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    1. In verses 3 and 4, Paul points out that those that lack faith do not detract from God’s

    2. Regardless, it doesn’t detract the breathtaking views of the large Z shaped track, the natural grounds, and the river curving along various thick trees

    3. His ability to live in this world, unencumbered by those issues that can sometimes detract from it, is a testament to his understanding

    4. Their excuse: It was only misguided dictators like Stalin, Castro, and Mao who misused the lofty concepts of “to everyone according to his need, from everyone according to his ability” to detract from the ‘ideals’ of Socialism

    5. The apostles made much progress in teaching the disciples of John inasmuch as they did not in any way detract from John's preaching, and since they did not at this time even baptize their new disciples

    6. Nathaniel was much bothered by some of Jesus' pronouncements which seemed to detract from the authority of the recognized Hebrew scriptures

    7. it, as it would detract from the illusion

    8. This would not detract her from her goal, but at what price? Sheila pondered that question with dread and remorse

    9. If I see her I would ask her but that would detract from the effect of me spitting in her face

    10. ‘’She understood the need for me and my photographer to see and photograph her naked, to see if she had any physical blemishes that could detract on the big screen

    11. The servants of a house, down to the lowest slave, reflected on that house and Flavius Aurelius was too conscious of his rank to let anything detract on his name or that of his family

    12. anything that would detract from how he felt or how he was swooning

    13. to the other end of the bar, hoping it would detract from their interest

    14. Her expression was grim, but it did not detract

    15. that might detract from their Holocaust are actively discouraged, as was demonstrated in the recent David Irving trial

    16. You detract from the productivity of your own research with these distractive concerns for mine

    17. The bear's shaggy brown coat was wet with a rain that had fallen while the young half-elf had slept, but that didn't detract from its aggressive look

    18. And yet, trolling cannot detract from the more positive aspects of the BJP’s well-structured social media campaign in 2014

    19. Will there be anything that may detract him from his spiritual torture?

    20. For nothing can detract him from such unbearable spiritual torment other than a physical one which is the excruciation of Fire

    21. ‘That the narrator is not traditionally supposed to detract from the action on stage

    22. For example, how much will implementing a KM initiative cost, both now and over the life of the project? How long will it take to realize the benefits? How much will an initiative detract from the work in progress? What are the risks to the corporation? What of the return on investment, and how can it be measured? As described in more detail in Chapter 7, this latter determination is especially challenging, given that the current rules of accounting say that intangibles are recorded as assets only when they are purchased from another company, not when they are created internally

    23. Shaders can be used to emphasize good bone structure and to detract from pudginess or uneven features

    24. detract from the final quality of the the image

    25. are some that might work but their location would detract from the beauty of the cavern and the recreation center

    26. � If others can freely show their abilities and thereby power, it must all detract from my own

    27. Avdotya Romanovna was remarkably good looking; she was tall, strikingly well-proportioned, strong and self-reliant--the latter quality was apparent in every gesture, though it did not in the least detract from the grace and softness of her movements

    28. And it need not detract from the other by one iota as, being his own master, he would have heaps of time to practise literature in his spare moments when desirous of so doing without its clashing with his vocal career or containing anything derogatory whatsoever as it was a matter for himself alone

    29. The grotesque nature of the event helped to detract from its importance, for the papers were disinclined to believe the facts as reported to them

    30. That’s a great thing,’ Sergey Ivanovitch said to himself, feeling at the same time that this consideration had not the slightest importance for him personally, but would only perhaps detract from his romantic character in the eyes of others

    31. Maybe it would just detract from the next vision, the one now unfurling inside

    32. These shortcomings detract seriously from the value of the analyst’s work, but they do not destroy it

    33. For the wide variation in the individual figures must detract from the representative character of the average

    34. The company also owned a large amount of United Cigar Stores’ stock, which later proved to be practically worthless, but these additional holdings did not, of course, detract from the value of its American Tobacco lease

    35. , the presence of financial weaknesses that may detract from the investment or speculative merits of an issue

    36. The rights to receive cash payments from the company that attach to debt instruments and preferred stocks can constitute a cash drain on a business and thus detract from creditworthiness

    37. For those investors following a fundamental finance approach to investing, too much diversification can mightily detract from performance

    38. ” For example, in the management of corporate affairs, it is most productive most of the time to take actions based on management’s beliefs about the long-term consequences of those actions; in most cases, this would entail ignoring near-term considerations insofar as those factors detract from creating cash flows or long-term corporate values

    39. Too low a price—say, offering Corporation stock at 10 times earnings when Anheuser-Busch is selling at 20 times earnings—would detract from the salability of the Corporation common-stock issue, whereas an offering at 16 times earnings probably would contribute to it

    40. detract from the coquetry of arrangement

    41. Nor will it at all detract from him, dramatically regarded, if either by birth or other circumstances, he have what seems a half wilful overruling morbidness at the bottom of his nature

    42. Now I've changed my views on that point; education does not detract from it

    43. On the contrary, his confession was " touching," though people may laugh at me for saying so, and if there were glimpses from time to time of something cynical, or even something that seemed ridiculous, I was not so narrow as to be unable to understand and accept realism, which did not, however, detract from the ideal

    44. I trust, sir, I have a proper share of confidence in the Executive, and have no disposition to detract from his merit; but he is only man, and therefore subject to the frailties man is heir to

    45. Chairman, let me put to you, and to the gentleman on my right, if it be within the compass of any man's powers to detract more from the merit of an administration of the Government of the United States in managing at least one branch of the revenue than has been done by that honorable gentleman? What has he said? I will not repeat his words; to do so would be odious, invidious; but I well know if what he did say had come from the other side of the House, it would have been set down to the rancor of party spirit; to personal spleen; or to want of respect for the White house, or the Red house, or some other house

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