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    1. Jeffery came over to him and began a long dissertation on Dragon History

    2. He remembered reading statistics for his dissertation of the Millennium Year 2000

    3. Affirmative Action Baby who, in her dissertation at Princeton, failed to give mention to the many opportunities that America has afforded her, choosing to concentrate on presumed instances of less than equal treatment

    4. He also noticed in her file that she had written her dissertation on Rawls the kingpin in political equality and justice

    5. Unpublished doctoral dissertation, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

    6. Unpublished doctoral dissertation,

    7. Having completed his research, he proceeded to write his dissertation on Pedro Antonio de Alarcón’s didactic novels “El escándalo”, “El Niño de la Bola” and “La Pródiga”

    8. Back in Tarrasa, Roger succumbed to the stress that normally accompanies and scourges candidates for a doctoral degree after they finish writing their dissertation

    9. During this flurry of activity, Roger also had to prepare himself to defend his doctoral dissertation “Mystical-Realist Odyssey in Pedro Antonio de Alarcón’s Didactic Novels”

    10. His dissertation was approved and he became Dr

    11. did a law review worthy dissertation of how much more I had learned

    12. Was that coming up here? If so, he would have a lot of material for his doctoral dissertation

    13. Frank had time to think how he would incorporate this engagement into his doctoral dissertation

    14. Frank was encouraging him a little, hoping to put something about genetic degradation in his doctoral dissertation

    15. All of the time travelers would be doing a dissertation based on this journey into the past, and Frank was looking for something that would really make his stand out

    16. This would make a good point for his dissertation

    17. Frank did his doctoral dissertation on the history of marital semantics

    18. He had medical records, proof of birth and citizenship, family and next of kin, school reports, a dissertation, but nothing outstanding

    19. an author to write a chapter per month, or a dissertation, or whatever it is

    20. I won't go into a dissertation on the topic of failure but you have to learn to accept it and

    21. you printed off the hard copy of your thesis or dissertation and confirmation

    22. • create a standard white book cover with the title of your dissertation on

    23. " And then Jesus entered upon a prolonged and convincing dissertation to the effect that the Father in heaven was not truly concerned with such childlike and meaningless rituals

    24. While Jesus gave qualified approval of some of the Greek teachings which had to do with the theory that the material things of the world are shadowy reflections of invisible but more substantial spiritual realities, he sought to lay a more trustworthy foundation for the lad's thinking; so he began a long dissertation concerning the nature of reality in the universe

    25. Doing a psychology project, thesis or dissertation is an integral and extremely

    26. dissertation is the dissemination of ideas

    27. rather than a dissertation

    28. ” Satisfied with his dissertation, he smiled and nodded at the Englishman for a response

    29. � Half an hour later, Laplante, in the middle of a dissertation on tank gunnery systems, started hesitating in her speech

    30. Ann Shelton sighed with frustration as Jean Scott Erigène launched himself on another philosophical dissertation on the fate of Man as it related to God

    31. I did my dissertation on the Fey crisis my senior year in college

    32. "Francis," Chantal asked, "wasn't your doctoral dissertation in that area?"

    33. Having dealt with the weekend’s media, he contented himself with a dissertation about straight cucumbers, and left

    34. The monk’s doctoral dissertation research in psychology was on prejudice and religious values

    35. question why a doctorate dissertation specifically, I was told that the volume and

    36. corresponds to not even a master's, but at least a doctoral dissertation

    37. master’s thesis and a doctoral dissertation on the topic of the Catalog Of Human

    38. "I'm sorry," said Priscilla, hastily turning the Æschylus right side up again; and by launching forth into a long and extremely bitter dissertation on the various ways persons of no intellectual conscience have of ill-treating books, he got rid of some of his agitation and fixed her attention for the time on questions less fraught with complications than clothes from Paris

    39. clear, it is not necessary to create a doctoral dissertation in order to write a piece that is informative, interesting and has plenty of key word enrichment

    40. “Yeah, her doctoral dissertation is on in-home care giving

    41. Vickie had entered the home stretch of her dissertation work

    42. care home visits than her dissertation

    43. The Absolute Relevancy of Singularity The Dissertation

    44. The Absolute Relevancy of Singularity The Dissertation is there written as the second

    45. The Absolute Relevancy of Singularity The Dissertation ISBN 978-0-9802725-8-1

    46. The Absolute Relevancy of Singularity: The Dissertation, then when convinced about the authenticity buy

    47. Book 18 The Dissertation about the Absolute Basis of Physics forming Gravity

    48. 10) The Dissertation about the Absolute Basis of Physics forming Gravity

    49. consequently would have been no revelation to the hearers" Preliminary Dissertation, Part 1, Sect

    50. purposely shifted the focus of The Apocalypse from a philosophical dissertation about wisdom,

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