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Disquieted в предложении (на )

The Martian was now disquieted.
‘Yes,’ said Fortnum, disquieted.
The answer left him quite disquieted.
He inquired why he had been disquieted.
The husband, disquieted, dropped the cigar from the window.
Messages? Who from? Tom asked, disquieted by the direct.
He assured me that my long absence had disquieted him much, but he.
disquieted, for it seemed plain to them that old Barliman was putting a.
Loofah passed swiftly through, disquieted by an intimacy he did not share.
However, he got through with the disquieted creature, deposited her, and returned.
‘What’s that but sex toll to get even with men,’ said Roopa disquieted further.
all, the Director maintained a stoic calm, and appeared disquieted by the fact that the others were.
Úrsula, who shuddered at the disquieted beauty of her great--granddaughter, could not prevent the choice.
The man I followed was unquestionably under the influence of evil as just being near him disquieted my soul.
15 And Samuel said to Saul, Why have you disquieted me, to bring me up? And Saul answered, I am sore distressed; for the.
He searched the wound on Frodo's shoulder with his fingers, and his face grew graver, as if what he learned disquieted him.
As she looked about her, that Christmas of 1871, the happiest Christmas the state had known in over ten years, she was disquieted.
And why are you so disquieted? And why is your understanding troubled, and the thoughts of your heart? 32 And I said, because you.
As they got closer, Jess was disquieted by the number of Oxford citizens who’d gathered at the gates: men, women, children of all ages.
She seemed stilled, almost alarmed, at what had occurred, while the novelty, unpremeditation, mastery of circumstance disquieted him—palpitating, contemplative being that he was.
He disquieted the French forces with his wonderful experiments in changing retreat into victory and in giving the revolutionaries the greatest arms deal between France and the Greater Syria.

It was disquieting.
and a disquieting one at that.
It was a disquieting experience.
It ducked with a disquieting ease.
At times they heard disquieting laughter.
is is most disquieting, said the doctor.
There was something disquieting about his behaviour.
As I was polishing it up, I had a disquieting thought.
With disquieting ease he shoved it back onto the rack.
It was very disquieting, so I went out to pick Jons brains.
There have been some very disquieting things happening here in the.
Despite the ‘happy’ ending, it was a most disquieting experience.
recognition from Hanor was obvious, it was disquieting to say the least.
Jodie still found it disquieting that her thoughts could be read so easily.
He found their steady gaze disquieting, though there was no hostility in it.
In fact, a much better one than his own and the knowledge was disquieting.
His howls of despair as each unhappy hopeful was hustled out were disquieting.
He just remained quiet, but the way he looked at Fred was disquieting nonetheless.
One left them children but yesterday; today, one finds them disquieting to the feelings.
detachment, a disquieting silence descended on the region as if it too could register a.
In the background, there was another disquieting development, but not many heard about it.
Rose later recalled that during this time, however, disquieting symptoms began to develop.
Some were only half the length of the longest, giving the thing a chaotic, disquieting look.
The white men also met with almost disquieting receptions if they ventured in the Quartier Fanti.
� In that class, he watched her most of the time, and he let the class talk without his disquieting interruptions.
But it was her spirit, a something moving within, a something her, a something more that was disquieting her the most.
What was a surprise to her, although not disquieting, was her father's determination to no longer occupy her childhood home.
My father is still alive, though dying with anxiety to hear of his eldest son, and he prays God unceasingly that death may not close his eyes until he has looked upon those of his son; but with regard to him what surprises me is, that having so much common sense as he had, he should have neglected to give any intelligence about himself, either in his troubles and sufferings, or in his prosperity, for if his father or any of us had known of his condition he need not have waited for that miracle of the reed to obtain his ransom; but what now disquiets me is the uncertainty whether those Frenchmen may have restored him to liberty, or murdered him to hide the robbery.
They joined him, sharing his disquiet.
squalid room, the disquiet had simmered.
His disquiet sat heavily on his shoulders.
With a shudder of disquiet, the grownups.
Vague disquiet accompanied Jaume the rest of his day.
Robert sat through the discussion with increasing disquiet.
This is the only peace after which there is no disquiet, and it can be.
Peteru had been watching the petting and whispered exchange with disquiet.
John Baret evidently shared his disquiet but Sir Hugh was in his element.
'Aye skipper,’ he replied, but a deep disquiet was etched into his face.
I am far from happy, Miss Havisham; but I have other causes of disquiet than.
feeling of disquiet left them, and they no longer listened for the sound of hoofs.
Even behind the glass the noise was deafening, and the watcher felt a sense of disquiet.
But slowly her consciousness increased, and the comfort faded, replaced by a growing disquiet.
If there is danger, they should at least let us know but until now, it is still disquiet above.
The manager of the museum saw some disquiet on my face and he asked if I had not enjoyed the collection.
Wilson’s disquiet was justified when the police officer turned around and headed northeast out of London.
He could see his new course took Pine by surprise and his face was suddenly occupied with other thoughts of disquiet.
Lord of hosts is his name: he shall throughly plead their cause, that he may give rest to the land, and disquiet the inhabitants of.
With a mother's instinct Mrs Clare had put her finger on the kind of trouble that would cause such a disquiet as seemed to agitate her.
But that was so firm that even Decoud's appearance in Sulaco, and his intimacy with the Goulds and the Avellanos, did not disquiet him.
I surveyed it all with disquiet and was about to trudge upstairs when I noticed a fine-blowing litter on the floor of the circling horse race.
Yet Estella was so inseparable from all my restlessness and disquiet of mind, that I really fell into confusion as to the limits of my own part in its production.
But it wasn’t just the rising temperatures he wanted to avoid—it appeared that he didn’t want to confront the growing disquiet being felt within the Congress.
she said nothing of her plan at home, but fell to work next day, much to the disquiet of her mother, who always looked a little anxious when `genius took to burning'.
Now however my soul was filled with disquiet for what would take place within this hidden realm as those above coveted to have control of it even as King Solomon once had.
I cannot exaggerate the enhanced disquiet into which this conversation threw me, or the special and peculiar terror I felt at Compeyson's having been behind me like a ghost.
This kind of disquiet had plagued him since childhood, and here it was again today – no less intense than the fateful day almost thirty years earlier – the day Philip had been taken from him.

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