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Entrust в предложении (на )

  1. Be careful with whom you entrust.
  2. I entrust you with the safety of this town.
  3. They’d never entrust a spying mission to.
  4. Commend: To entrust; to give into the hand of another for secure keeping.
  5. Thirdly, he had a son whom it would be a pity to entrust to a chit of a girl.

  6. She looked to be just the kind of person you would entrust with your children.
  7. How she wished, they would entrust her with the information they were sharing.
  8. I have a very important position for you, a position that I could entrust to very.
  9. Inglenook was a fool to entrust the power to such a weakling child, purred Katya.
  10. Fulfil carefully this ministry which I now entrust to you and you will accomplish much.
  11. We entrust Commander Nuretz’s little band of cutthroats with Director Rinard’s life.
  12. She will entrust her child to one of the desert tribes, perhaps the Bani Sa’d ibn Bakr.
  13. Into Your hands oh Holy Father I entrust my life, my dreams, and my hopes for the future.
  14. My dear, if it is to be broken there is no young lady I would sooner entrust with the job.
  15. How could you entrust your child to that monster? You must be the worst mother in the world.

  16. To your care I entrust the book, the embroidery frame, and the letter upon which I had begun.
  17. It was apparent that this world was not advanced enough to entrust with Z’va Prime’s library.
  18. The peasants decided to collect the money and again to entrust the whole matter to Iván Mirónov.
  19. The Shepherd called them to him and said to them "I entrust him to you until I come" and went away.
  20. Moses thundered, I will not entrust my people to your intentions this time, Captain! Either they.
  21. I have faith that slowly but surely we can reach this goal and I entrust it to the heart of each one of you.
  22. She would entrust complete strangers in other cars to keep to their side of the road, or keep their distance.
  23. And to men like him, I said, when perfected by years and education, and to these only you will entrust the State.
  24. Unfortunately, there is no one else on board who I would entrust that ship to, at least, not any we can part with.
  25. I write this to you now with one of Chris’s pencils, from the set you were kind enough to entrust to me after his death.

  26. Osbald and Jaromer have not said what they learned from their captives, insisting that it is too crucial to entrust to a Speaking.
  27. I’ve known Zarko since he was a baby and he has grown up to become an exceptional citizen of Babylon, in whose hand I can entrust my life.
  28. Thus he was often asked to undertake extremely important tasks as his commanders were unwilling to entrust such responsibilities to anyone else.
  29. He is an architect in Delhi, and my father thought it fit to entrust me to his constructive care even as my heart is enthused by his romantic designs.
  30. My intent is to post the journal to my attorney in Shrewsbury and entrust it to him, along with the whereabouts of the box that I hid in the Ten Bells.
  31. Let us look at the question from another point of view: Are not the rulers in a State those to whom you would entrust the office of determining suits at law?
  32. What could have induced such a sound Teuton to entrust his offspring to the unhealthy influences of that effete, corrupt, rotten and criminal country I cannot imagine.
  33. It was pleasing to him; he augured well from it for the success of the arduous mission with which he meant to entrust the Capataz so marvellously restored to usefulness.
  34. Not until Ave had left, did I realize that it was really thoughtless of me to entrust a strange witch with something that came out of my body, how unimportant it may appear.
  35. For safekeeping, businesses can also distribute these keys to different people if the organizations don’t want to entrust a single person with the authority to move bitcoins.
  36. Kirillov, who had never mounted a horse before, sat up boldly, erect in the saddle, grasping in his right hand the heavy box of pistols which he would not entrust to the servant.
  37. It might take ten or more such treks before a civilization is even located, and possibly a hundred or more before the right civilization is found to entrust with the great library.
  38. If it is truly too much for her, I have ways of correcting that, but I must know, for they are specialized spells that I will not entrust to Talia without years of training as a Healer.
  39. I paused a moment then before saying, Do you really think that I would entrust my woman to you to the point of having you fly her away without me, when I know what a weak person you are at heart?
  40. The will of all of creation is His alone, but He offered to entrust this will to them, and make it a trust with them, thus giving them the freedom of choice in achieving the deeds that result from their yearnings.
  41. Since he will have little expertness of his own on which to rely, it is essential that he entrust himself only to firms of the highest reputation; otherwise he may easily fall into incompetent or unscrupulous hands.
  42. Yes, ladies; I am ready—nay, gratified—to entrust my family secret to your keeping!——This evening, the prince, overcome by the beauty and virtues of my daughter, has done her the honour of proposing to me for her hand.
  43. It was the government that told them what and how to produce (and how much), at what prices and from whom to buy, at what wages laborers should work, and to whom and under what terms the ‘capitalists’ should entrust their funds.
  44. Lancelot serv’d as Steward for the Estate (for he would entrust that Post to no one but himself); and verily he greatly increas’d our Prosperity and made our Fields and Gardens, not to mention our Stables, among the Marvels of the Countryside.
  45. With that curious tendency evinced by men, more especially when in distant lands, to entrust to strangers details of their lives which they would on no account mention to friends, Angel admitted to this man as they rode along the sorrowful facts of his marriage.
  46. The man in the street, having been urged to entrust his funds to the superior skill of investment experts—for substantial compensation—was soon reassuringly told that the trusts would be careful to buy nothing except what the man in the street was buying himself.
  47. The wealth of the father and the beauty of the daughter led many neighbours as well as strangers to seek her for a wife; but he, as one might well be who had the disposal of so rich a jewel, was perplexed and unable to make up his mind to which of her countless suitors he should entrust her.
  48. For herself, her mind was made up; she would rejoin her uncle; she would entrust the last day—the last hours perhaps—of her father's life to the keeping of the bandit, whose existence was a protest against the irresponsible tyranny of all parties alike, against the moral darkness of the land.
  49. There remained some 50,000 helpless vagrants, and perhaps 10,000 who were still in a condition to defend themselves! It was, moreover, a grave mistake to entrust the task of covering the retreat of the army and all its stores to the Austrians without leaving some one in authority at Vilna or Minsk to correct their errors and omissions.
  50. I have a heavy load for you to bear, old friend, you are the only one I can trust to hold a sacred oath, if you accept this burden, I will entrust you with the proportions for the final mix, you alone will know this secret, you must memorise the amounts and under no circumstances are you to ever use the formula when the present conflict ends.
  51. But in this respect, as well as in many others, nations have not always acted consistently; and in the greater part of the commercial states of Europe, particular companies of merchants have had the address to persuade the legislature to entrust to them the performance of this part of the duty of the sovereign, together with all the powers which are necessarily connected with it.
  52. These were the cows that milked hardest of all; for his journey-milkmen being more or less casually hired, he would not entrust this half-dozen to their treatment, lest, from indifference, they should not milk them fully; nor to the maids, lest they should fail in the same way for lack of finger-grip; with the result that in course of time the cows would "go azew"—that is, dry up.
  53. What I mean may be put into the form of a question, I said: Are dogs divided into hes and shes, or do they both share equally in hunting and in keeping watch and in the other duties of dogs? or do we entrust to the males the entire and exclusive care of the flocks, while we leave the females at home, under the idea that the bearing and suckling their puppies is labour enough for them?
  54. It (naturally) follows that the less gifted should (otherwise) entrust their confidence to individuals who are better informed or suited to sustain or encourage them and that the beneficiaries of such gifts should never breach their sacred trust as it relates to their fellows, whatever their (social) position or rank, as emissaries of God‘s Kingdom and therefore equal in His Eyes, whatever their (inherent) differences.
  55. And among other reasons, I am induced to entrust this arduous task to thee by the consideration that if Camilla be conquered by thee the conquest will not be pushed to extremes, but only far enough to account that accomplished which from a sense of honour will be left undone; thus I shall not be wronged in anything more than intention, and my wrong will remain buried in the integrity of thy silence, which I know well will be as lasting as that of death in what concerns me.
  56. At last I resolved to confide in a renegade, a native of Murcia, who professed a very great friendship for me, and had given pledges that bound him to keep any secret I might entrust to him; for it is the custom with some renegades, when they intend to return to Christian territory, to carry about them certificates from captives of mark testifying, in whatever form they can, that such and such a renegade is a worthy man who has always shown kindness to Christians, and is anxious to escape on the first opportunity that may present itself.
  1. But it did seem a lot safer than entrusting his safety to Vale and Girka; who.
  2. The assistant-surgeons knew that they were entrusting their patients to skilful and experienced hands.
  3. I’m intrigued and also keen to have a better understanding of the guy to whom I’m entrusting the healing of my mind.
  4. All men know that not one of these methods attains the aim of entrusting the power into none but infallible hands, or of preventing its being misused.
  5. Samantha couldn’t believe that David was entrusting her to drive it, but what he was teaching his son was how a real leader builds faith in his soldiers.
  6. By entrusting his assets to other managers, Heilbrunn embodied a version of one of the enduring precepts of value investing: Know what you know and stay within your circle of competence.
  7. If the company can recover all of the information necessary for you to spend your bitcoins, it is in fact operating as a hosted wallet, and you are entrusting that company with your money.
  8. She’d been whatever was the female equivalent of avuncular, and he’d felt so good about entrusting his son to her that he’d written out a donation to the annual fund the very next day.
  9. As Zourine's detachment was to leave the town that same day, and it was no longer possible to hesitate, I parted with Marya after entrusting her to Savéliitch, and giving him a letter for my parents.
  10. Taken by their seductive ways, won’t Sathyam find Roopa a routine fare, and abstain from her altogether in time? Won’t that make her think in terms of entrusting her fleshy wares to my amorous care? Does she care that’s an illicit fare?’.
  11. He was so carried away by the overall laughter of the crowd, he became so expressive that he blurted out at the end something unnecessary what we had decided to hide from Sensei: Well, really! Now imagine entrusting him with disciples after that.
  12. No matter how much men have devised means for depriving men in power of the possibility of subordinating the common interests to their own, or for entrusting the power only into the hands of infallible men, there have so far been discovered no means for doing either.
  13. The general and the viceroy had some hesitation about placing confidence in the renegade and entrusting him with the Christians who were to row, but Ana Felix said she could answer for him, and her father offered to go and pay the ransom of the Christians if by any chance they should not be forthcoming.
  14. The old prince always dressed in old-fashioned style, wearing an antique coat and powdered hair; and when Prince Andrew entered his father’s dressing room (not with the contemptuous look and manner he wore in drawing rooms, but with the animated face with which he talked to Pierre), the old man was sitting on a large leather-covered chair, wrapped in a powdering mantle, entrusting his head to Tíkhon.
  15. The old man made a departure from his usual routine in honor of his son’s arrival: he gave orders to admit him to his apartments while he fashioned style, wearing an antique coat and powdered hair; and when Prince Andrew entered his father’s dressing room (not with the contemptuous look and manner he wore in drawing rooms, but with the animated face with which he talked to Pierre), the old man was sitting on a large leather-covered chair, wrapped in a powdering mantle, entrusting his head to Tikhon.
  1. God entrusted us with His glory.
  2. Return the goods entrusted to.
  3. Then I turned to my entrusted subject.
  4. Return the goods entrusted to you to.
  5. He entrusted me to run it when he died.
  6. Lorry, to be entrusted with the charge.
  7. All other realities were entrusted to him.
  8. They'd been entrusted with a precious bone.
  9. Return goods that have been entrusted to you.
  10. And to be entrusted with his current mission.
  11. Khaled entrusted me with this job because I.
  12. Al’lah is the entrusted for all the matters.
  13. He will then take back what He entrusted to us.
  14. Power's, but its development was entrusted to Mr.
  15. Do not share with others secrets entrusted to you.
  16. Allcock had entrusted to him for study and review.
  17. Levites who were entrusted with the mystery of God.
  18. Romans or myself, now that I was entrusted with public.
  19. It’s a rare man who can be entrusted to such a level.
  20. Hindu Trinity to whom is entrusted the task of creation.
  21. These must have been senior slave girls, entrusted with.
  22. Your wife has entrusted me with this letter and besides ….
  23. The care of that defence and support is not entrusted to them.
  24. Department which is entrusted with the issue of currency notes.
  25. Then Mack remembered a mission with which he had been entrusted.
  26. Entrusted with the key, Hesper came at daybreak to release her.
  27. We have entrusted the human being with the care of his parents.
  28. And as Guardians you are entrusted with the Wychetts Key?
  29. She entrusted it to Remy, making up a story about not wanting to.
  30. He who loves the world as his body may be entrusted with the empire.
  31. Timmo felt some sort of premonition and thus entrusted me with this.
  32. Because he had been the one the others had entrusted with her safety.
  33. Your last convocation with Him was the day in which He entrusted you.
  34. Be content with that which the Lord has given or entrusted to you and.
  35. To Denalin's delight, the Elf entrusted the com remote into her keeping.
  36. Merthin had entrusted most of his fortune to the Caroli family in Florence.
  37. Brandor has entrusted you to me, Kifter said, his composure wavering.
  38. Three different men in the town were entrusted with the keys to the coffers.
  39. So the ministry of raising people from the dead was entrusted to the church.
  40. Perhaps Berunni has forgotten that Soma is the Devata entrusted with the.
  41. Revelation chapter 7 begins by saying that four angels will be entrusted to.
  42. This contact was so secret, that not even Farah had been entrusted with his.
  43. Reese’s only memento from his beloved mother was now entrusted to her care.
  44. Boldness requires resilience to continue with that which was entrusted to you.
  45. The nuns and brothers to whom the government had entrusted their care also knew.
  46. The husband entrusted her to a rehabilitation center before leaving for abroad.
  47. He was sure he would always cherish the wealth she entrusted to him and would.
  48. The child entrusted to us looks to us to help make this definition come to life.
  49. Suddenly, it occurred to me, how much Shembaugh and Phillips had entrusted to me.
  50. I only wonder that the fate of Russia could have been entrusted to such a man.
  51. The eldership is entrusted with the spiritual protection of the church of Christ.
  52. This verse informs us that an elder is a person who is entrusted with the goods of.
  53. But he has entrusted some of this intelligence to you, has he? asked Sir Robin.
  54. It is necessary in order to better serve that which I have been entrusted to protect.
  55. It’s a trip to the buyer, he didn’t want it entrusted to anyone else along the way.
  56. He already had an accomplice in Herist, whom he had entrusted with Natridom’s safety.
  57. It has its own special purpose to fulfill that Life has entrusted it with: the goal to.
  58. Investors should expect nothing less from those to whom they have entrusted their money.
  59. Treading carefully, He was entrusted to me by his parents, and I intend to teach him.
  60. One night I was entrusted with a meeting, and I was guarding my position before God.
  61. His students had trusted him with their secrets, and he had entrusted some of his to them.
  62. That same evening Pierre went to the Rostovs’ to fulfill the commission entrusted to him.
  63. If He has chosen you it is because he knows you can cope with what you have been entrusted.
  64. That same evening Pierre went to the Rostóvs’ to fulfill the commission entrusted to him.
  65. In the 1930s, doctors entrusted to her care a few cancer patients that they had given up on.
  66. The distribution of payments to various officials within Costa Rica would be entrusted to him.
  67. The cases were pressed because I refused to identify those who’d entrusted me with the task.
  68. Free at last, you are entrusted by God with the high calling of leading us all into the battle.
  69. Instead, he was being entrusted with the safety of the two most important people in the Cluster.
  70. Indirectly he inquired about the work entrusted to Shumkov, but no one knew anything about this.
  71. During those four months, I was also entrusted with the important job of flying all around the U.
  72. I was entrusted with her case and I am happy to say, we managed to rehabilitate her almost totally.
  73. The goal entrusted to Ulysses is a Cosmic one, and the existence of the Cosmos is a product of Life.
  74. It is the day when we die and return to our Provider, and then He will take what He entrusted to us.
  75. Then, looking sternly at me, Casey, were you aware of the huge sum of money entrusted to you?
  76. On the way back to the village, the chaps you entrusted to guard me stopped at a farm for some water.
  77. The nuclear codes entrusted to the President of the United States would be an awesome responsibility.
  78. I contacted Randolph Kinsley, an entrusted friend of ours who was formally ICAT’s head of security.
  79. To protect our Temple, we need to consider other methods to care for mortals entrusted to our service.
  80. But I,’ he paused, ‘by the authority entrusted to me by my Sovereign and country, order a retreat.
  81. But I, he paused, by the authority entrusted to me by my Sovereign and country, order a retreat.
  82. Lord Leverstoke, the Earl of Blackwater, Sir Cathcart Soames—they all have entrusted their sons to me.
  83. When he became entrusted to record our language and keep the stories alive he regained his will to live.
  84. These students had been entrusted to Cadman to get them operating at a high level as quickly as possible.
  85. God entrusted you with academic privilege to spread the knowledge of His great glory throughout the world.
  86. We call him Cheery ’cause he inspires us with his humanistic concern for those entrusted to his command.
  87. That means you are at least bright enough to be entrusted with a letter of envoy to speak with the Captain.
  88. He had entrusted the gift for the parish priest to Bridget earlier, knowing that she would present it to him.
  89. Those wise and brave men entrusted us with ensuring Homo sapiens never again became top of the pecking order.
  90. She had entrusted information to her supervisor in order to help prevent Demovic from potentially ruining her.
  91. In the reign of Sancho IV of Castile,Alonso Pérez was entrusted with the defense of Tarifa against the Moors.
  92. I have not had the opportunity to examine the contents of the pouch that Casey entrusted to my safekeeping.
  93. Now Torbin, who’d been entrusted with the various access codes, was attempting to generate another wormhole.
  94. It was as whole as when Maggie had first laid eyes on it, the day that Old Dan had entrusted it to her keeping.
  95. As for cleaning out,—that function was entrusted to the pouring rains which encumbered rather than swept away.
  96. The council wouldn’t have entrusted you with such an important object if they didn’t think you were special.
  97. He was indeed, they all knew that Harry had entrusted him with the day to day running of the bank while he was away.
  98. The case was entrusted to a celebrated Swiss professor, and cost thousands of roubles; the treatment lasted five years.
  99. His mother, Aminah, had entrusted him to the care of neighboring desert wanderers, to teach him the ways of the desert.
  100. Before Christmas, the plans were entrusted to Hipolyta for formal documentation in letters to Harry and to the Allcocks.
  1. Before dying, Oedipus entrusts the.
  2. Only I am sorry for the Emperor that he entrusts our fine army to such as he.
  3. So, the Almighty entrusts the one who is sincere to Him to a man sincere to Him, too.

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