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    1. The moderate capital of the company, which, it is said, does not exceed one hundred and ten thousand pounds, may, besides, be sufficient to enable them to engross the whole, or almost the whole trade and surplus produce, of the miserable though extensive country comprehended within their charter

    2. As for the noble companions whose feelings promoted to the degree of tasting and witnessing, they tasted and saw by their insight the sublime states quivering inside the spirit of the slaughtered animal, and the enjoyment and delight that engross it after the pronouncing of the reminder of its Creator and its pledge with Him

    3. The story continued to engross the apt child

    4. Spiritual, medical, and psychological literature was fine for home but it did not engross him enough or pass the time as quickly for him while driving

    5. They did often try to engross

    6. The spirit's burdens and everything that may engross it before the occurrence of the hour keep existing inside, till the spirit views its severe terror… here, it will promptly cast them, when even each suckling mother will forget her infant

    7. Besides, he had the added mystery of the new phonograph cylinder to engross him, with the result that we parted from Carton, a little piqued at being left out of Craig's confidence, but helpless

    8. Her mind was inevitably at liberty; her thoughts could not be chained elsewhere; and the past and the future, on a subject so interesting, must be before her, must force her attention, and engross her memory, her reflection, and her fancy

    9. If he must dispense his balm of Gilead in nostrums and apothegms of dubious taste to restore to health a generation of unfledged profligates let his practice consist better with the doctrines that now engross him

    10. Bulstrode "Gentlemen pay her attention, and engross her all to themselves, for the mere pleasure of the moment, and that drives off others

    11. Of late he had begun to feel that these qualities were a peculiar possession for himself, and he wanted to engross them

    12. However that may be, after nine years of episcopal power and of residence in D——, all the stories and subjects of conversation which engross petty towns and petty people at the outset had fallen into profound oblivion

    13. Grant, which seemed entirely to engross them, and Mrs

    14. "How abominable in you, then, to let me engross her horse as I did all last week! I am ashamed of you and of myself, but it shall never happen again

    15. Two things in the room seemed to engross the most of his attention: the baby in the cradle, and the rope which was attached to the ladder

    16. She avowedly contends that it is her interest to engross the commerce of the world; that she has the power to engross it, and, therefore, she will engross it

    17. Is it not matter of surprise that a commerce so profitable, so extensive, and so convenient, should have been permitted to a Government which permits no commerce to us but what her convenience and her interest suggest? Is it not strange that we should have suffered that Government to participate in a commerce which both our interest and our convenience stimulate us to engross? But, above all, is it not inexplicable that we should passively have suffered the monopoly of it by her, when we ourselves were willing and able to engross it? The House will perceive, on the face of the resolutions, that, as they regard France, they are equivalent to a war measure—neither by a war measure, nor by that which I have the honor to submit, can we come in contact with France; she has no commerce on the ocean

    18. If this reasoning be sound, we had better revoke the interdiction as to aliens holding land, and invite foreigners to engross the whole property, real and personal, of the country

    19. moved to engross for a third reading, 39;

    1. He stood there talking to her totally engrossed

    2. Behind the desperate couple, the house lights went up, but they were so engrossed in their respective miseries that neither of them noticed a shabby little old man shuffling down one of the aisles and taking a front row seat

    3. Him in his bathing shorts, scratching his belly, engrossed in his book and me stretched out on a towel in the shade

    4. Daniel received a second-degree burn on his leg, but was too engrossed in battle to let it slow him down

    5. "Call them whatever you want, I still say the only reason you came in here was to pick a fight and the only reason you're not as engrossed in this as I am is because it's something I found first

    6. "I came in here to try and be with my husband," she said, "and the main reason I'm not engrossed in this is because you can't spare the time to catch me up

    7. The others don’t notice that they’ve gone; Katie’s far too engrossed in talking to Jake to notice that Abi has disappeared and Ben’s playing with Sam

    8. I glance across at Alastair, engrossed in the music – he’s not what you’d by any stretch of the imagination call classically good looking but has a pleasant face and is considered attractive by many people … his hair is dark but there are grey hairs showing in places now – it needs a cut by the look of the way it’s starting to dangle over his ears

    9. mother became so engrossed in the whole nose business that they

    10. were so engrossed in their respective miseries that neither of them

    11. ’ Alastair’s got his back to me and is apparently completely engrossed in the biscuits, but I can sense where this conversation is leading

    12. forgot to attend a diplomatic dinner because she was so engrossed

    13. She turns to Jock, ready for a general tutting about the youth of today, expecting him to be so engrossed in the back pages of the Mail that he won’t have a clue what she is going on about

    14. Andy was lying on the bed, apparently engrossed in staring at the ceiling

    15. The alien surroundings that had engrossed Roman the first time were

    16. A few minutes later, while he was still engrossed in this, Elmore sent more pictures that other probes were sending back from the other huge cities thousands of miles away from where Alan was

    17. “We’re more like Marco Polo,” Alfred said, still engrossed in the images Elmore had sent

    18. He found they were engrossed in speculatory simulations on ways to gain the maximum possible economic benefit from the introduction of their latest augmentation achievement, which they really didn’t even have deliverable yet

    19. Several of them had joined her in the van, but they were now engrossed in a game of poker, and paid little mind to the storm going on outside

    20. Alec was engrossed in a deep sleep on the ground, mumbling incoherently to no one in particular

    21. ' As we were engrossed with our little chat Robin and Laura came in and admired the baby and then I saw her talk to Frob obviously what Edith had spoken to me about, so it was all settled

    22. Nearby, Rian and Drau’d were engrossed in a discussion over defense tactics for the coming battle

    23. He snuck up on a pair of them who were engrossed in tearing apart one of his allies with their bare hands

    24. Herold reclined in an easy chair, her Nose nearly at the interior spine of the book she was Engrossed with: one she has been writing herself—

    25. All of them were engrossed, and the greater part by a few great proprietors

    26. Great tracts of uncultivated land were in this manner not only engrossed by particular families, but the possibility of their being divided again was as much as possible precluded for ever

    27. She pretended to be engrossed in her bathing to cover her reaction

    28. Zarko had been so engrossed with the exiles that he’d never even noticed that his own father was also missing

    29. the quarter, and that of other grain in proportion, corn is likely to be so engrossed as to hurt the people

    30. But, from what has been already said, it seems evident enough, that corn can at no price be so engrossed by the inland dealers as to hurt the people; and 48s

    31. the quarter, besides, though it may be considered as a very high price, yet, in years of scarcity, it is a price which frequently takes place immediately after harvest, when scarce any part of the new crop can be sold off, and when it is impossible even for ignorance to suppose that any part of it can be so engrossed as to hurt the people

    32. By the last of these statutes, corn could be engrossed at any price for exportation ; but it could not be engrossed for inland sale, except when the price did not exceed 48s

    33. He, who, being thus equipped, is without desire for the result and is yet wholly engrossed in the due fulfillment of the task before him, is said to have renounced the fruits of his action

    34. " I have been too engrossed in this

    35. He was heavily engrossed, reading over Jodie's shoulders

    36. But the foreign trade of every country naturally increases in proportion to its wealth, its surplus produce in proportion to its whole produce; and Great Britain having engrossed to herself almost the whole of what may be called the foreign trade of the colonies, and her capital not having increased in the same proportion as the extent of that trade, she could not carry it on without continually withdrawing from other branches of trade some part of the capital which had before been employed in them, as well as withholding from them a great deal more which would otherwise have gone to them

    37. She came back to where Johnny was sitting engrossed in watching a horror movie

    38. He became engrossed in the plethora of data that concerned both the terrain, primarily the area of the Laurel Mountains, and the Great Allegheny Passage

    39. What is it?” Martin spoke into the mouthpiece to a deeply engrossed Warlock who was studying the weather screen

    40. He was so engrossed in trying to cut through the hatch, he mentally dismissed a warning appearing in his HUD

    41. I got engrossed in a novel

    42. Raven found himself watching, fascinated, engrossed in the way she swam through the air with ease

    43. The two kings joined in the conversation from time to time though mostly they were engrossed in their own discussions that Torin locked out of his range of hearing

    44. “I…I…” he checked that Millicent was engrossed in her magazine

    45. But the look was lost on Khan, who was so engrossed in his argument that he could register nothing else

    46. I’m sure Cleetor can explain this better than I, but he and his team are still too engrossed in their experiments

    47. As engrossed in the entertainment as her guests, Larocka cheered, fist pumping

    48. Engrossed in the words flowing from my brain to my fingers to the sheets of paper in the typewriter, I was lost to the world around me

    49. “Isn’t that woman over there the one you were sitting with?” Sylvia looked directly towards Herminia who was engrossed in conversation with the rough-appearing man who had called her Chiquita

    50. Fin was still engrossed in the rifle and jumped when Grant called to him

    1. When you are watching a movie that you are engrossed in, driving down a long monotonous road, listening to music that captures a mood or engrosses you, you are in hypnosis

    1. In every different branch, the oppression of the poor must establish the monopoly of the rich, who, by engrossing the whole trade to themselves, will be able to make very large profits

    2. The rigour of this law was afterwards softened by several subsequent statutes, which successvely permitted the engrossing of corn when the price of wheat should not exceed 20s

    3. 7, the engrossing or buying of corn, in order to sell it again, as long as the price of wheat did not exceed 48s

    4. The popular fear of engrossing and forestalling may be compared to the popular terrors and suspicions of witchcraft

    5. The law which would restore entire freedom to the inland trade of corn, would probably prove as effectual to put an end to the popular fears of engrossing and forestalling

    6. First, The engrossing of uncultivated land, though it has by no means been prevented altogether, has been more restrained in the English colonies than in any other

    7. The engrossing of land, in effect, destroys this plenty and cheapness

    8. The engrossing of

    9. The labour of the English colonies, therefore, being more employed in the improvement and cultivation of land, is likely to afford a greater and more valuable produce than that of any of the other three nations, which, by the engrossing of land, is more or less diverted towards other employments

    10. As she waited, the arguments pro and con rolled unbidden through her mind once again, engrossing her attention so thoroughly that when The Man buzzed she needed to be told twice to go in

    11. This unique episode was all the more engrossing because he was at this time still the carpenter of Nazareth, the boatbuilder of Capernaum, the scribe of Damascus; he was still the Son of Man

    12. The experience was more involved than watching an engrossing movie, becoming so in tune with it, that you actually live it, jumping when the protagonists are threatened, crying when they’re hurt

    13. Most Famous Cop, Me, Is Fighting City Hall, by Jack Muller with the help of Paul Neimark, is the short but engrossing account of a cop who took no flack from higher-161

    14. There is a mysterious feeling of fear that is engrossing my heart,

    15. The story Stacey stumbled upon was so engrossing he didn’t notice the police car pull into the parking lot and circle around in front of him

    16. My hands found hers and my fingers intertwined with her metallic ones trustingly, as I experienced the most engrossing and highly pleasurable experience I had ever had while flying

    17. had asked her for her story, which of course was as engrossing as any of the others I had so

    18. Among ourselves the creative power seems often to be growing weaker, and scientific fact to be more engrossing and overpowering to the mind than formerly

    19. I sat, a model of patience, trying to attract his absorbed attention from its engrossing speculation; till he grew irritable, and got up, asking why I would not allow him to have his own time in taking his meals? and saying that on the next occasion, I needn't wait: I might set the things down and go

    20. for admission, where that insistence was alone so engrossing a pleasure,

    21. The mother sank under the blow, and fell, grasping at her child, in death, with the same engrossing love that had caused her to cherish it when living

    22. instrument, the pursuers were put in possession of such leading circumstances as were likely to prove useful in accomplishing their great and engrossing object—the recovery of the sisters

    23. The first impression of so strange a scene was engrossing admiration

    24. Maximilian stared for a moment at the corpse, gazed all around the room, then upon the two men; he opened his mouth to speak, but finding it impossible to give utterance to the innumerable ideas that occupied his brain, he went out, thrusting his hands through his hair in such a manner that Villefort and d'Avrigny, for a moment diverted from the engrossing topic, exchanged glances, which seemed to say,—"He is mad!"

    25. whom he studied first with great ardor, hoping every minute to find an answer to the questions that were engrossing him—he found laws deduced from the condition of land culture in Europe; but he did not see why these laws, which did not apply in Russia, must be general

    26. What had been the engrossing world had dissolved into an uninteresting outer dumbshow; while here, in this apparently dim and unimpassioned place, novelty had volcanically started up, as it had never, for him, started up elsewhere

    27. I sat, a model of patience, trying to attract his absorbed attention from its engrossing speculation; till he grew irritable, and got up, asking why I would not allow him to have his own time in taking his meals? and saying that on the next occasion I needn’t wait: I might set the things down and go

    28. Oh, it was most engrossing! Never before in all his ten years had he enjoyed anything so much

    29. In the books on political economy—in Mill, for instance, whom he studied first with great ardor, hoping every minute to find an answer to the questions that were engrossing him—he found laws deduced from the condition of land culture in Europe; but he did not see why these laws, which did not apply in Russia, must be general

    30. The army has ever been and still is the basis of an authority, vested in the commanding generals; and the most engrossing interest of every sovereign, from the Roman Cæsars to the Russian and German emperors, has always been to protect and flatter the army, for they realize that when the army is on their side, power is also in their hands

    31. The voice opposite droned on, engrossing, dominating, hypnotic

    32. Porter then said that, for the purpose of coming to a decision on the bill, and putting an end to a scene which was, to say the least of it, disreputable to the House, he moved for the previous question on engrossing the bill

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