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    1. As the exhibition ends satisfactorily without any major mishap, the assembled adults applaud, the children beaming proudly at their respective families

    2. “Have you ever participated in a painting exhibition?”

    3. There is considerable excitement here in London at the thought of the Yeti artefacts you are sending for the exhibition

    4. They then gave us a wonderful exhibition of boxing, since the cadet turned out to be a good amateur boxer with a dislike for that particular PT Sergeant

    5. However, the sheer numbers were too much and they had little option but to let the protesters march down through the city passed the burnt out flats that Stuart and Simon had once lived in and towards the exhibition centre where the Chinese President was guest of the UK and Scottish Governments

    6. This time Ahmed fired a rocket at the rear of the Exhibition Centre where the Chinese President was celebrating his daughter’s graduation

    7. “Alas, no, Sergeant,” said the horseman, his response too glib for Colling’s taste, “The Hungarians who were here that day have all gone to England, I believe, for a riding exhibition

    8. There was no use making the exhibition worse than it had to be

    9. And Faith made an exhibition of herself getting up in preaching and making that speech! And she rid a pig down the street--under your very eyes I understand

    10. When she came out of church she said, 'Well, that exhibition was no more than decent

    11. Another handwritten sign pointed to an exhibition of wine making equipment and techniques

    12. punched in another number and talked to the director of an exhibition site he knew

    13. The convoy set off in the early evening and reached the exhibition site in the city

    14. He took me to two Oakland Raiders’ exhibition games at Cal’s campus stadium in Berkeley

    15. There is, for instance, $2 million for a wood product exhibition at the University of Maine, and $5 million for a study of earthquake

    16. Pure exhibition became their lingo

    17. Thoth was hosting a fireworks exhibition

    18. Its library which houses a vast collection of books numbering 27,000 and has a Gāndhi photo exhibition with 600 photographs

    19. She walked the room like hunting the words, to begin with good skill her exhibition

    20. The old magician looked at me with his compassionate eyes during the exhibition, and then he spoke:

    21. „Will that be bad for the exhibition?"

    22. Frances drifted serenely amongst the patrons, graciously accepting praise and congratulations for this, her second successful Exhibition

    23. „You told us the storm damage would do no harm to the exhibition," she accused, directing her displeasure at my hair

    24. Maybe even having a solo exhibition later in the year

    25. We re-arranged the exhibition so the advertised show occupied the most prestigious areas, and an elegantly labelled Permanent Collection was scattered over the remaining walls

    26. All inhibitions gone, they relished the idea of an exhibition to prove their prowess to their subjects

    27. the city in an exhibition carriage

    28. ‘You should have an exhibition

    29. By the time mid summer had arrived he had compiled a collection of landscapes all of which sold at the exhibition

    30. In a cynical exhibition of human meekness, the hapless were executed with the very hands that had tended them to their youth

    31. In June 1959, the American Vice President Richard Nixon went to Moscow to inaugurate an exhibition dedicated to technological innovations and materials of his country

    32. The Soviet press dismissed the exhibition as being “propagandistic and useless” and Khrushchev indicated an electric citrus-fruit squeezer and said that nobody sane would ever purchase certain

    33. In 1960, during the car exhibition in Turin, the vehicles shown had a series of incredible innovations: air condition, electric windows, system for braking regulations and other "diabolic innovations" of that kind

    34. Likewise, today, while his absence prevents such material manifestations, you should refrain from placing any sort of limitation on the possible exhibition of his spiritual power

    35. Must you always have material manifestations as an attraction for the spiritual realities of the kingdom? Can you not grasp the spirit significance of my mission without the visible exhibition of unusual works? When can you be depended upon to adhere to the higher and spiritual realities of the kingdom regardless of the outward appearance of all material manifestations?"

    36. This exhibition of primordial fury chilled the blood in Valeria's veins, but Conan was too close to the primitive himself to feel anything but a comprehending interest

    37. 6 The Father in heaven loved mortal man on earth just as much before the life and death of Jesus on Urantia as he did after this transcendent exhibition of the copartnership of man and God

    38. 3 Thus ended a day of tragedy and sorrow for a vast universe whose myriads of intelligences had shuddered at the shocking spectacle of the crucifixion of the human incarnation of their beloved Sovereign; they were stunned by this exhibition of mortal callousness and human perversity

    39. of the very highest quality, worthy of exhibition in the finest

    40. no further word about the exhibition, not one mention

    41. exhibition in the finest gallery, and it commanded the highest prices; but he

    42. Roe Bartle Exhibition Hall was special for Bill

    43. In front of the Dae Woo Exhibition Center

    44. exhibition, it was not understood

    45. In 1906, Benga was displayed in a Human Exhibition at the

    46. to one end of the main exhibition hall

    47. Divine Exhibition: That through the Church, in the ages to come, is to be made

    48. The completed paintings for his forth coming exhibition stood there ready for collection in the morning

    49. But, on the last morning of the project, the day of the exhibition, when within an hour patents and local dignitaries were expected to view the culmination of the project's work they arrived and discovered to their consternation, every piece of work daubed mercilessly with monstrous stars

    50. known science into a few lines, I believe the theory leading to time-travelś exhibition is:

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