrated it was largely dead coastal reef, which collapsed the food chain, depleting or eliminating entire fish populations.
11. So that his mind could concentrate on little other than an unbearable craving for moisture that would wash away the dust and soothe what he imagined were deep cracks in the sensitive lining of his throat caused by constant swallowing of a depleting supply of saliva.
12. Whenever social costs begin to (marginally) exceed their intended benefits because (limited) resources are either inefficiently allocated or mismanaged or depleting revenue is (simply) unable to keep pace with spending requirements or whenever non-recoverable anti-social attitudes begin to compromise that society‘s quality of life or whenever that society‘s efforts to rehabilitate its economic, intellectual or moral infrastructures or restore flagging morale are no longer effective or have lost their (spirited) momentum or whenever (public) proposals fall short of (private) expectations is that society said to be in a state of decline.
13. By wasting 5lbs of oil to get 1 lb of artificial fertilizer; we are depleting all the limited natural resources of the world, killing the soil of all its living organisms, creating huge international corporations whose agenda is the bottom-line; the lowest form of human greed in existence, creating huge stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction, destroying the small farmers of the world, putting them out of business so they are forced to move into huge overpopulated cities in order o make a living, leaking trillions of excess tons greenhouses gases into the atmosphere which has caused the Global Warming crisis which now threatens to destroy the entire world including human civilization while depleting all the natural gas reserves and oil reserves of the world… and for what!? Just to add an extra 2 more billion humans on this planet? Gee… that makes a lot of sense.
1. It also depletes the yang qi but.
2. The problem I have with it is this: it depletes the im-.
3. It has a danger effect in the male body as it depletes of.
4. There is a popular misconception that exercise depletes the body of.
5. That which depletes the commons destroys the marketplace and is hence irrational.
6. Anger depletes the health, debases the mind, and handicaps the spirit teacher of man's soul.
7. It depletes your power even faster than pulling someone in, but from what I saw, you won’t have a problem with that.
8. And ’tis more patriotick than leading a conquering Army; for whilst the Army depletes our Nation of Wealth, our Plantations and the Slaves who work ’em bring in Riches undreamt of by the very Moguls of India.

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1. He felt the strength deplete from him.
2. It does not deplete or ceases with the expiry of our human incarnation.
3. Yet at the same time, they deplete their environment, which is a manifestation of.
4. A large number of drugs deplete or interfere with Vitamin K or hinder its activity, respectively.
5. They spread out and moved regularly so that they did not deplete their food supply in any one place.
6. Do not eat if you have no water; digestion will further deplete the body’s liquid reserves and accelerate dehydration.
7. Under terrible economic conditions it would be possible to deplete your portfolio even if you only took out 4% per year.
8. By provoking an ambush, the tankers hoped to deplete both VC troops and the VC desire to further mess with traffic on the road.
9. This will deplete what cash reserves are now held by individuals putting even more stress on the government to maintain its control.
10. When the planet’s forests deplete the soils of nutrients, they begin to die off, releasing their stored carbon into the atmosphere.
11. I’ve heard that chemically produced fertilizers deplete the soil in mega farming, and that the world is rushing toward mass starvation.
12. However, when greed and fear seep into the minds of human beings, things deplete faster than they can regenerate, causing dire consequences.
13. If a well runs dry you may gain more water by digging deeper, but the further you dig, the further you deplete the water stored in the earth.
14. Well the need of the strong for more prey would have tended to deplete the ranks of the weak, in turn tending the former to famish and the latter to extinct.
15. Some causes of yeast infections can include taking antibiotics, which deplete the bacteria in the body, and hormonal fluctuations such as menstruation and menopause.
16. Greater competition in one area will deplete profits but also reduce the population, thereby reducing the competition and possibly starting a new cycle of renewed profitability.
17. Giant factory ships that deplete the oceans of fish or fishermen who remove one fin of a shark and throw away rest of the fish in to ocean to die of starvation belong to this category.
18. A few years of negative returns, combined with higher than normal withdrawals, could deplete a portfolio to the point where it can no longer sustain itself but instead begins a slow spiral towards zero.
19. That in the land of Egypt there was to be seven years of plenty, and will come throughout the land, but after those come, seven years of famine, and all the plenty would be forgotten, for the famine will deplete the land.
20. It was difficult to remind himself that winning a war was not always pretty, but orders were to be adhered to no matter what, the prisoners would deplete the much-needed rations and supplies for their forthcoming campaign.
21. This planet succumbs to gravitational lock before this sun burns out, but they calculate they have about another billion Earth years, they think fusion power would seriously deplete the planet of water in less than two hundred million.
22. It allowed them to eat cooked food: which killed many delicate enzymes in their food… which made that food harder to digest, which forced their bodies to deplete themselves of enzymes in order to replace the missing enzymes in their food, which created an enzyme imbalance, an enzyme deficiency in their bodies… which ultimately dulled their life-energy, their awareness, their senses… so they became desensitized.

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