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Focussing в предложении (на )

  1. Focussing on the last few boulders, he could.
  2. It is focussing of consciousness on some chosen object.
  3. I started today with the idea of focussing on my breathing.
  4. What is the point? (Remember that we are focussing on costs).
  5. M: Those who practise the sadhana of focussing their minds on.

  6. The three men cleaned their plates rapidly, focussing on their food.
  7. M: By focussing the mind on ‘I am’, on the sense of being, ‘I am.
  8. If you’re feeling bad, suggested Cloud, try focussing on the.
  9. This is why I have asked you to spend five minutes each day focussing on.
  10. The last thing I remember was focussing on her dusty shoes as she hit me again.
  11. The image staring back hardly looked like him but Burton was focussing on his wife and son.
  12. He stood in waist deep water focussing his gaze out to sea, looking for a break in the swells.
  13. Sarah concentrated her mind, focussing in on Mark, and found herself outside with him in the corridor.
  14. I tried to block out this sense of pointless waste by focussing on the shapes and forms of my new friends.
  15. The Chief of MI6 looked away from the displays and tried to clear his mind from the mess of thoughts that were focussing on S.

  16. Each member in the group makes notes on the same chapter, under the main headings, focussing on only 1 of the following areas:.
  17. By consciously focussing on changing our beliefs and improving the way we feel, very little, if any effort is required to think positively.
  18. Even Radio 4 led with the Albert Hall riot, focussing on Stripehead’s attack on the Prime Minister, which Danny learned had been effective.
  19. You can increase it if you keep focussing on those negative thoughts; you can decrease it if you reject them and put something else in its place.
  20. The IT section of forensics had made a major breakthrough after eventually focussing on Delmage’s laptop which had been found in his hotel room.
  21. THE SORE POINT – Start here by focussing on the undesirable feeling and stating the issue you want to release whilst rubbing this point in a circular motion.
  22. Tongues and Interpretations (3 of 5) Firstly, Baptism in the Holy Spirit, and Speaking in Tongues, focussing on the personal devotional gift every believer can receive.
  23. Focussing on this light will produce a pleasant state of relaxation, plus this light serves as a bridge to connect you with the light of your Inner Essence -- your Core Self.
  24. It had become obvious from newspapers that Sebastian was focussing press attention on Natalie, who seemed to be forever shopping, or leaving restaurants, or hanging out with her girlfriends – all while cameras watched her.
  25. Thus, although we found Southampton full of Pressmen, we absolutely refused to give any information, which had the natural effect of focussing public attention upon the meeting which was advertised for the evening of November 7th.

  26. The second thing that praise and thanksgiving does is this, it let's us magnify the Lord with thanksgiving, so God becomes bigger in your life, as you become very grateful for what you have, instead of focussing on what you don't have.
  27. I try to take my mind off it by focussing on the countryside flowing past us … on the conversations we had yesterday … on what I have learned of Errd … anything … time passes in an agony of gritted teeth and fought back tears.
  28. The power to judge distance is due principally to our possessing two eyes situated in slightly different positions, from which we get two views of objects, and also to the power possessed by the eyes of focussing at different distances, others being out of focus for the time being.

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