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    1. ‘Yes, I think you’re right,’ she said when I had finished expounding my views on the subject, ‘Unfortunately, far too many parents opt out, saying that their children can make a decision regarding religious belief for themselves, but the problem as I see it is that, in order to make a decision, you need to know something about what you are deciding

    2. Sitting in the center was our Son Jesus, expounding on a point of the Talmud

    3. ) And if that be not the guide in expounding it, there can be no security for a consistent and stable, more than for a faithful exercise of its powers"

    4. This is the type of expounding of God’s Word that

    5. Donald Davidson, in expounding on the

    6. He felt the need to move among his people patting everyone on the back and expounding on how bravely they had behaved

    7. 59 The Mission that I am expounding here is the Mission of God which,

    8. They are also so opposite to what many have believed that it’s possible it would be too much for some if I shared the true answers to these questions right now, without expounding more on what it means

    9. expounding and applying it

    10. belief (atheist or agnostic) or to be in a state of expounding ones

    11. ����������� Guy Robertson had managed after some talking to gain the support of a dozen more senior allied officers and was in the process of expounding his case against that female supposed brigadier that was cozying up to the Germans

    12. For he too was an ambassador of Christ, and spends many of his days expounding to many on the Word of God, for God has wrought many wonderful works and miracles through his hands

    13. The next morning, our small group did what we always do, and that was going from house to house expounding on the Word of God as He gave us privilege to hear

    14. For it was not often that He didn’t sit, or stand, teaching and expounding the things of God, and being young and dumb, I understood little

    15. Yet, it is true that no story about how my life changed from holistic rags to holistic riches would be complete without expounding on the role the Lover played in my life

    16. In this “chapter”, as we have seen, by expounding the merits of

    17. He dreamed that he was sitting in his open court with a few murids, as they do on Fridays, and Emin Bey was, as usual, expounding on the Qur’an

    18. At first, this book demystifies these beliefs by expounding their

    19. I can see her now expounding her rebellious theories, sitting limply--for she was long and thin--in a low chair, but with nothing limp about her flower-like face and eyes shining with interest in what she was talking about

    20. Herr Dremmel read on and on, expounding the innocent Christmas story, describing its white accessories of flocks and angels and virgins and stars with the thunderous vehemence near scolding that had become a habit with him when he preached

    21. And Lucy, expounding and defending Wemyss in the middle of the room with all the blaze and emotion of what was only too evidently genuine love, was to her aunt an astonishing sight

    22. It was at another public forum that the outspoken Legislative Councillor was expounding on the need for a directly elected representative government, starting in 1988

    23. frustrations and expounding ski technique beyond her wild-

    24. spend the rest of they expounding on how to do it, and it still won't

    25. to fail, then expounding on all the mistakes they are

    26. "And so, even with unlimited expounding of expla-

    27. Is there not some special and terrible intention in our Lord's so frequent references to the 'fire of Gehenna,’ which ought to render men at least cautious in expounding them

    28. " He had tried expounding to him the system of Fourier and the Darwinian theory, but of late Pyotr Petrovitch began to listen too sarcastically and even to be rude

    29. And thus he went on, expounding his opinions generally and his personal likings, until Justin came to fetch him for a mulled egg that was wanted

    30. Almost impassive, she submitted to his argument and expounding

    31. " He stepped into the fly and drove up with us to the house, expounding to me as we went some recent researches which he had made into the anatomy of the lady-bird

    32. ’ Alexey Alexandrovitch began expounding his views on the sole question that interested him besides the service—the education of his son

    33. And without letting Levin finish explaining his idea, Metrov began expounding to him the special point of his own theory

    34. The texts were there still, and so was his own facility in expounding them

    35. Probably only a small percentage of our enterprising investors are likely to engage in it, and this book is not the appropriate medium for expounding its complications

    36. Oh, I foresaw how trivial all objections would be, and that I should be as trivial myself in expounding my " idea " : why, what have I said after all 1 I haven't told a hundredth part of it

    37. And as he knew absolutely nothing of the doctrine of com-mimism, and heard the word indeed for the first time, I began at once expounding to him all I knew on the subject, I must confess my knowledge waa scanty and confused, even now, in fact, it is not very ample

    38. Now it seems to me that with that state of things one of two positions must be accepted: either that Christianity is a failure or, that those who profess to expound Christianity have failed in expounding it properly

    39. Now it seems to me that with that state of things one of two positions must be accepted,—either that Christianity is a failure, or that those who profess to expound Christianity have failed in expounding it properly

    40. Gentlemen, nothing is further from my intention than to trifle with you and waste your precious time with idle paradoxes; but I cannot avoid expounding my idea briefly

    41. But, sir, I would not condescend to make the observation here, had he not, after heaping upon us, during the whole of his administration, every injury and insult in his power, at the close of it placed us in a ludicrous situation by imposing on us an obligation, in a grave and serious concern to the nation, of expounding his equivoques, and unriddling his riddles

    42. If, sir, the construction which I have taken of the sense of the House and of the Government be not correct, whence comes it that we have such cases before us as that of Daniel Buck? Whence comes it that we hear of Treasury instructions, not issued in the first instance for the purpose of expounding a law touching the clearances of vessels, that uniformity may prevail in the different districts, but supplementary instructions, becoming in practice the actual law of the land? In other words, if my construction be not correct, whence comes it that every principle formerly called federal—every principle of Executive energy and power—has been strained of late to an extent heretofore unparalleled? Whence comes it, that in the archives of this Assembly, we find copies of licenses given by the Executive power of the nation—to do what? To permit one part of this confederacy to supply another part with bread! We have had Executive licenses, graciously permitting that a portion of our citizens should not starve while the rest were revelling in plenty, and suffering for want of a market! Let us suppose, that in the fragments of history of the ancient nations of the earth, of those periods which are most involved in obscurity, we should find an Imperial rescript to this effect, what would be the inevitable conclusion of the historian? That, if the Chief Magistrate of the Government could at pleasure starve one part of the people while another was rioting in plenty, that the individual who held this power was the greatest despot on earth, and the Government a purely unmixed despotism

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