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Fastball в предложении (на )

1. Pachuco caught Louie with a fastball in the back.
2. His question caught in my stomach like a fastball.
3. I called for a high inside fastball, something out of.
4. He then hastily hurled in a fastball that registered 78 M.
5. A fastball could get there and back again in half a second, easy.
6. I could see from where I was in the dugout the catcher wanted a fastball.
7. Facing him was a six foot three pitcher, renowned for his overwhelming fastball.

8. Johnny made a good pitch—an inside fastball at the knees that sawed the hitter.
9. Mitchell instantly read it as a fastball, before he placed it back into his glove to hide.
10. The RS Rating of a potential winning stock should be in the same league as a pitcher’s fastball.
11. The average big-league fastball is clocked at 86 miles per hour, and the best pitchers throw heat in the 90s.
12. Here it comes; the wind –up, the pitch, sure enough a fastball, straight at Stewey’s head! Stewey ducked but forgot to drop his bat.

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