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    1. On the inside cover he had endorsed:

    2. Every president since Coolidge, except to an extent Obama (See Section Eight), has endorsed anti drug hysteria

    3. Reagan was endorsed by the KKK, though he quickly renounced it

    4. Fox News, talk radio, and Hollywood productions such as the television show 24 that endorsed torture, including films such as Iron Man that show torture as only done by the enemy, played a large role in the US public's acceptance of torture as necessary, even patriotic

    5. Martin Luther King almost endorsed Nixon before deciding it best not to endorse either man

    6. Most of the Populist Party thought so well of him, they endorsed him in 1896

    7. It was of a numbered account in The Royal Caribbean Bank in the Cayman Islands, which contained millions of dollars in laundered drug money and coincidentally, he murmured, it was properly endorsed and, at that very moment, upstairs in his suite waiting to be copied

    8. One is to demonise cremation by using some of the verses linking God’s judgements to “fire”, (which we have quoted in this book), to attach a negative, possibly sinful connotation to cremation and of course the second would be, in order to save the planet and the climate, liquefying the dead as opposed to cremation would be endorsed as the Christians high moral ground

    9. So we can reduce "morality" to normative conventions that are endorsed by the majority—and these normative conventions differ with time and from place to place

    10. has endorsed the Democratic Party in every national election ever

    11. Connecticut, also endorsed creation of what would be called the

    12. And later, and I’ll come to this, I lost for a while my mother when a decision was made to divide our family foundation, a decision endorsed by our outside trustees

    13. Captain Waters chronicled the courage and skillful aviation techniques of amphibious helicopter pilots in countless missions, endorsed the seaworthiness of the successful aircraft, regretted the termination of their use, and insisted that the amphibious choppers increased the safety of crews and rescue swimmers, and asserted that with the amphibious vehicles, and the potential failure of the contemporary hoist mechanism, recovery success rates would be enhanced (Waters, pp

    14. The Coast Guard had endorsed the single-hull barge ban in 1979, but subsequently disavowed the proposal when USCG officials and barge owners concluded the proposed fees, permits and construction costs would be problematic and unnecessary, because serious barge spills on the 1250 mile stretch of river under consideration were infrequent (“Group Urges Double Hulls…,” 1993)

    15. We have built our business with the design of how an athlete is sponsored and endorsed

    16. We all see toothpaste endorsed by the Dental Association for example

    17. students) and others like those videos they feel, of course, endorsed and are happy

    18. Evil is that which is dark and untrue, and which, when consciously embraced and willfully endorsed, becomes sin

    19. But, the poor Hindus still feared the non-existing gods while being half-hearted at the materialism that the gods themselves endorsed

    20. A chorus of wild shouts endorsed the proposal

    21. The idea had come from one of the engineers, but he had endorsed it as a way to draw the Jews out of hiding and into a battle they could not win

    22. By the end of 1920, amendments to the Constitution gave all people the right to vote, which Ella endorsed

    23. Anthony Campolo, who endorsed Pastor Drew’s vision for empowering the poor

    24. One of the best types of JV’s is an endorsed JV

    25. all endorsed by the leader

    26. when all of man-kind endorsed the tainting of those bloods

    27. endorsed in the spectrum of altruistic liberty

    28. paperwork being completed and endorsed by your new client

    29. organization has endorsed it

    30. He was supported and endorsed by the highest level of the

    31. He had in fact contributed partly to her quick rise through the ranks, having endorsed Joseph Martin’s assessment of her in 1948 and then supported her against the numerous personal attacks against her from jealous or misogynistic fellow general officers

    32. The armor was endorsed with her mark, which validated his claim on her, proving that she assented to the arrangement

    33. The features of the polarity factors are lined without any sort of an understatement being endorsed into or along this mode

    34. The VHP’s sants and sadhus had already endorsed Modi at the Kumbh Mela in January 2013, hoping that he would revive their dwindling fortunes

    35. endorsed the concept and saw a role for

    36. Kolver who fully endorsed the concept and gave

    37. But as the Straight Path of Islam came to be laid by Muhammad, the Jews got a bumpy ride on it even though the Quran endorsed their Moses as a Prophet of yore

    38. There the official basic belief of Christianity were laid down and the Trinity concept was officially endorsed

    39. ‘I could blow the lid off Washington if I endorsed Mohamed ElBaradei and

    40. it"s directly endorsed by someone other than the a) merchant or b) affiliate

    41. version of religion that we see in the world today that acts as if God endorsed

    42. endorsed by the World Court at The Hague

    43. deposit all types of the cheques and drafts in their name or endorsed in their favour

    44. are endorsed by the Better Business Bureau

    45. hence endorsed him out of admiration

    46. earth would be endorsed in heaven

    47. It was not clearly profitable because like most small affairs the bookkeeping was largely falsified and the tax inspectors verified and endorsed these accounts only with an appropriate bribe

    48. The importance of the value of love is endorsed and verified when Jesus Christ summarised, overhauled and redefined the above historic Ten Commandments and rules of the Old Testament, into two major and imperative concepts

    49. the Papacy has openly endorsed this abomination, filmed near Rome in the shadow of the Vatican

    50. It is not to be supposed he endorsed all the opinions of men just because he wove them into his narratives

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