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    1. Alan got her to divulge that she also knew a fair amount of biochemistry and it's practical application

    2. By the charter of the Kassikan I cannot divulge any information on this case to you until it is closed

    3. Besides their speech twizz, they seemed reluctant to divulge anything about the person they were trying to find

    4. Something urged her to divulge her name

    5. She had spoken to Tullius as soon as the Breton exited and while she did not intend to divulge too many details of DRAFT

    6. " Manna shifted in his seat as if to divulge a great secret, checked the mainsail, adjusted the course slightly, then began his story; "It is said that many years ago, all the kings from all of the lands feared that their wizards were getting too powerful and alien powers were being used to interfere in the running of things

    7. ✔ To divulge the XUSING Project at

    8. Naturally the Res authorities would not divulge any information

    9. I simply replied that we had our sources, but I was not at liberty to divulge them

    10. Sandra stepped in, it just wasn’t the right time to divulge this, the court would deal with that

    1. In an undertone, Jones divulged that the visitor had been on the phone since arriving, apparently talking about some business deal or other

    2. The Breton did as asked, extremely curious as to what, if anything, would be divulged

    3. “I…” She searched her friend’s now stern face for any hope of divulged facts

    4. Limited information will be divulged to members of species 7 when it is deemed to be relevant

    5. The king divulged what little he knew about Illeander, which was very little indeed

    6. He never divulged the incident to anyone within his family or circle of friends

    7. If any information is divulged by any of our members or from interlopers then we will deal with the culprits swiftly and quietly just as we did during the War

    8. When pressed for an explanation, she stated that it was a private matter that the Admiral would need to deal with personally, and she would be violating confidentiality laws if she divulged any further details except directly to the Admiral

    9. Everything discussed in this room is classified and may only be divulged on a need to know basis

    10. which He divulged the secrets behind the raiment of

    1. worked with United States Authorities in World War II, divulges in a medical journal that

    2. AS SPEED APPROACHES infinity, time and space begin to skew, and what once seemed knowable divulges a deeper strangeness

    1. " She clearly knew what Herndon's plan was, she was clearly telling Ava that she knew it and clearly telling Herndon that she was not divulging what it was

    2. Divulging the secrets of humanity's greatest sages, Isis

    3. Jack sensed his delivery was spot on, “It’s about Harry but that’s all I’m divulging at this point

    4. She begins divulging the story of how she met Toni in the hospital as he looks at her in disbelief and extremely hurt

    5. to Mary and asked her what she thought of Roberto and what he was divulging

    6. deserve, he or she will start divulging even the most sensual,

    7. She explained that she was saving for Tyler’s education, and had a slim entertainment budget, rather than divulging her secret

    8. How could she justify the need to remain in Atlanta without divulging the reason?

    9. “But I’m in love with someone else,” she couldn’t help divulging

    10. “No, but divulging state secrets is

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