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    1. “Then I suppose you would like to enlighten us with the answer?” Ms

    2. ‘I thought maybe you could enlighten my on that point

    3. This is the point where “the spirit of revelation and wisdom” takes over and grants us divine enlighten

    4. I wondered if you could enlighten us

    5. Manna decided not to enlighten him

    6. I think that even in today's enlighten society, this would be frowned upon

    7. I think that even in todays enlighten society, this would be frowned upon

    8. He stood there looking sideways, but I wasn’t going to enlighten him

    9. When the Ruling Council decided it was time to enlighten the nearby shores of Urfall, Shan was reluctant at first

    10. Because he was deemed an exceptional strategist and a peerless tactician, he was once more asked to lead the armies that would enlighten Urfall, instead of being stripped of office and rank and live on the streets as a beggar

    11. With no population to enlighten, no known forces arrayed against us, what objectives should I designate? What provisions will I require? What manner of equipment should I gather, what should the disposition of our forces be? How will our forces move? What, exactly, will we be going up against, Arch-minister?”

    12. The Pilgrim felt the moment could serve well to enlighten his brother with some words of wisdom which should be seldom needed, but not unjustly so

    13. Is this then, a kind of intellectual “Tower of Babel” meant to remind Man that he can climb or build only so high in his own strength and wisdom? And what more does theology have to enlighten our way?

    14. I explained to you some of the basics of God’s plan and the world of spirits with terms that you can absorb, but I can’t enlighten you more without bringing to you doubts and confusion as well

    15. I found an inn for the night and told Carlotta about Yquingare and Kikthawenund and how they had tried to enlighten me away from my youthful ill-advised idealism

    16. 1 And I prayed and said: 'O Lord, my Lord, you do always enlighten those who are led by understanding

    17. could understand its meaning and it was left to their teacher again to enlighten them

    18. In those days my eyes saw the secrets of the lightnings, and of the lights, and the judgements they execute 'their judgement', and they enlighten for a blessing or a curse as the Lord of Spirits wishes; And there I saw the secrets of the thunder, and how when it resounds above in the Heaven, the sound of it is heard, and he caused me to see the judgements executed on the Earth, whether they are for well-being and blessing, or for a curse according to the word of the Lord of Spirits; And after that all the secrets of the lights and lightnings were shown to me, and they enlighten for blessing and for satisfying

    19. The exhibit has since traveled to enlighten the world, though in San Francisco some of its elements began oozing liquid, suggesting the possibility of its early demise

    20. ' And the other angel who went with me and showed me what was hidden told me what is first and last in the Heaven in the height, and beneath the Earth in the depth, and at the ends of the Heaven, and on the foundation of the Heaven; And the chambers of the winds, and how the winds are divided, and how they are weighed, and how the portals of the winds are reckoned, each according to the power of the wind, and the power of the lights of the moon, and according to the power that is fitting, and the divisions of the stars according to their names, and how all the divisions are divided; And the thunders according to the places where they fall, and all the divisions that are made among the lightnings that it may enlighten, and their host that they may at once obey; For the thunder has places of rest which are assigned to it while it is waiting for its peal; and the thunder and lightning are inseparable, and although not one and undivided, they both go together through the spirit and separate not

    21. “Then what was it huh? Please enlighten me,” she shouted at me

    22. His goal was “to enlighten people of the ease and common sense of believing

    23. Today's solidarity event may involve the Copts and enlighten me further about their fate


    25. In those days my eyes saw the secrets of the lightnings and of the lights and the judgements they execute 'their judgement' and they enlighten for a blessing or a curse as the Lord of Spirits wishes; And there I saw the secrets of the thunder and how when it resounds above in the Heaven the sound of it is heard and he caused me to see the judgements executed on the Earth whether they are for well-being and blessing or for a curse according to the word of the Lord of Spirits; And after that all the secrets of the lights and lightnings were shown to me and they enlighten for blessing and for satisfying

    26. ' And the other angel who went with me and showed me what was hidden told me what is first and last in the Heaven in the height and beneath the Earth in the depth and at the ends of the Heaven and on the foundation of the Heaven; And the chambers of the winds and how the winds are divided and how they are weighed and how the portals of the winds are reckoned each according to the power of the wind and the power of the lights of the moon and according to the power that is fitting and the divisions of the stars according to their names and how all the divisions are divided; And the thunders according to the places where they fall and all the divisions that are made among the lightnings that it may enlighten and their host that they may at once obey; For the thunder has places of rest which are assigned to it while it is waiting for its peal; and the thunder and lightning are inseparable and although not one and undivided they both go together through the spirit and separate not

    27. arrogance if it is true? They are doing the best they can to enlighten the masses

    28. “Tithian? Would you care to enlighten us further?”

    29. “I haven’t been around your parents since the move, so due to lack of interaction I would like you to enlighten me on the subject of why you can’t, or won’t, tell your parents what’s happened these past few weeks

    30. And they made a collection of money according to every man's power; And they sent it to Jerusalem to Joakim the priest the son of Helcias the son of Salom and to the priests and to all the people that were found with him in Jerusalem: At the time when he received the vessels of the temple of the Lord which had been taken away out of the temple to return them into the land of Judah the tenth day of the month Sivan the silver vessels which Sedecias the son of Josias King of Judah had made After that Nabuchodonosor the King of Babylon had carried away Jechonias and the princes and all the powerful men and the people of the land from Jerusalem and brought them bound to Babylon; And they said: see we have sent you money buy with it holocausts and frankincense and make meat offerings and offerings for sin at the altar of the Lord our God: And pray you for the life of Nabuchodonosor the King of Babylon and for the life of Balthasar his son that their days may be on earth as the days of Heaven and so that the Lord may give us strength and enlighten our eyes that we may live under the shadow of Nabuchodonosor the King of Babylon and under the shadow of Balthasar his son and may serve them many days and may find favour in their sight; And pray you for us to the Lord our God for we have sinned against the Lord our God and his anger is not turned away from us even to this day; And read you this book which we have sent to you to be read in the temple of the Lord on feasts and proper days; And you shall say: To the Lord our God belongs justice but to us confusion of our face: as it is come to pass at this day to all Judah and to the inhabitants of Jerusalem

    31. I turned on the audio and played it to look for something that would enlighten me on the matter

    32. The author has always been a very private person, not having had sufficient confidence to share problems with a friend who probably couldn’t enlighten, or even a wife who might not understand

    33. We continue, to enlighten ourselves, to explore your kind

    34. share problems with a friend who probably couldn't enlighten, or even a wife who might not

    35. First were the sons of fresh oil to enlighten and heal, and now the brazen mountains give passage to the dusty death of a blitzing army

    36. away? Enlighten me Theodore,” Batistuta said with an air of

    37. I realised I'd again annoyed him, but had no idea how, and he didn't care enough to enlighten me

    38. enlighten me a little as to why all the traders in this system are going to great ends to hide their

    39. Please enlighten me

    40. His order to the Brotherhood that in the last quarter of every century an effort should be made to enlighten Europe

    41. 6 Jesus was minded to go on discussing the other commandments when James Zebedee interrupted him, asking: "Master, what shall we teach the people regarding divorcement? Shall we allow a man to divorce his wife as Moses has directed?" And when Jesus heard this question, he said: "I have not come to legislate but to enlighten

    42. The Master conceived that a faith which could stand what his chosen representatives had recently passed through would undoubtedly endure the fiery trials which were just ahead and emerge from the apparent wreckage of all their hopes into the new light of a new dispensation and thereby be able to go forth to enlighten a world sitting in darkness

    43. Nevertheless, I will try to enlighten you

    44. In such a case you shall worship only God while you seek to enlighten such misguided earthly rulers and in this way lead them also to the recognition of the Father in heaven

    45. He really pitied Pilate and sincerely endeavored to enlighten his darkened mind

    46. This mighty transaction of the incarnation of the God of Nebadon as a man on Urantia could not augment the attributes of the eternal, infinite, and universal Father, but it did enrich and enlighten all other administrators and creatures of the universe of Nebadon

    47. 4 As they walked along, Jesus said to them: "How slow you are to comprehend the truth! When you tell me that it is about the teachings and work of this man that you have your discussions, then may I enlighten you since I am more than familiar with these teachings

    48. “I am unable to find any ship’s logs to enlighten us as to what has happened here,” Xin stated

    49. There is much that you do not know about this and we will do our best to share and enlighten you

    50. background that might really interest and enlighten readers

    1. enlightened; that ye may know what is the hope of his

    2. The youngsters in particular, who are more enlightened these days and have not been subject to foreign rule like many of us, there is a lot of resentment to rules and regulations that are practiced simply to put spokes in the development initiatives

    3. For the enlightened on the harmful

    4. Even in more enlightened times, it was a foul job

    5. There are still, even in these most enlightened of times, some

    6. It is a sad fact of life, that even in our enlightened society, women still shoulder the responsibility to a large extent when it comes to being left literally holding the baby

    7. enlightened souls, and all the many others that have come before you, by

    8. She had a point … but, all the same, I’m under no illusions, I know what the general opinion is of adulterers, even in this enlightened age

    9. the enlightened player has a mathematical edge over the house in

    10. The enlightened art of seduction:

    11. You are undergoing a transitional phase and are becoming more enlightened or spiritual

    12. An enlightened soul is therefore one who embraces all of life, the “now” and the “hereafter”, for the separation that appears to most of us, does not really exist

    13. In other words, just because we have crossed over to the other realm, our character does not automatically change to that of an enlightened soul

    14. enlightened actions produce

    15. on, emotionally enlightened by everything he sensed in the

    16. Along with asphalt, thought by some of the less enlightened to be manifestations of sexually transmitted diseases

    17. ‘How enlightened of him

    18. These were blips in the history of a planet which would ultimately, the Council believed, lead to an improved, more enlightened civilisation

    19. Its elasticity is grounded on the assumption that our society is a living organism subject to the vicissitudes of enlightened opinions, changing social and moral values and evolving standards of decency

    20. The Soviet Empire‘s pre-meditated attempt (and subsequent failure) at eliminating all vestiges of God from the hearts and minds of its oppressed subjects offers some glimmer of hope in America‘s own internal struggles with anti-religious forces who, in a similar manner, are avidly seeking to promote a Secularist Agenda by advancing legislation aimed at removing religious symbols and displays from public forums and driving them underground where it is hoped such forms will one day be lost on future generations otherwise lacking the necessary (spiritual) predicates and values formerly derived by enlightened examples that, for centuries, provided structure and moral sustenance and meaning to religious thought

    21. I enlightened to an English colleague that in my time, the so-called "soccer hooligans" would have been so fatherly sorted that they would swim back to England whilst begging for mercy

    22. Egan’s face went from looking stressed and disappointed to enlightened and excited

    23. while The Written Law of God is cast off! It is regarded as foreign, antiquated and obsolete, in the eyes of this so-For every man is led by the deceits of his flesh, lo he is married to the selfish desires of his own heart, and all the called modern generation of enlightened peoples

    24. It is rather ironic that the terrorists are much more enlightened on this subject and female terrorists are common enough

    25. A number of (politically) prominent individuals have achieved historical repute for their providential and skillful management of exceptional events that defined their tenure in (public) office notwithstanding the reluctance of some who were neither willing or able to meet the extraordinary challenges that confronted them; provoked to action, however, by the enlightened examples of others before taking formal or appropriate action in response to such events

    26. Where has it been written that a Great Nation must commend itself to the parochial interests or jealousies of ancient traditions that have lost their comparable standing or concede its leadership position among the Community of Nations, rather than conforming to its (own) enlightened self-interests? Such designs must inevitably tarnish that nation‘s highest historical achievements that it should (otherwise) enjoy and (rightly) pass along to posterity

    27. Hence the enlightened ruler is heedful, and the good general full of caution

    28. Hence it is only the enlightened ruler and the wise general who will use the highest intelligence of the army for purposes of spying and thereby they achieve great results

    29. According to Sun Tzu, an ideal general was an enlightened Taoist master which led to �The Art of War� to become a prime example of Taoist strategy

    30. • You are enlightened and willing to consider that animals truly do have wisdom

    31. And humans will move into an enlightened state of being such as they have never imagined possible

    32. Kept hidden from prying eyes, this was the place where the enemies of the state, the sinners and the ones who were considered dangerous, unruly, and frivolous with the La were brought to be chastised and enlightened

    33. Faith, as he now saw in his enlightened mind, did not exclude logic or slave men to a body of lies, a life of unhappiness and endless toil

    34. She had broken all protocol that might have enlightened her about proper behavior, in the sheer ecstasy of reunion

    35. as he enlightened me on the details of Lawson

    36. ” Newer enlightened interpretations tended to be resisted as apostate corruptions of original belief, and additional “visions” tended to be treated in a “capital” way

    37. that the eyes of our understanding would be enlightened, that we

    38. and dipped it in an honeycomb, and put his hand to his mouth; and his eyes were enlightened

    39. We are now enlightened and ready

    40. Part of a girl’s education was to learn the social skills appropriate for a young woman and to this end an enlightened freedom was needed

    41. This lucid presentation of the possibilities both frightened and enlightened Vera

    42. With the Indians in flight westward, might the settlers of the expanding new country have pursued the most enlightened policies ever conceived by a “conquering culture”? As

    43. 30 To bring back his soul from the pit, to be enlightened with the light of the living

    44. It expires as soon as God enlightened us with the truth, but we still choose to follow the broad path and follow the majority in wrong doing, then only a fiery indignation waits, because by doing this we are crucifying the Son of God all over again and putting Him to shame!

    45. Heb 6:4 For it is impossible for those who were once enlightened, and have tasted of the heavenly gift, and were made partakers of the Holy Ghost,

    46. By which it is the consciousness enlightened,

    47. And after that we would return Enlightened,

    48. Obviously, this city was born the wise and enlightened, and knows it from birth

    49. As the enlightened warriors keep incarnating into physicality, they bring with them new abilities for the human forms they inhabit

    50. Once you reach the seventh sub-zone of the seventh major zone you are spiritually enlightened and have mastered all that is contained therein

    1. "My interview with Sammy was most enlightening Melinda

    2. And though it was difficult to get him to speak, when he did, their conversations were always enlightening

    3. enlightening, in the context of this study, to note that this word

    4. This enlightening revelation would become the starting point of another cycle of spiritual growth

    5. The experiences were enlightening

    6. Reading the story wasn’t enlightening, and she couldn’t help but think back to Hollowcrest’s admission that the papers didn’t always print the truth

    7. The statures of the LORD are , rejoicing the heart: the commandment of the LORD is , enlightening the eyes” (Psalm

    8. Efforts at enlightening someone are analogous to planting a seed and watching it take root

    9. They learned the intricacies of teaching, enlightening, and chastising the layman

    10. He held those tears, feeling he would be misjudged by his brother and that would only serve further to his befuddlement, whereas he should be enlightening him by his actions alone

    11. Hilderich found the machine’s view somehow enlightening, though indeed blase and disturbing

    12. 8 The statutes of the Lord are right, rejoicing the heart: the commandment of the Lord is pure, enlightening the eyes

    13. These scripts are available for us to read and they are indeed very informing and enlightening writings

    14. The searches full of the Enlightening,

    15. I found it not only strange, but enlightening that I was Page 44

    16. careful consideration of the above comparisons by the reader will be enlightening, if not

    17. That was a very enlightening proposition, so I considered it

    18. He could see nothing obvious the mind-cane might be trying to convey to him, simply the story and life he knew: a boy lost and found again through danger and pain; a slow realisation of his life’s meaning; the struggle to change what had gone wrong; the battles on the way; death and life again; and then a kind of enlightening on the road to achievement

    19. Why would your Creator give you a manual which is contradictory and confusing instead of enlightening?”

    20. He said he was ready to do some more inner searching and I suggested he go to the hallway of doors and let Spirit guide him to an experience that would be enlightening, enjoyable and helpful

    21. In the two dreams on the other side of the redemption and enlightening of the kingdom, we saw sin purged and carried away to Shinar

    22. But an enlightening footnote in Ludwig von Mises’s

    23. The previous night’s dream visit from Tamar had been most enlightening, he had been provided with the enemy’s numbers and position and now only time would tell whether things would work out as they had planned

    24. One of the most enlightening lessons in idealism is to "deconstruct" the social institutions in

    25. is now hailed as the single most productive and enlightening court case (if not actual event) in the entire history of the universe

    26. Constantly interrupting without listening never leads to a meaningful, exciting and enlightening conversation

    27. “Really” he said, but added that he had found it very enlightening

    28. They sought to embroil him in debate, but his answers were always enlightening, dignified, and final

    29. Jesus has taught us that God lives in man; then how can we induce man to release these soul-bound powers of divinity and infinity? How shall we induce men to let go of God that he may spring forth to the refreshment of our own souls while in transit outward and then to serve the purpose of enlightening, uplifting, and blessing countless other souls? How best can I awaken these latent powers for good which lie dormant in your souls? One thing I am sure of: Emotional excitement is not the ideal spiritual stimulus

    30. I found the book quite fascinating and enlightening

    31. Outstanding programs like Ken Burns’ Baseball or Jazz can be so enlightening that they lead viewers to read more about the subjects

    32. What these two came up with was outrageous, hilarious and very enlightening

    33. painful process, but the results are revealing and enlightening I realize

    34. her that it was very enlightening but that I doubted that I would ever want to

    35. enlightening to think of the comparison as the same firm in two different situations - with

    36. This was a fun and enlightening time in my walk

    37. “Thank you for enlightening me, I’d thought that I’d been hearing that from you, but I guess there was some doubt, so again thank-you

    38. This is very enlightening because it clearly demonstrates God's hand in the events

    39. both those that are liberating and enlightening, and the ones that are

    40. Enlightening others to stay focused and safe To use my life experiences to shelter others from life’s storms By reaching out to the ones who mourn

    41. Her enlightening, but depressing talk with Ben made her late for dinner, but considering the circumstances, whether she ate or not had little importance

    42. “We have been enlightening already these consequences from long time

    43. of sin and enlightening our understanding

    44. He is ready to come down with all His precious gifts, renewing, sanctifying, purifying, strengthening, cheering, encouraging, enlightening, teaching, directing, guiding into all truth

    45. ‘Either he makes you mad by narrating how he’s being ignored in spite of his merit, or bores you to death by enlightening how the reservations are ruining the nation

    46. ‘Why not,’ said Roopa in all irritation, ‘if only the conversation is all about enlightening others about her father’s greatness, her husband’s smartness and her kids’ brightness? But the advantage is that you might rest your vocal cords while she goes on with her monologue

    47. entertaining and enlightening - they usually are 'cause I have some INTERESTING

    48. enlightening and elevating letters from him

    49. § He revealed the reality of paradise, which is, looking at the Presence (the Enlightening Face) of the Generous Provider, Owner of honouring, beauty and majesty, demonstrating that all what man obtains of pleasures, honouring and bliss are below that lofty Paradise

    50. Sheikho (his soul has been sanctified by Al'lah) will be as an enlightening Real Sun which lightens my way and reveals the Divine knowledge

    1. Love is the divine energy that enlightens the spiritual world and is the highest in the rank of evolution

    2. The Holy Spirit enlightens the hearts of al and helps us understand, accept, endure and hope

    3. The Sun did not forget you, since, until today, it enlightens us with good thoughts; however, it is mother Moon that shelters you during the time of distress

    4. works, heaven is the ultimate goal: but Krishn later enlightens Arjun that

    5. He has ordered us to direct our spirits towards Him in our communication with Him and to turn towards the Ka’ba where we can find the spirit and the lofty spirituality of the imam (cpth), who enlightens us and shows us the way that leads to Him, the Almighty

    6. ‘It is not the answer that enlightens, but the question’

    7. This chapter not only enlightens you about the true origins of our Universe, it makes you smarter than all the Cosmologists and Astro-physicists in the world

    8. But that the Holy Spirit calls me by the Gospel, enlightens me with His gifts, sanctifies and preserves me in the true faith

    9. Even as He calls, gathers, enlightens, and sanctifies the whole Church on earth,1198 which He keeps by Jesus Christ in the only true faith

    10. It tends only to conceal defects and weak points in the system resorting thereto, by throwing over it the halo of learning, and the play of much speaking which confuses more than enlightens

    11. There comes an hour when protestation no longer suffices; after philosophy, action is required; live force finishes what the idea has sketched out; Prometheus chained begins, Arostogeiton ends; the encyclopedia enlightens souls, the 10th of August electrifies them

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