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    1. Such comparisons, however, between the profit and expense of new projects are commonly very fallacious ; and in nothing more so than in agriculture

    2. establishing in this way fallacious traditions, because

    3. In examining those arguments, they were necessarily led to consider the difference between a probable and a demonstrative argument, between a fallacious and a conclusive one; and logic, or the science of the general

    4. Further, the concept of the mind-body dichotomy, a sort of ghost in the machine, is fallacious from its inception

    5. "And on that fallacious evidence you expect me to chance everything

    6. That is fallacious

    7. I have found that the references I read on the JFK assassination agree with each other nicely, and as a whole, present an enormous data base to bury the Warren Commission report forever into obscurity as a fallacious concoction of uncorrelated garbage, that lies, through omission and deceit, in the presentation of the assassination of John Kennedy

    8. Therefore, the neck wound and Connally’s chest wound do not correlate, or THERE WAS NO SINGLE BULLET, there had to have been a 4th bullet or more, therefore it was a conspiracy, and the Warren Commission Report is Fallacious

    9. It is fallacious to argue that this model will set standards of optimization for every

    10. Men can die for what is false – not knowing it to be false – but men will not repeatedly die for a lie, knowing how fallacious it is

    11. with those fallacious eyes of his

    12. The thing about these charitable drives organized by TV stations is that these efforts would not be undertaken if the correspondents did not have a crew there to chronicle this fallacious eleemosynary in order to pat themselves on the back

    13. When his prediction of light bending around the moon was discovered to be actually true, the world of Science swallowed his completely fallacious explanation for it hook, line, and sinker

    14. For to say a person dies, and then assert the “real person’ does not die, as is urged, if fallacious reasoning, and he who can establish such a presumption could draw water with a sieve, call up the “spirit” of “Samuel

    15. At great cost of feeling I must, in view of these fallacious consolations offered to impenitence, profess the persuasion that much of the religious teaching of the last few years has proceeded from a gradually-declining sense of sin in its evil, and in its deserts; as that again has proceeded from a declining sense of the justice of God

    16. He does not see that the analogy is partly fallacious, and that the will or character of a state or nation is really the balance or rather the surplus of individual wills, which are limited by the condition of having to act in common

    17. Still, through this fallacious medium, a real enlargement of ideas is attained

    18. "Alas," said Edmond, smiling, "these are the treasures the cardinal has left; and the good abbe, seeing in a dream these glittering walls, has indulged in fallacious hopes

    19. "You are mistaken in thinking so," returned Franz calmly; "but you merely fall into the same error which leads so many of our countrymen to commit the most egregious blunders,—I mean that of judging the habits and customs of Italy and Spain by our Parisian notions; believe me, nothing is more fallacious than to form any estimate of the degree of intimacy you may suppose existing among persons by the familiar terms they seem upon; there is a similarity of feeling at this instant between ourselves and the countess—nothing more

    20. We traveled entirely by compass, and once or twice there were differences of opinion between Challenger and the two Indians, when, to quote the Professor's indignant words, the whole party agreed to "trust the fallacious instincts of undeveloped savages rather than the highest product of modern European culture

    21. Fred gave up the fallacious hope of getting a genuine opinion; but on reflection he saw that Bambridge's depreciation and Horrock's silence were both virtually encouraging, and indicated that they thought better of the horse than they chose to say

    22. The almost universal practice of stating the earnings on the preferred stock separately (in dollars per share) is exactly similar to, and as fallacious as, the prior-deductions method of computing the margin above interest charges on a junior bond

    23. Such reasoning is fallacious

    24. The inference that rapidly rising profits in previous years meant much larger profits in the future was thus especially fallacious in this case, because by the nature of the business a peak of popularity was likely to be reached at some not distant point, after which a substantial falling off would be, if not inevitable, at least highly probable

    25. But this assumption as to the price of the bonds is clearly fallacious

    26. Plausible but Partly Fallacious Assumptions by Stockholders

    27. A conclusion that Union Pacific was “cheaper,” based on these figures, would have been fallacious, because the relative capitalization structures were so different as to make the two companies noncomparable

    28. But it would have been equally fallacious to conclude that Rock Island common was “intrinsically cheaper

    29. But the mind of man not only refuses to believe this explanation, but plainly says that this method of explanation is fallacious, because in it a weaker phenomenon is taken as the cause of a stronger

    30. And equally fallacious seems the conceit, that because the so-called whale-bone whales no longer haunt many grounds in former years abounding with them, hence that species also is declining

    31. One may not share such a conception of life, one may deny it, or prove it to be inaccurate and fallacious; but no man can possibly judge a doctrine without having first made himself familiar with the life-conception which forms its basis; and still more impossible is it to judge a lofty subject from a low standpoint, to pronounce upon the belfry from a knowledge of the foundation

    32. The misconception of those who judge the Christian doctrine by the standard of the state or civil doctrine is this,—that they imagine that the perfection of which Christ speaks may be attained in this life, and ask themselves just as they would ask concerning some law of the State, what will happen when all this shall be fulfilled? This hypothesis is fallacious, because the perfection indicated by Christianity is infinite and can never be attained; and Christ promulgates his doctrine, knowing that although absolute perfection will never be attained, yet the aspiration toward it will ever contribute to the welfare of mankind, that this welfare may by this means be everlastingly increased

    33. Was it not for want of unanimity in support of the measure? Was it not in consequence of its having been wantonly, shamefully, and infamously violated? and perhaps winked at by some who are inimical to the principles of our Government; but who have had address and ingenuity sufficient to procure themselves to be appointed to office, and in which situation they have obtained a certain influence, and by misrepresentations as well as clamorous exertions have, in many instances, led the unwary astray, and caused the measure to become unpopular in some parts of the country? By improper representations and fallacious statements of certain prints, apparently, and I might add, undoubtedly, hostile to civil liberty and free Government, and advocates of British policy; by the baneful opposition of British agents and partisans, together with refugees or old tories, who still recollect their former abject standing, and who have never forgiven the American independence, and who, in all probability, are doing all in their power at this time to assist their master George the Third in bringing about colonization and vassalage in this happy land—by keeping up party spirit to such a height, that the tyrant of the ocean was led to believe that he had a most powerful British party in the bosom of our country—and that, by an extraordinary opposition made to the embargo, we would become restless, and could not adhere to a suspension of commerce—consequently would have to relax, and fall into paying tribute, under the Orders of Council, to that corrupt Government, Britain

    34. That the letter signed Francis James Jackson, headed "Circular," dated the 13th of November, 1809, and published and circulated through the country, is a still more direct and aggravated insult and affront to the American people and their Government, as it is evidently an insidious attempt to excite their resentments and distrusts against their own Government, by appealing to them, through false or fallacious disguises, against some of its acts; and to excite resentments and divisions amongst the people themselves, which can only be dishonorable to their own characters and ruinous to their own interests; and the Congress of the United States do hereby solemnly pledge themselves to the American people and to the world to stand by and support the Executive Government in its refusal to receive any further communications from the said Francis James Jackson, and to call into action the whole force of the nation if it should become necessary in consequence of the conduct of the Executive Government in this respect to repel such insults and to assert and maintain the rights, the honor, and the interests of the United States

    35. Here then, sir, is another false or fallacious disguise thrown out before the people of the United States, as will always be the case in every appeal to them, calculated, or evidently intended, to excite their resentments and distrusts against their own Government

    36. "Indecorum," "insolence," "affront," "more insolence," "more affront," "direct, premeditated insult and affront," "disguises, fallacious and false:" these are the stains we are called upon to cast; these the wounds we are about to inflict

    37. I will now show you how fallacious his reasoning and groundless his pretensions are

    38. This reasoning is fallacious

    39. In consequence of that error, the American Cabinet had ruined numbers of our own citizens, who had been caught by the revival of the non-intercourse law; they had revived that law against Great Britain, under circumstances which now appeared to have been fallacious; and they had declared war against her, on the supposition, that she had refused to repeal her Orders in Council, after the French decrees were in fact revoked: whereas, it now appears that they were in fact not revoked

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