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    1. It was like a love of dogs, of some farmyard animal, loved while useful, loved while sitting by the fire on a cold evening, one ear cocked for the intruding fox, but not a love enduring or warm when the cold winds of survival blow

    2. Lady Maya’s wing had indeed been broken; there seemed to be no end to the suffering she was enduring

    3. Some end up enduring a whole evening of bad

    4. The emotional maelstrom that he is feeling is nothing to the devastation that his partner must be enduring

    5. After years of enduring these sorts of formal necessities, and the insipid arrogance of some participants whom I've met along the way

    6. “On of these authors (the Fellow that was Pilloryed, I have forgot his Name) is indeed so grave, sententious, dogmatical of a Rogue, that there is no enduring him

    7. misery he was currently enduring (and he’d experienced

    8. was better than the silence they’d been enduring

    9. It was painful, but not nearly as much as what she was enduring

    10. She might as well be dead, enduring month after month of this minimal

    11. Not only did he have a beautiful girl whom he loved very much, but he had also managed to rescue her family from enduring further hardship on the plain

    12. Many chose to stay together rather than face the discomfort of swallowing the tablet dust and enduring the after effects

    13. And try to let all of the pieces of the enduring puzzle arrange themselves of their own accord

    14. I hated to think of the agony that poor animal was enduring, but no one dared move from the assigned position, though the braying cut through the wind sounds and battered our senses

    15. But even more than this I was missing Helen because my love had grown for her it was no longer an adolescent thing but a truly deep enduring love that had seen and nurtured me through hell and back

    16. A gentleman named Lassiter (a precursor to Jack Shaffer"s Shane?) is the most endearing of his heroes, in his most enduring book

    17. One of Shakespeare"s, and one of the Bard"s most enduring characters

    18. ) In twenty campaigns, on a hundred battlefields, around a thousand campfires, I have witnessed that enduring fortitude, that patriotic self-abnegation and that invincible determination which have carved his statue in the hearts of his people

    19. His enduring claim to fame was to admit that he loved individual men, but hated mankind

    20. In addition to his poems, he has left us with two enduring truths

    21. At thirteen, finally reaching the point where he realised such humiliation was not worth enduring, he spoke back

    22. It seemed impossible to realise that the gallant Prince, who had been amongst us in the best of health and spirits, cheerfully enduring the hardships of the campaign only a few short days before, should have fallen a victim to the dreaded malaria

    23. Shirley Dibs later recounted the one enduring memory that would forever haunt her to a newspaper reporter; Edna’s feeble body, ripped to shreds, pieces of her intestines hanging from a gaping wound, laying like a disembowelled child on the blood soaked bed

    24. enduring testimonials of their lives, of their character and dignity as human beings, ―timeless‖ within the subdivisions of Time, its charges, long deceased, companions no more…

    25. Blessing the name of The Lord his God, with enduring trust

    26. Enduring the pain it caused, Beth moved her hands to Herminia’s wrists and gently pulled

    27. We saw the cave that resembles the profile of the devil… and returned enduring once more the whipping punishment of the furious water, which seemed to last interminably… But what a feeling of satisfaction and delight when the lumber float was navigating away from the waterfall! This was a unique experience in life that cannot be lived in any other part of the world that I have the pleasure of knowing

    28. The salty ocean-scent grounded her, made the tumultuous rate of change she was enduring seem solid and real

    29. So it came to pass, the birth of an enduring ritual

    30. One enduring gift is the ability to communicate with each other, and with a few special Humans

    31. I am convinced that we are in another world because of this damn sun and all the trouble I’ve had the displeasure of enduring in this place

    32. By enduring these results, they will come to embody the knowledge of cause and effect

    33. I have found the love of my life and, despite appearances to the contrary, he his a good man and I love him for that goodness, which is so deeply ingrained in his character that he has hung on to it while enduring the unimaginable

    34. There it promotes trust during interactions with other people, and thus the cooperative behavior that lets groups of people live together for the common good…The research is still underway, but one possibility is that the changes occurred around the time our ancestors settled into a system based on enduring bonds between men and women, about 1

    35. It promoted the “trust” reaction about “the time that our ancestors settled into a system based on enduring bonds between men and women

    36. To him, a woman’s voice could be her most endearing, certainly her most enduring, quality

    37. ) Annie became my most enduring friend, my very best friend

    38. He had written that he had arrived safely and was enduring the orientation training much like I had done when I reached the Khanate of the Clouds

    39. Fate was a cruel thing, Lord Robert felt, that it could send Dan Seaton to his very door while he was away enduring the company of men and women who didn’t have soul enough to feel the lure of the mysteries that had drawn the council

    40. Hebrews have died in the cause of religion after enduring torture, more rightly should we younger men die, scorning your cruel

    41. on a tablet the religion of your story, the spectators would not shudder at beholding the mother of seven children enduring for the sake

    42. 10 These also avenged their nation, looking to God, and enduring torments to

    43. released and a more enduring, stable probability state is then realized

    44. enduring, generally affecting the NDEr for the remainder of their life

    45. clearly understood for that brief moment, as well as an enduring feeling of connection with all

    46. How, you might ask, could we as a people after enduring this awful war, muster up any humanity for these countries

    47. That definition will always be helpful to industry novices, and the topic itself will continue to provide enduring value to the blog’s audience over time

    48. In 1984, while Roger was enduring the most disappointing and humbling dejection of his diversified existence, the opportunity presented itself for him to take on a challenge that would eventually revive and transform his life once again

    49. The pain will be unbearable—at least for a few minutes before healing, but that’s nothing compared to the misery the poor being must be enduring in that fire

    50. because past propositions were believed, and that belief will have nothing to do with enduring characteristics of the source itself

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