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Distinguishable в предложении (на )

1. Nothing was distinct or distinguishable.
2. There was one distinguishable face in the crowd.
3. Frank's voice, with that barely distinguishable.
4. Granted you're a distinguishable man and once.
5. His face, which was in the shadow, was not distinguishable.
6. Peter's, which may be seen long before any other object is distinguishable.
7. Their size was distinguishable by the size of men alongside them like ants.

8. Even though the CCTV was grainy and rather dark, Mikhail was distinguishable.
9. Laboring people, even, never make any distinguishable element in its populace.
10. Finally we reached a spot in no way distinguishable from the rest of the forest.
11. Japanese were easily distinguishable but Chinese and Korean were to her very similar.
12. OPMIs are members of the public and are distinguishable from others in three respects.
13. I'll stick with the real pills because the results have lead to a distinguishable proven result.
14. The sleeper was covered with a white sheet; the outline of the limbs was hardly distinguishable.
15. The language used in the book can be distinguishable from a Western text on warfare and strategy.
16. Instead, I said something about her divine shit not being distinguishable from that of the great unwashed.
17. A much wider path, clearly distinguishable as a road with wheel ruts on either side, led out of the clearing.
18. The four animals were not as easily distinguishable as he was, as all Cerberus resembled one another quite a lot.
19. They stood in tense stillness, while the low mutterings both had heard grew louder until voices were distinguishable.
20. The room was full of murals, but the one I wanted was clearly distinguishable from the rest and we sat down at that table.
21. The crowd whistled, clapped its hands, and laughed and shouted; but in a moment or two isolated voices were distinguishable.
22. The voices of several young Cossacks carolled a merry song, and one voice was distinguishable among them all by its firm strength.
23. However, due to the exponential form of most relationships, the differences between individual criteria are hardly distinguishable.
24. A decaying basurel; only its head and neck and feet distinguishable on the rest of its carcass that had been stripped clean of flesh.
25. Tess instinctively thought it might be Marian, and when she came near enough to be distinguishable in the gloom, surely enough it was she.
26. Then he reappeared, creeping along the earth, from which his dress was hardly distinguishable, directly in the rear of his intended captive.
27. The steamer soon disappeared, and in an hour afterwards, as the count had said, was scarcely distinguishable in the horizon amidst the fogs of the night.
28. The mouldings and tracery are thus wofully obliterated, and the facings are so much decayed as to leave the original surface distinguishable only here and there.
29. Strong trends and narrow trade ranges alternate unpredictably, and volatile periods come to the place of tranquility irregularly without any distinguishable periodicity.
30. You remember when I told you how the eye colors were the only difference that made both twin sisters distinguishable from each other, he asked me in a serious tone.
31. Whether the path was hardly distinguishable, whether it disappeared, or whether it lay beaten and plain before him, made no sensible difference in his speed or certainty.
32. Half an hour later he was disappearing behind the Douglas mansion on the summit of Cardiff Hill, and the school-house was hardly distinguishable away off in the valley behind him.
33. Hence, our goal will be to develop an integral model allowing reduction of a number of utility functions to a single function that would have a sole easily distinguishable maximum.
34. So again the two main divisions of cirripedes, the pedunculated and sessile, though differing widely in external appearance, have larvae in all their stages barely distinguishable.
35. Currently, Bitcoin has the largest adoption of any cryptocurrency, so newer ones would need to have easily distinguishable advantages over Bitcoin to overcome its network advantage.
36. The particular faults from which these delicate generalities are distilled have distinguishable physiognomies, diction, accent, and grimaces; filling up parts in very various dramas.
37. Miss Bacon sat motionless before the microphone, one hand on the transmitter switch, listening to the carrier wave and the low sobbing at the other end, clearly distinguishable through the static.
38. His face was hardly distinguishable from the crosshatch of scars, which he tried to conceal with a dark patchy beard; he was not by any account a handsome man, having a face only a mother could love.
39. Some of the witnesses thought it would be no harm to try it, but they were all skeptical as to its value, as an iceberg would not be especially distinguishable because its bulk is mostly below the surface.
40. I proceeded: at last my way opened, the trees thinned a little; presently I beheld a railing, then the house—scarce, by this dim light, distinguishable from the trees; so dank and green were its decaying walls.
41. At the other end, silent, scarcely visible, and like a shadow, was a sentinel, who was walking up and down before a grotto, which was only distinguishable because in that spot the darkness seemed more dense than elsewhere.
42. There was no mistaking the distinguishable features of Ed Carter, with his potbelly and signature suspenders, and Jerry Barkley, with his crooked nose and obvious hairpiece, two of the members of the Convention Center Committee.
43. A philosopher fallen to betting is hardly distinguishable from a Philistine under the same circumstances: the difference will chiefly be found in his subsequent reflections, and Lydgate chewed a very disagreeable cud in that way.
44. In the heathen mythologies the so-called good spirits were scarcely distinguishable morally from bad, except in this one particular, that they were reputed arbitrarily to confer physical benefits upon their adorers, while the evil demons are hostile and mischievous.
45. Presently a great city showed below me, but it was not Helium, as that alone of all Barsoomian metropolises consists in two immense circular walled cities about seventy-five miles apart and would have been easily distinguishable from the altitude at which I was flying.
46. Here and there vague and confused forms were distinguishable, which in the daylight were papers scattered on a table, open folios, volumes piled upon a stool, an arm-chair heaped with clothing, a prieDieu, and which at that hour were only shadowy corners and whitish spots.
47. At the same time, if optimization spaces are similar, with optimal areas having approximately the same form and situated at the more or less same locations (indicating steadiness of optimization), the convolution will have a limited number of easily distinguishable optimal areas.
48. When referring to the option trading strategy, we will imply a certain definitive shape of the payoff function that is inherent to all combinations belonging to the same strategy and that is qualitatively distinguishable from payoff functions of combinations not belonging to this strategy.
49. The fire had smouldered to ashes; the room was filled with the damp, mild air of the cloudy evening; and so still, that not only the murmur of the beck down Gimmerton was distinguishable, but its ripples and its gurgling over the pebbles, or through the large stones which it could not cover.
50. This is particularly distinct to one standing on the middle of the pond in winter, just after a light snow has fallen, appearing as a clear undulating white line, unobscured by weeds and twigs, and very obvious a quarter of a mile off in many places where in summer it is hardly distinguishable close at hand.
51. The coffee, however, was hot and not bad, and she drew her chair up to the fire to drink it, and lit a cigarette, and, being satisfactorily fed, was inclined to smile at herself, after the varied emotions of the night, and of the day, too, as far as it had got, for being able to sit warming her knees at a strange fire in Oxford, in a condition hardly distinguishable from placid.
52. Romanticism, which has helped to fill some dull blanks with love and knowledge, had not yet penetrated the times with its leaven and entered into everybody's food; it was fermenting still as a distinguishable vigorous enthusiasm in certain long-haired German artists at Rome, and the youth of other nations who worked or idled near them were sometimes caught in the spreading movement.
53. When arguing against a supposed error of ours, in which by mistake he attributed to us the belief that mankind is not simply allied on one side to the animal races, but is distinguishable from them only by shades of development, he very justly points out that this undistinguishableness of the germs cannot be pleaded in support of the identification of the two, since the obscure germ soon demonstrates its hidden forces, and asserts in humanity its generic superiority to that of the brute.
54. For instance, it is possible, if all our fantail-pigeons were destroyed, that fanciers might make a new breed hardly distinguishable from the present breed; but if the parent rock-pigeon were likewise destroyed, and under nature we have every reason to believe that parent forms are generally supplanted and exterminated by their improved offspring, it is incredible that a fantail, identical with the existing breed, could be raised from any other species of pigeon, or even from any other well established race of the domestic pigeon, for the successive variations would almost certainly be in some degree different, and the newly-formed variety would probably inherit from its progenitor some characteristic differences.

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