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    1. At the same time it has been observed for years, for instance, that many executives with high-pressure jobs seem to remain quite healthy until old age – they seem to flourish in their pressure-cooker jobs

    2. She shared that level with most of the company’s executives and software developers

    3. All the founders were immortals from ancient times, most of the executives have stayed on since the 35th

    4. Think about the high ranking executives at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mack who earned (or embezzled) millions while, thanks to Chris Dodd in the senate and Barney Frank in the House, the two government-backed corporations were taking a nosedive due to the strict (Democrat) implementation of the Community Reinvestment Act, passed under the egregious Jimmy Carter, and expanded and implemented under the equally egregious Bill Clinton

    5. If that wasn’t difficult enough for his executives to accept, Toran then had to convince the producer to broadcast the even-more-mysterious datafile, telling his deputy not to run it through verification software since he may leave himself at risk to whatever secretive organisation wanted such information

    6. Why is it so hard, though, for many of us to admit that Kennedy and Johnson committed even more? Kennedy used the FBI to roust steel executives from their beds in the middle of the night

    7. Only, where were the overstressed executives, the over-debited, the poor? Maybe the Idaho sun had some mood enhancing property when combined with the scenery

    8. He imagined the board of executives doing a cost-benefit analysis: how long after making the workers redundant would they move back into profit

    9. Not surprisingly, there have never been calls to drug test corporate executives who received corporate welfare, even though drugs like cocaine are largely used by the well to do

    10. There was also no conceivable way his cause, a very wide anti technology hostility, could have been achieved by his bombings against university professors, lumber company and airline executives, and computer store owners

    11. Two of the men wore suits; obviously, executives on their way back from a day’s work at the Scottish Office and had decided to join in on their way home

    12. Then there were the wonderful executives, Mr

    13. the program that was being used by White’s in England, and the executives went nuts

    14. products and the main executives in the company

    15. These were the workers and operators of the plant, not the pen pushers and executives

    16. The men Moses chose sound remarkably like the executives in the churches of today!

    17. The men selected by Jethro’s method sound very like the executives on the church

    18. The resident executives were mildly uncomfortable

    19. The executives started to shout and rise from their seats; Becky cried from the far corner and rushed over to help Harry who was still lying there on the floor

    20. One of the executives was still pouring over the figures to the elected audience and was just about to end the call when Harry interrupted the conversation

    21. As was always the case, only executives were allowed to enjoy the ambience of this fabulous 360 degree panorama of London

    22. The executives all sat round looking puzzled but intrigued

    23. Executives loved documents and one as mysterious as this meant they were all probably salivating at its possible contents

    24. “I’m sure; I had a meeting with all the key executives to bring the message to you that we fully support your efforts despite your condition

    25. ” He smirked as he thought of the numerous makes of whisky he had tried with other executives on a supposed “fact” finding mission

    26. executives give credit to their staff for the pros-

    27. senior executives where it was a danger for employees to report

    28. As further noted, “they heard allegations of executives using their power

    29. On the other hand, wrongdoers were protected by these senior executives

    30. they recounted allegations of executives overriding rules, sidelined

    31. Legislatures and voters pass laws they believe will benefit society; executives must fairly administer and defend those laws; and courts must impartially interpret the laws

    32. would advise the top executives to adopt policies which would

    33. Rogers has also taken 11 trips on the tab of the American Association of Airport Executives; a trade association that was to profit from a no bid contract that Rogers helped arrange

    34. Starting in 2004, Rogers’ staff repeatedly pressed the TSA to hire a trade association, the American Association of Airport Executives, to help handle background checks that transportation workers had

    35. 88 Many of them are called “corporate executives

    36. I served for the next five years with the senior corporate executives on the boards that reviewed and approved the marketing and creative proposals for all U

    37. The inventory of big homes tallied by executives hired and moved to Ithaca indicated that Park’s advice was often followed, and that included the substantial house I eventually chose

    38. But he didn’t want it to appear ostentatious, and he worried about what his other executives would think

    39. I pointed out that after checking the calendars for the rest of the executives in Ithaca, they all had managed to get in two weeks each year, with the head of newspapers taking two straight weeks in September and October in addition to a trip he took to Europe earlier in the year

    40. His management style was not to send many corporate directives to his newspaper executives except when the profit picture seemed to be getting dim

    41. His findings showed that such executives “have an instinct for the jugular, and can tell immediately what is wrong with you

    42. “These executives are killers, without the killer instinct

    43. While these top executives are not necessarily happy people, they are fulfilled in the sense they know what they want; they’ve found themselves

    44. Things were made even more difficult when other executives in the organization running the glamorous side of my father’s businesses expressed dismissive or contemptuous opinions about my job and functions

    45. executives of the Thai corporations rape the land for

    46. “We had such potential in terms of faculty and student expertise on campus in the area of health care,” says Ellen Skinner, executive director of the Yale MBA for Executives: Leadership in Healthcare

    47. In the summer of 2002 Coast Guard Commandant, Admiral Thomas Collins signed an $11 billion contract with Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman executives to construct elements of the Integrated Deepwater System (IDS)

    48. Kitchen valued the interaction with senior executives that the program provided

    49. In the company war room, executives asked why the company put Firestone tires on the Explorer in the first place

    50. Still, boards of directors, executives, unions, and many others in the companies taken over through hostile bids, do not like what happens to them in the aftermath of those takeovers

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