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    1. I’ve known her for several years, and she’s a straightforward, non-hysterical woman; some people would say that she was cold and unemotional but that may just be in comparison with the temperamental musician she’s married to – after all someone would have to be the down-to-earth sane one in that partnership! Try as I do, I cannot imagine her screaming at me or making a scene … a consoling thought to some extent, but it still doesn’t explain why she wants to see me

    2. and down-to-earth explanations spiced with humor

    3. ” When he interviews an applicant he looks for certain things: A down-to-earth personality, a caring about others, a desire to make one’s self better, and a conscience

    4. On the inside, hyper red dots are pleading for a down-to-earth guy to just introduce himself to her

    5. but he was down-to-earth about business

    6. ” For that election, Attlee criss-crossed England in his own car with a down-to-earth style while Churchill traveled in a proper motorcade, making a tirade against Socialism

    7. President of these United States of America, as modest, down-to-earth and comfortable

    8. To be honest, he kind-of enjoyed himself under these down-to-earth conditions

    9. He wanted to call his new website "San Francisco Events" but some of his closer friends suggested calling it "Craigslist" to emphasize the personal and down-to-earth nature of the list

    10. She was the most down-to-earth woman he had


    12. I’m a down-to-Earth guy and would enjoy the

    13. " Natives with Neptune sextile Pluto between five and six degrees of exactness are the most dispassionately pragmatic and individualistic: they are cool, down-to-earth, purposeful and realistic – ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work

    14. He has the tendency to be serious if deemed necessary, nonetheless, he’s really fun to be with and very down-to-earth

    15. Colleen and her family are down-to-earth street people and not into anything with a religious tone

    16. I was in awe of his talent, yet he was so down-to-earth and self-effacing

    17. I say … First prove the obvious and the down-to-earth

    18. She was a bright, down-to-earth young woman, who besides being very attractive, as I described her above, was firm and bossy in a tender manner and this seemed to suit Telly"s disposition, which was that of a thirty-something year old adolescent

    19. Using the same physical attributes as above create a down-to-earth working class character, relating his disappointments in life

    20. However, as I was about to learn, there were practical, down-to-earth applications I hadn’t even considered yet

    21. The next update is more down-to-earth

    22. Finally she smiled, and the smile was so down-to-earth

    23. She was very down-to-earth

    24. He was widely known in the medical community to be erudite, but surprisingly down-to-earth

    25. You know the kind: You’re driving along thinking how nice and down-to-earth this place seems despite what the rap videos would have you believe, and then you cross some invisible line and it all turns into Little Sarajevo

    26. Unlike many of the Kennedys, Ethel was down-to-earth, not at all pretentious

    27. She was incredibly down-to-earth, especially when one considers how big a star she was at the time

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