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    1. Earth's exile community here on this planet is small, herself, derived of an Angel downloaded into a native body, Alan, raised from a frozen zygote by the same expedition that brought her, and the thirty one Brazilians that survived cryofreeze, with or without the intervention of the Kassikan

    2. "Our romantic exile days are done

    3. abdicated and gone into exile

    4. They had big dreams for their people in their world of exile

    5. God sent severe circumstances and exile before He brought redemption in the times of Nehemiah

    6. exile is more keenly felt

    7. This was one of the times she regretted the world of her exile

    8. 23And the nations will know that the people of Israel went into exile for

    9. into exile among the nations, I will

    10. Half of the city will go into exile, but

    11. After all, what possible difference would it make to his life in the short term? In the immediate future he was still an exile in a strange country in the new dark ages

    12. beginning, was written during the exile of Jewish in

    13. subject, but Nerissa calmly related the events leading to her family’s exile

    14. In time, you will receive additional support and manpower to this end, ones who will be in a better position to expound upon the subject of the renegade and exile, Roscius Avienus

    15. “I…I cannot comment on the status of that traitor and exile!”

    16. Decades in exile, decades of madness

    17. exile and took over the government again

    18. If Stengel and his ilk have their way, our Constitution will become a worthless document in exile, little more than a straw man for increasingly politicized federal courts to do with as they please

    19. It was King Asibi, Prempeh's rival for the stool, on his way from Accra, where he had been living in exile, to Kumassi; for now he could travel in safety to his native country

    20. It was called a general amnesty, by which the Polish government in exile in England, led by General Władysław Sikorski reached an agreement with Stalin

    21. Only at the end, with Filipino anger over Marcos's assassination of an opponent, did the US government finally drop support for the dictator, and even then he was granted exile in the US

    22. The US, and the Kuwait government in exile, used over 70 public relations firms, spending over $20 million to build US public support

    23. Like the original Cuban-American exile community, Venezuelan-Americans tend to be white and far wealthier on average, elites who fled their nation out of fear or disagreement with a new government

    24. Cuban intelligence informed the Reagan administration of an exile plot to kill no less than Reagan himself

    25. That does not change the original wrongdoing of their being seized by the US, nor deaths in their civil wars, nor false imprisonment and exile for their leaders

    26. Abolitionist writings were punished with death or exile

    27. “How about exile in the Netherlands?” I suggested

    28. He had driven the coastal highway many times; it seemed that Sixaola, on the border with Panama, was a favored home in exile for many Nicaraguans

    29. After those terrible years of war and then exile in Cuba, he’d at last found peace and purpose

    30. She touched his arm, smiling at him, “My parents know some people who are connected with the Polish exile government

    31. The exile government is opposing the Communists, and they’ve still got ways to get papers and so on, from when they were helping the resistance against the Germans

    32. When he learned they spoke Polish, he began enthusiastically describing his service in Italy, his demobilization and return to Poland after six years as an exile

    33. Based on its location it appears to have been written during or just after the Babylonian exile

    34. The biblical account of this sad saga I will call the “First Exile

    35. The biblical account of this Babylonian Exile is contained in the stories of the prophets, Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel

    36. The third episode took place between AD 66 and 70, the date of the final destruction, by the Romans, of the Temple that Herod had enlarged after it had been partially restored seventy years after the second exile

    37. This resulted in the third exile, the Diaspora

    38. Could it be that these stern warnings to the Ephesians, who seemed to have gone on in the direction that John had preached against, might have been what caused his exile to Patmos? Of course, this is conjectural logic, but if the Romans had meted out his punishment, it would most likely have been execution of some sort, as they had done with the other apostles

    39. He must have rankled other power centers with his faithfully clear doctrinal teachings, but the easier times bred lesser martyrdoms, as someone that he probably well knew of caused his exile to this small and lonely, rocky outcrop of an island

    40. How meekly it was that I submitted to my arrest and exile to this small plot of ground

    41. I was beginning to understand the meaning of the word exile and nomad

    42. the Communist government would exile me from the country

    43. I decided to leave rather than face the indignity of public exile

    44. in exile, though her few remaining supporters are still loyal to her

    45. and she is bitter and hateful in her exile

    46. Casting aside orders of General Santa Anna, who had just returned from exile in Havana, Ampudia made a stand

    47. So Spain sued for peace and offered money for Aguinaldo’s exile to Hong Kong

    48. ” I really liked Theodore and wasn’t at all pleased about having to use him and perhaps be responsible for his exile or even death

    49. I was certain I would be spending a long time in a cold dark cell awaiting execution or at least exile, but instead it was as though nothing happened

    50. The captive exile hastens so that he may be loosened, and so that he should not die in the pit, nor that his bread should fail

    1. alas, in the end, we lost and were exiled

    2. Originally he had been exiled from the Order for his beliefs, which included elevating mages to a godlike status while all others lived as their slaves

    3. “Apparently most of the people in the city have been taken prisoner and they are to be exiled here in Babylon

    4. How can anyone be happy that his family has been captured and exiled from their native country? It would be upsetting to most others

    5. The soldiers were directing the exiles towards the registering point where Ashpenaz and his officials were ready to commence the massive task of cataloguing the exiled families

    6. Odysseus dreamed his son would slay him, so he exiled Telemachus to Kefallinia

    7. into his rebellion and they were all exiled

    8. exiled brother and leader of the rebellion

    9. ‘There is very little time,’ said the exiled Elusiver

    10. ’ The exiled Elusiver disappeared in an instant

    11. ’ At this point he wondered if he should mention the exiled Elusiver, but maybe that would complicate matters

    12. I think he is somewhat irked that you had help from an exiled Elusiver – no less, the very one he talked about having

    13. When he turned to look at the dark and spindly figure he hoped it would be his exiled ally

    14. ‘You remember that exiled Elusiver who rescued you from your near fate with a black hole

    15. There were about forty inhabitants living there under the rule of an exiled Englishman who had been there for many, many years

    16. Their southern neighbour South Africa got involved when it recognised that exiled ANC (African National Congress - South Africans) assisted the above terrorists

    17. The exiled South Africans formed an armed wing called Umkhonto we Sizwe (MK) under the political control of the ANC and assisted wherever they could as they did in Rhodesia as we saw scoring a home goal with the birth of SAP COIN

    18. The leader of the movement, Samuelu Ripley, was permanently exiled and Samoan chiefs imprisoned

    19. He would not be hunted down or exiled; he would become a feared and terrible man

    20. I exiled them to the forest

    21. John’s vision was experienced at Patmos, where he had been exiled toward the end of his life, possibly to cut him off from those whom he had so successfully preached the Word to

    22. He remembered that he had been exiled just before the reign of Titus ended and that was probably why he had just been exiled rather than executed as so many of the others had been

    23. I was exiled to the hall just like the old days

    24. Each time the Israelites, God’s chosen, were exiled to the pagan land “between two rivers,” the same place, the land of Ur, that Abraham had not wanted to return to

    25. The boss, Sal D’Ambrosio, spoke on Peter’s behalf and the unanimous vote was to have him exiled from the family

    26. Those who, after rigorous studying, do not meet a minimum intelligence requirement will be exiled from the faction so they can be made useful

    27. He exiled his daughter Julia for licentious behavior

    28. He exiled Ovid for his erotic writing

    29. I had not for a moment thought I would be exiled from the Khakhanate

    30. “It was near midwinter when I was exiled

    31. Mathilde urged me not to get exiled again and told Carlotta to take good care of her little brother

    32. You were on campaign for three years, then searched for your beautiful wife, then got yourself exiled for five years

    33. fettered with the bonds of a long night, lay there exiled from the eternal providence

    34. As we crossed the pontoon bridge, I told John how I had been arrested when I crossed the other way with Carlotta and Hiacoomes and eventually had been exiled

    35. It is the place to which Kujujuk exiled his daughter Chabi

    36. “I need a boat to take me to Amona Island where I have been exiled by the Khakhan

    37. He also wanted me to know that the Khakhan exiled me in order to stop John’s attempts on my life

    38. “Your exiled king has no power here

    39. He instantly exiled Higgens to his homeless status for another month

    40. Therefore he decided to stay, and to manipulate those powers to take his vengeance on the Gathandrians, the people who had exiled him

    41. My father was exiled when I was small; I could follow him east, try to find out where he went

    42. Surrounded by tables full of feasting Oslo-fighters, the darkness of winter-night exiled by the light of the fire-place and the torches on the walls, Halfdan stepped in front of King Haakon's platform and said:

    43. Yet always, he pointed out, remnants stayed behind when the warbands and wagons went on trek to greener fields, and in the Crimea particularly, a remnant of the Gothic nation remained until exiled by Stalin

    44. I was exiled

    45. and shaven head of Kwai, who’d been exiled from the North Korean nome

    46. He has lived in India as an exiled leader of Tibet

    47. Danger had been exiled from their eyes and all that remained was blind acceptance

    48. It was taken away from her and her family when they were exiled out of Baja

    49. "Mom, what if I can't save Baja? Will we be exiled again?" asked Peter

    50. Yet, these were also the people that turned their backs on the Carrot-Top family when they were exiled from Baja

    1. We were fellow exiles starting a great industry with our alien knowledge and got caught up in it

    2. "We are exiles aren't we, still?" he asked

    3. Zarko related everything that had happened that day: the arrival of the exiles, how the Hebrews had impressed him, what the renovated old royal stables looked like now and how he was planning to take the Hebrews on a tour of the city the next day

    4. “I spoke to one of the drivers who brought the exiles here

    5. If only he hadn’t convinced her to assist with the training of the exiles, then she would still be alive

    6. Since he had become the guardian of the Hebrew exiles, she hadn’t seen much of him at the royal court

    7. She had felt disappointed and betrayed when she’d heard that he was betrothed – and to a foreigner at that! A slave! What was wrong with the women of Babylon? The fortunate woman proved to be that one with the fiery-coloured hair; the one who’d arrived with the exiles

    8. “Crissy overheard Ashpenaz say that a large group of exiles from Jerusalem is on its way here

    9. More captives? This was the first he’d heard about more exiles arriving in Babylon

    10. “A messenger arrived this morning with an inventory of the exiles on their way here

    11. The soldiers were directing the exiles towards the registering point where Ashpenaz and his officials were ready to commence the massive task of cataloguing the exiled families

    12. The plan was to accommodate the exiles in tents here on the plain of Dura while they awaited their assignment to work as slaves with Babylonian households in the city

    13. Zarko had been so engrossed with the exiles that he’d never even noticed that his own father was also missing

    14. Without uttering a word he turned and ran to where his horse was, the exiles and their grief forgotten for the moment

    15. “There is only one thing, though; the Hebrew exiles arrived this morning and someone will need to be at home to show Helez’s family to their living quarters

    16. He arrived here 10 years ago along with me and the first group of Hebrew exiles

    17. “He was attacked in the desert by a wild animal on the way back with the exiles

    18. Cuban-American exiles even plotted to kill Reagan

    19. Cuban-American exiles were largely white and wealthy, somewhat changing with later waves

    20. When Kennedy quit working with the exiles publicly, only two years later the bombing campaigns began

    21. *The direction of “going forth” now plays a key role in the revelations, and contrasts to the coming in of the repentant exiles during the epilogue

    22. It is not, as suggested, that God was to cause His Spirit to rest among the exiles to stir their zeal for the rebuilding of the Temple and for the quickening of their hope for the future

    23. he exiles himself from Thebes

    24. Coming back to one’s homeland always seemed to have that effect on exiles, no

    25. It was a great joy for the Irish as were all sporting achievements, and was greeted with great pride as always by the exiles

    26. He began to analyse life and the marked impression his father’s death had left on him and the relatively young ages that generation of exiles were dying at

    27. Slowly the exiles drifted home

    28. "Tell me, was it worth it? Was it worth the years of terror, hiding, killing and suspicion? You would have been better off to have taken refuge in Paris, Baden-Baden, London, New York and lived on Imperialist handouts and donations like most of the exiles

    29. Island has served as an isolated prison for exiles and troublemakers over

    30. But more and more exiles are beginning to question

    31. Exiles without his say so

    32. national initiative won significant symbolic gains for the exiles

    33. ‘This is by no means the first community of exiles in the

    34. ” The F5 in the SUN heard nothing, while I'munity and Revolition inhabited the revelation that was emerging from a unification of themselves and the exiles of the

    35. uniting disparate tribes of GOGs, exiles, and internal sympathizers is a threat to the energy grid and EvEnet

    36. It is also a great consolation that our fleeing exiles have added

    37. general amnesty to all French exiles

    38. � Such people become permanent exiles in relation to the mainstream

    39. �� Although she may not have thought about this directly at the time, she would essentially feel the truth of the role of the exile and the misfit: misfits and exiles rarely feel the comfort of the clear recognition of unconditional positive regard

    40. Ezra 2:70 states of the returned exiles, and all Israel lived in their cities

    41. Zerubbabel is said to be the name of a governor of Judah who was said to have lead the first exiles back to Israel from Babylon and is widely thought to have helped lay the foundation for the second

    42. confusion over the true name of the supposed historical leader of the returning exiles is strong

    43. accepted time of the return of the exiles from the Babylonian captivity, or 516-17 B

    44. Zerubbabel is said to be the name of a governor of Judah who was said to have lead the first exiles

    45. There were some Polish exiles, political prisoners, among them

    46. He bore it very patiently for six months, and when no signs of amendment appeared, he did what other paternal exiles do-

    47. How Jo did enjoy her `wilderness of boys', and how poor, dear Aunt March would have lamented had she been there to see the sacred precincts of prim, well-ordered Plumfield overrun with Toms, Dicks, and Harrys! There was a sort of poetic justice about it, after all, for the old lady had been the terror of the boys for miles around, and now the exiles feasted freely on forbidden plums, kicked up the gravel with profane boots unreproved, and played cricket in the big field where the irritablècow with a crumpled horn' used to invite rash youths to come and be tossed

    48. Three of the men were native-born Cubans and another was said to have trained Cuban exiles for guerrilla activity after the 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion

    49. Was it some sort of electrical discharge? Was I approaching some natural phenomenon still unknown to scientists on shore? Or, rather (and this thought did cross my mind), had the hand of man intervened in that blaze? Had human beings fanned those flames? In these deep strata would I meet up with more of Captain Nemo's companions, friends he was about to visit who led lives as strange as his own? Would I find a whole colony of exiles down here, men tired of the world's woes, men who had sought and found independence in the ocean's lower depths? All these insane, inadmissible ideas dogged me, and in this frame of mind, continually excited by the series of wonders passing before my

    50. Townships leveled to the ground, straggling columns of exiles, workhouses multiplied, and still crowded, express the determination of the Legislature to rescue Ireland from its slovenly old barbarism, and to plant there the institutions of this more civilized land

    1. It is not that she was an expert in the use of the dark arts, but she was beginning to penetrate secretly into that dangerous world, at the expense of being discovered and exiling permanently from The Ciudadela, at the expense of losing Leonardo forever

    2. It had not always been this way, but King Kyrosed, Aazuria’s father, had significantly thinned the male population in the past few hundred years by exiling the sea-dweller men and sending many of them away on missions from which they would never return

    3. By exiling them

    4. The cause of exiling was the writing of an appeal to help the persecuted Dukhobors (see Note 160) and their activity in behalf of the Dukhobors and the persecuted sects in general

    5. If there were no men who would be ready at the will of the authorities to torture and kill every person pointed out to them, it could never occur to a landed proprietor to take away from the peasants a forest which had been raised by them, nor to the officials to consider legal the payment to them of salaries, which are collected from the hungry masses, for oppressing them, to say nothing of executing men, or locking them up, or exiling them, because they overthrow the lie and preach the truth

    6. If it were not for these servile instruments at the disposal of the authorities, it could never have entered the head of the landowner to rob the peasants of the forest they had tended, nor of the officials to think they are entitled to their salaries, taken from the famishing people, the price of their oppression; least of all could anyone dream of killing or exiling men for exposing falsehood and telling the truth

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