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    1. Apparently, she was originally of Italian extraction, although her

    2. And acknowledging the newly strained non-relationship he bore with the Guild, it would have to be a delicate process of extraction

    3. No one colony in America is supposed to contain so great a number of people of European extraction

    4. In several studies, people with a history of eating lutein-rich foods like kale had up to 22% lower risk for cataracts, which would otherwise have been severe enough to require extraction

    5. Sludge was a light skinned mulatto of Spanish extraction

    6. The ancient Parthians appear to have been a nation of Scythian or Tartar extraction, and to have always retained a good deal of the manners of their ancestors

    7. Roidon had until now relied on nanobots to make the refinements, but someone needed to attach a tertiary extraction pipe, and now there was no question of simply switching the device off

    8. Torbin, with the extraction pipe still clasped to his side, stared into the vibrating core

    9. By extending the British system of taxation to all the different provinces of the empire, inhabited by people either of British or European extraction, a much greater augmentation of revenue might be expected

    10. Touching hers as he began the slow careful extraction, his hand brushed over the metal of her bracelet that lay low upon her hip, as if on guard

    11. She felt his arm begin its slow extraction

    12. Fullerton interrupted, “The Soviet authorities in Poland are of the opinion that one ‘Jerry’ Krazinsky, an American of Polish extraction, has been engaged in the Polish black market to a considerable extent

    13. Andy had been leading their way to the extraction point - several kilometers southwest - in an almost complete silence

    14. Elior had woken up when Ilmal examined the almost healed wound in his chest, and Ilmal had given him an herbal extraction that sent him back into a deep sleep

    15. He had slept until dawn when Ilmal’s herbal extraction had stopped working

    16. concerns that oil extraction operations may be contaminating the environment with

    17. The judge said the ,‖government‘s continuous delays are intentional‘, part of an effort t use last year‘s BP oil spill as an excuse to limit fossil fuel extraction

    18. For the last three days, Buey Dan, as the Lizard, had supervised the extraction of last minute information from the hooch maids and waitresses and other female and male workers on the air base

    19. They followed the Almighty’s rules and never once did He have to send an archangel for an extraction mission

    20. and nurses of Chinese extraction were kind and skilled in their treatment of me

    21. gear, loaded the cold, pale bodies of the dead into the extraction tanks where every cell of their

    22. Although he‘d felt no pain thanks to local anaesthesia, he was almost catatonic having been awake through the extraction of his kidney because the theatre wasn‘t set up for two people to be under general anaesthetic at one time

    23. Bridget that his parents were from Ireland and that over ninety per cent of the children attending the school were of Irish Catholic extraction

    24. The oils are concentrated liquids derived from plants through a variety of means: distillation, solvent extraction or expression processing

    25. In the year that followed Matthew learned that Patrick had become romantically involved with a girl of Polish extraction called Anna

    26. He returned to his seat and handing his extraction to Michael, said:

    27. certain amount of time to reach the extraction point or there would be no

    28. doesn’t change the objective or the extraction point

    29. mountain and the extraction point

    30. We request extraction from Little Bunny ASAP

    31. She ordered them to line up before her and commenced the extraction of their visual information using another program

    32. In the receiver, Calvin replied, “We found indications that Project X is related to some type of truth extraction process

    33. In return, this discouraging prospect had made the populations of the Middle East both worried and furious, as they realized a bit late the extent to which the riches from oil extraction had been squandered or even squarely robbed by their elites, monarchs and various leaders

    34. The modern world, desperation, greed, and the timber and extraction industries that usually don’t care about traditional cultures have altered belief systems regarding lemurs

    35. We’re talking about the take over of the Federal government, with several puppet presidents to follow, and the massive extraction of capital out of America taken as a result of the huge war expenditures made for un-needed conflicts started by those puppets under false pretense

    36. "Alright Nathan, she continued, "I want a clean extraction and an accurate weighing, so we can proceed here without any more distractions

    37. The strength of the earth grew wane because the extraction was vast!

    38. But because stem cells in the body are relatively difficult to extract and have often been exposed to environmental conditions that determine specific tissue development prior to extraction, mass reproduction of individuals’ own stem cells for therapy still faces significant prohibitive challenges

    39. was al he real y knew as an information extraction tool

    40. extraction techniques for long

    41. Calling his foreman and telling him to continue alone to supervise the work of salt extraction, Pierre got closer to the edge of the water in order to better see

    42. Returning to the plantation by the end of the afternoon with a Jeanne apparently happy about their acquisitions, Pierre took an hour to go inspect the various works in progress in his fields and in his sugar extraction plant

    43. Once the extraction process has ended – this window will appear

    44. drive the hydraulic extraction

    45. reported as on site in the extraction site of the

    46. Exactly three hours forty-eight minutes the extraction

    47. Of Jewish extraction, and brought up among Jews, if not of pure Jewish blood, he was thoroughly familiar with many things of which the Roman governor was utterly ignorant

    48. ƒ The Oil and Gas Extraction industry

    49. The oil and gas extraction industry has increased its share of GDP in each of the last 7 years, increasing from a modern low of 1

    50. which, again in current prices, have grown considerably over the same period are electricity generation and supply and oil and gas extraction, with average annual rates of growth of 10

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