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    1. of failing to believe God and stand on what they believe

    2. failing, filled his nostrils and gagging, he broke the spell

    3. failing to understand that they too hurt as he did, he chose a simple life

    4. They found their way where he would not, and wilfully failing to understand that they too hurt as he did, he chose a simple life

    5. ‘I hope you won’t take it the wrong way, Karal, but I keep expecting to detect something alien … and failing

    6. Wrapped in the yellow haze of failing organs,

    7. white tile graduate, failing to comprehend the point

    8. I was shaking with fear at first and angry because Uncle just stood laughing while Auntie showered me in kisses and shouted at him for failing to protect me

    9. ’ I told him, trying to sound matter of fact and failing miserably, even to my ears

    10. This of course is very true of an ill person, in fact any person failing in life could be deemed mentally ill, since they are not showcasing the mental skills and tools to live properly

    11. ‘It’s a failing of mine, I’m afraid

    12. dilapidated and failing, locked into the decline that blighted so

    13. ‘No, no, it’s not that …’ he said, failing completely to explain what exactly it is he is concerned about

    14. Jock makes his legitimate money by buying up failing farms, selling off the land and converting house and barns into holiday homes

    15. failing that brought this about and henceforth our

    16. He had heard stories about good friends who became lovers, failing

    17. ’ I asked trying to be matter of fact about it, and failing

    18. Please be aware that Dan is now imprisoned in some sort of isolation vessel we are trying to locate him but up to now we are failing to even find out where he was last seen

    19. in the river with a stone tied around my neck for failing in

    20. Alfred had gotten over his funk about failing to pick up Alan from the river raft after a few months, as soon as he also began to deny that Alan was dead

    21. She knew her own social world was failing

    22. After failing for so long to so much as scratch him, he never actually thought it was possible to hit him, let alone land a lethal blow

    23. Streams of energy spilled from their fingertips, only to dissipate the instant it met the beings' empty forms, failing to even scratch their dark surfaces

    24. The one failing here is that we have no way to communicate with our body systems

    25. Pappi, a Pappi who was about to spoil his record of not failing a

    26. Mother, by letting desire for Andrastus cloud her judgment, by feeling joy rather than regret when she’d orphaned the children of opposing warriors, by failing to adequately honor the

    27. I stood still, trying to understand what had just happened, and failing to dispel the energy surging through me

    28. should have been no more than drops failing soothingly into a

    29. He missed the good times they had shared, but he was determined to get on with his life and tried hard to forget her – failing miserably

    30. whatever he had conjured earlier was failing him currently

    31. As a result, what could have been a pleasant and fruitful life for her was constantly interrupted by thoughts of ineptitude and feelings of despair due to her frightful failing to find peace in her daily journey ahead on the many and varied paths she followed

    32. Or failing that, a temple

    33. He cursed himself for failing to notice the post holes in the entryway when they first came through

    34. We remember how we have failed in the past, and have ideas about how we can avoid failing in the future

    35. And she wanted him to see that she was not failing in that, and would not allow herself to fail

    36. ‘I never entirely understood what the agency’s post-brain research is all about,’ Monty said, trying to sound a little flippant and failing miserably

    37. ’ Scott pushed himself off the chair, feeling his balance go, not knowing if it was the failing AG or the effect of the tranqs

    38. How many escort class vessels do we have ready to fly within the next thirty minutes?” replied Jim, failing to address Scott’s concerns

    39. ‘I have limited ability to influence Species 7, but spreading knowledge of the other species and the consequences of failing to prepare is permitted

    40. From a human point of view, it would be necessary to somehow guide the parents over centuries, without failing once, in how to name their children, so that they would eventually form part of the genealogy, according to specific design criteria

    41. ” He went on to tell us that every morning at first light and every evening at last light this Turkish sniper would be active and would shoot someone an Officer if he could a Sergeant at second best or failing this the bomb makers other marksmen and even the medics

    42. The number of predictions about future events contained within the Bible and the fact that we find that all events that have occurred in our past, came true with 100% accuracy, not failing once in accuracy or timing, should leave one with sobering thoughts about the events predicted for our future

    43. 28 The odds of one person in history fulfilling so many prophecies by chance, without failing in at least one of them, are once again impossible according to our scientific standards

    44. trying to hide the fact that he was in pain, and failing, which made it very clear just how much

    45. People in universities spent years and millions of pounds failing to produce

    46. direction, following his own agenda, failing to

    47. “The thing is Billy Boy that her lungs are failing and in a while she wont be able to breath it’s a bit like consumption her lungs are filing with fluid and she is literally drowning

    48. I hereby confess to failing to understand how these degenerates have been able to rise so far in American politics

    49. And, our present federal government under Obama is certainly failing

    50. He would rather condemn poor children to failing schools than offend the teachers" unions

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