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Disputable в предложении (на )

  1. One of the most disputable notions in recent religion-study research.
  2. Quality, however, is so very disputable a matter, that I look upon all information of this kind as somewhat uncertain.
  3. As this, however, is a disputable point, I do not avail myself of it; gentlemen shall have the full benefit of the expressions in the French copy.
  4. The qualifications of the mind can alone give very great authority They are however, invisible qualities; always disputable, and generally disputed.
  5. For the time being, the creativity of the majority of realizational Forms manifested by the collective Consciousness of this humankind is more activated on the emotional side than on the intelligent side, because the main criteria when solving disputable matters on any Level of life creativity are unrestrained emotions and reckless, aggressive passions that aggravate solutions of any conflict situations.

  6. The phenomena of apparitions, and of spiritualism, may be regarded as inferior and secondary evidence indicating some activity in the souls of the 'dead;’ though the mixture of credulity and deception in much of the supposed 'necromancy’ is such as to render a cautious judgment unwilling to rest a primary argument upon such disputable testimony, notwithstanding a personal conviction of the occasional reality of the phenomena.

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