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    1. This time it's for the romance of being who I really am, who I am without the distractions of an early death and resurrection in an experimental environment, a starship expedition that went wrong and the founding of an industry to deal with

    2. There is a Colonel from his expedition who does not agree with the majority decision and wants to make his own policy

    3. "Well, to be honest, I lost one or them, the one that came with my expedition

    4. Earth's exile community here on this planet is small, herself, derived of an Angel downloaded into a native body, Alan, raised from a frozen zygote by the same expedition that brought her, and the thirty one Brazilians that survived cryofreeze, with or without the intervention of the Kassikan

    5. "I'll admit, I would have been tempted to take an expedition out there if I knew there was four tons of aluminum to be found

    6. Alan's body had been conceived of Earth, from sperm of Paul Larkin and ovum of Grace Larkin, taken before their death and donated to the expedition in the afterlife

    7. "This expedition will earn us the money to buy them

    8. She started to develop the theory that she had been suspended and left on the Biology Base when the expedition returned to Sol

    9. She went to bed in late October of 2278, but had she been suspended while the expedition departed? Was this some kind of delayed punishment for stowing away on that base the first time? Could that ship be the Presidente Lula, last of the sleeperships? Could she have been suspended so long that it was here already? It wasn't due to arrive for another sixty years

    10. Glenelle didn't really understand all of that, assumed she meant back to the main expedition

    11. Of course Talstan has Angels by now, she knew that from news sent to the expedition

    12. "We are still part of the league," Ava told her, "and we will be joined by another expedition soon, if we can get them in

    13. "I would have to pick someone on the expedition that I have a backup for

    14. The main scope had returned to Sol with the main expedition

    15. Also inside was the logic fabrication machinery, weapon stores, and the other incidental machinery needed by the expedition

    16. The last data we had from the Brazilian and the remainder of the Christial expedition indicated that they were cooperating with the Kassikan fully

    17. For the other's the bombshell was that the remains of the Christial expedition was also cooperating with the Kassikan

    18. Most of it was just a long formal list of who got how much return on the graft that went into making up this expedition, but there were a few paragraphs near the end called the 'Haad Directives,' couched in dense theologian

    19. Alstan had been unable to decode the encrypted data sent by the Brazilan expedition

    20. Ahmed kept him busy the next few days supporting many other meetings as different groups of important souls from the expedition argued this way and that regarding the world of Satan

    21. There was no one on the expedition that actually understood what the fabrication machinery had to do other than pass certain diagnostic tests and otherwise 'work as designed'

    22. "We have the technology to protect against viruses, this expedition is the apex of Talstan's achievements, we can protect our seed from viruses

    23. No doubt he and the Haadij had already argued about it many times in the fifty years they had been on this expedition together

    24. With all the disruption their expedition had faced, he only went out when he was on duty

    25. We need to depose Moamar and restore sanity to this expedition

    26. He wondered if someone had recalled their commander from backup and Vincef had found a way to regain control of the expedition? He was glad his sentence had only lasted three days

    27. The Al-Harron was launched as a military expedition

    28. It passed the second Pan Solar League expedition en route, arriving here at least six years sooner, though the Heavenly Mother was launched six years earlier and was at the forefront of starship science

    29. They knew a lot too much about Alan, a lot too much about the expedition

    30. "Let me explain from the beginning, this is something very important about our expedition and my relationship with it that I really hope I can make you understand

    31. "Those electronic devices are what the other people of my expedition live in

    32. It had been possible for quite a few years before this expedition left

    33. I've never been there myself and I'm in no hurry to become one, that's why I left that expedition

    34. "If Alan is still alive he won't be wondering if Earth, his parents and his expedition was only a drug dream

    35. Her avatar had been programmed to think she had an Avatar on Biology Base reporting to the real Ava with the expedition

    36. The only way they were able to regain contact with me was by telling me I could start training for an expedition to the surface

    37. Desa is older than the nation and church that sent this expedition

    38. Think about it," she said, "If one guy, Thom, by himself while on expedition, can detect them as a hobbyist, what have the remainder of mankind's universities, governments and corporations discovered in the two hundred years they've been working on it full time with teams and budgets?"

    39. Alan’s foster father, Alfred McReady, was one of Elmore’s best friends on the expedition

    40. This was his real crime wasn’t it? It wasn’t just faking data from the whole expedition

    41. No, the crystal contaminated by his hack that had been left behind at 61 Cygni had somehow taken over the Brazilian expedition when they arrived

    42. That base has recordings of all the souls of the expedition

    43. If anyone remained on that base, that soul could resurrect the whole expedition and nothing could stop them

    44. “But what control does Ava have? I mean over this expedition?”

    45. The others might have been entertaining but they were such minor players on the expedition that Alan wouldn’t get any relief from his sentence

    46. It was true the whole expedition was on alert because of the suspected Chinese ship that was paralleling them; and because of his sentence, he didn't have the clearance for a lot of the meetings

    47. Because he didn't really have the skills to fake the data from the entire expedition, if he had done so, he must have had help

    48. Of course that would effectively terminate the whole expedition since there would be no one to take over the system

    49. “They disappeared into the population my dear,” Thom said, there was still an interstellar channel open with the Brazilian expedition at 61 Cygni and Gordon’s Lamp was able to monitor all the traffic on it

    50. In they burst, chattering and excited, full of cheery plans for our expedition to Faria after the festival

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