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    1. had no wish to be a “circus freak” provided for the entertainment of the ensuing crowd

    2. The entertainment appeared to consist of a lot of back patting and wheezy guffaws

    3. Ask questions that prompt a response; then respond to their opinions on current events, entertainment, or history

    4. This was not her idea of a fun way to spend the dusk, especially when she imagined the fine cups that would be going around at Kulai's duskmeal while they discussed the upcoming evening's entertainment

    5. Her entertainment was this smelly, skittish animal, and the sting of the wounds from the last time it bucked her off

    6. But for the remainder of the evening Ava took her to a simulation of a native entertainment district

    7. We realize how much the vanity and entertainment actually got in the way of God instead of leading us to Him

    8. It's not the upscale shopping district, but there's plenty of food and entertainment

    9. They wouldn't be coming into what's mainly an entertainment area with a nautical theme to find someone to travel with

    10. Victoria was already there watching some old entertainment which she turned off as Alfred entered the room

    11. She took another swig of her beer and went out into the living room to the entertainment center

    12. I saw the humour and enjoyed the entertainment so much I started a gentle applause on the forecastle

    13. England’s green and pleasant land is no exception, with every home an entertainment gin palace, where businesses thrive and prosper in the information age, and where the electronically dispossessed watch the valves and fuses of their analogue existence slowly burn down towards a state of mass extinction

    14. basically having some form of entertainment combined with sharing a meal together

    15. ‘It’s used for entertainment purposes – people sit for hours watching it

    16. ‘I see what you mean – used for entertainment, you say

    17. Paul said he wishes all men were like he was and could abstain from carnal entertainment

    18. He was also offered a promotion to the position of Head of Light Entertainment with the BBC, which would have been fabulous had someone on the board of governors not insisted on inserting a clause in his contract forcing him to keep a whole twenty percent of the schedule for factual content

    19. The schedule looks interesting with four major concerts of just Alastair and I, and three, I think it is, where we will be appearing as part of the entertainment

    20. She thought only a second then said, "I was encapsulated, the entertainment I was presented doesn’t mean anything until we run a test to prove whether the entertainment is possible, or fiction

    21. “She could have created this whole war for her own entertainment,” Heymon said

    22. unsuspecting motorists of their mobile entertainment systems, and

    23. every home an entertainment gin palace, where businesses thrive

    24. Ava wondered if this was the entertainment or if the girls had to demonstrate that their bulls were safely trained

    25. promotion to the position of Head of Light Entertainment with the

    26. "I was encapsulated, the entertainment I was presented doesn’t mean anything until we run a test to prove whether the entertainment is possible, or fiction

    27. any entertainment which would relive the tedium

    28. But as he didn't have any cause to doubt that the venerable one's intentions weren't mere entertainment, he also thanked him humbly

    29. Kev had climbed out of the hole and was sitting on a rock, spade beside him, ready to watch the entertainment

    30. Mickey worked the farms, milking and labouring, while Ted steamed forward on the light entertainment express to Eastbourne, Morecambe and Scarborough

    31. The curtains in the bay window are closed but the tell-tale haze of passive entertainment sparks through the cracks

    32. “It would be in your best interest to return to your previous entertainment, gentlemen, this evening's 'diversion' is wearying and we would like to simply turn in for the night

    33. Meantime, while resting upon a rampart or some other commanding viewpoints around the island, Chloe and Kaitlyn read to each other from books of poetry, or from the book of histories which Harry had borrowed, not just for their entertainment, but for the sheer pleasure of broadening their horizons of knowledge

    34. Jo laughed and explained that the invitation was couched in very formal terms inviting the Lady Josephine Symons to join the Ladies Katie and Abigail for an al fresco entertainment

    35. And it’s really still outside today, have you been out? He can slice that lake in that needleboat today while that darkrunner will limp along the coast and maybe send a boat ashore to pick up a band for entertainment because they aren’t moving

    36. “Why would he do that? Mappu and his swinging cronies account for about half the entertainment in there

    37. When upon our return journey of a mere few blocks to our rooms at the elegant Chelsea House, we were momentarily detained by four disconsolate fellows whose evening's entertainment I'm afraid was not furthered by our own contributions

    38. The parlor entertainment disbanded with Mr

    39. “My father had this area built into the Clive House foundations primarily for my own entertainment

    40. My guess is I probably could have spent the whole period of darkness at a comfortable inn with good meals and maybe even some entertainment

    41. They trip RNAcid there for entertainment and it’s a rare Yakhanian that doesn’t have a habit or two

    42. sat an entertainment center that he had built himself in his spare time at the shop

    43. “I’d have thought you’d have had your fill of the sex entertainment life by now

    44. It is my privilege to introduce for your entertainment: The Village Theatrical Society's production of Shakespeare's beloved, A Mid-summer Night's Dream

    45. He watched entertainment, but there was nothing new available

    46. His favorite entertainment was the Klok Mannim series, from London

    47. ” They had all seen the proposal, it was entertainment

    48. Glenelle knew that part of her friendship with Ava, and part of Morg’s security was due to the entertainment she provided in universes like that owned by Morgan Evans

    49. Harold and Jameson were conscripted to arrange their last evening's entertainment, while Kaitlyn was delighted to insist she remain with Hannah in her rooms

    50. Starships really aren’t the best party entertainment

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