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Filmy в предложении (на )

  1. A void within the filmy Heaven.
  2. He entered a filmy, sallow light.
  3. An idle breeze moved filmy ripples now and then.
  4. But, real life is never compared with a filmy scene.
  5. Glancing down at her filmy attire, Yasmina agreed with him.

  6. Headlights passing behind turn her filmy garment translucent.
  7. When he arrived, Kate was waiting for him in a filmy negligee.
  8. It was small and filmy, the walls and floors seemed to have an extra wax coating.
  9. Conan sat on a silken divan in a rich chamber whose filmy curtains the warm breeze billowed.
  10. The feathers were thin, filmy pieces of bark, inserted in notches at the end of the wooden shaft.
  11. Instantly a filmy glaze covered his eyes, and he stood frozen like a corpse on a winter’s night.
  12. Kits eyes glowed bright blue, his fur had a filmy black texture, but his form was mostly a silvery blue shade.
  13. A filmy veil fell below her breasts, supported by a flowing headdress bound about with a triple gold braid and adorned with a golden crescent.
  14. Found myself alone in a vast room furnished with antique pieces, on a hard bed of large columns with a filmy white mosquito net descending from the top.
  15. The ladies were dressing in filmy gowns of red, yellow, and green, and each one was to carry a bottle of whisky garlanded with ribbons to match her dress.

  16. In a minute! In a minute! Don’t come in, Papa! she cried to her father as he opened the door—speaking from under the filmy skirt which still covered her whole face.
  17. It was the general who had given our cocker spaniel his name, Farsi for "Plato," because, he said, if you looked hard enough and long enough into the dog's filmy black eyes, you'd swear he was thinking wise thoughts.
  18. Rory lulled by the whisky and the soothing background music felt his head start to nod and closed his eyes for a second…when he opened them, a smiling May-Lin was standing above him clothed in something filmy and flimsy.
  19. Wrapping a voluminous silken cloak about her lithe figure and donning a velvet cap from which depended a filmy veil, she passed hurriedly through the corridors and approached a bronze door where a dozen spearmen gaped at her as she passed through.
  20. The fireplace confronted him with its extinct embers; the spread supper-table, whereon stood the two full glasses of untasted wine, now flat and filmy; her vacated seat and his own; the other articles of furniture, with their eternal look of not being able to help it, their intolerable inquiry what was to be done? From above there was no sound; but in a few minutes there came a knock at the door.

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