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    1. Liquidated, although he’s kept up a small franchise on the clubs

    2. individual who wanted an oil company franchise

    3. Another way we sold the property and franchise was to interest

    4. The team designated him the franchise player

    5. We told the team Tony would sit out the year rather than play under the franchise tag contract

    6. I would remind this young man that whatever franchise in whatever sport, team owners are looking to recruit the most talented athletes available on the open market that offers its club the best opportunity to win regardless of color or ethnicity

    7. Career choices like investing in real estate (such as a real estate developer, or commercial or residential investor), owning intellectual property rights (patents for inventions, licensing and even copyrights), being a bestselling author, investing in stocks or notes or bonds or being a successful business franchise owner are all ways to earn about a half a million dollars or more and that’s about the amount needed for Americans to earn if they don’t want to struggle from paycheck to paycheck but have enough to save enough and to really thrive financially

    8. One of our customers described this as "The franchise of the century"

    9. a fast food franchise for $100,000

    10. His Honda franchise, started

    11. the Glass Doctor franchise in 2006 gave him the

    12. franchise with plans to expand throughout the

    13. from the franchise catalog, and Ashi was suddenly very proud of

    14. Constitution requiring a franchise with no limits

    15. We can limit the franchise, providing that race or sex is not the criterion

    16. To the extent that limiting the franchise has disparate impact on the black community, the

    17. After he completed his EMBA Program, Goins gave up the Chick-fil-A franchise that he ran for 16 years and moved into the company’s home office as a business consultant

    18. already milked that damn bot franchise to hell

    19. In the right mode and everything he would love a franchise

    20. After three years of teaching high school/post high school students and night classes to auto shop technicians, Marvin bought a tool franchise and became involved with selling tools to repair shops in Salt Lake City

    21. After the EIN has been obtained then you can apply to your Secretary of State for a non-profit franchise

    22. After the Secretary of State gives you your franchise papers then you can apply to the IRS to obtain 501(c)3 status Form 1023/1024

    23. series franchise in movie history [only the Tarzan series of movies could be considered a rival,

    24. His Rich Dad franchise is one of the

    25. “The Mohammedans received representation far in excess of their numbers, and they were granted a franchise far more liberal than that given to Hindus

    26. Still, discoveries do happen at agencies, including the biggest publishing franchise since "Harry Potter"—even though it basically took a mistake to come together

    27. Many outsell traditional fantasy/sf novels probably 10-1 but they're selling the franchise not the writer so a lot of the audience won't follow from one series to another

    28. Apparently bow wary of real estate, he used this capital as surety to purchase a fast-food franchise, a car-hire business, the rights to a canal-boat tourist venture, and a block of land in the hills

    29. Three local businesses were competing to get the new French electrical goods franchise, so after bending the agent’s ear on Thursday afternoon Francis invited him home for dinner, figuring it could only help the fellow make the right decision

    30. 'He knows I desperately need the franchise and the competition is rat-shit, but despite our hospitality and your magnificent dinner he refused to commit himself

    31. ‘What's the franchise worth to the company?' Mum interrupted

    32. The franchise was one Erwin wanted very

    33. Erwin, this franchise wil require an initial investment of $2,000

    34. cashier's check for $2,000 for his franchise

    35. It was on the franchise

    36. constructive ideas as to how he could possess the franchise

    37. There were no street addresses, there was no mail delivery, and there were no franchise businesses in town

    38. Long before the Giants baseball franchise moved out of New York, I was an ardent fan

    39. The Monarchs were as well known as the team from New York, accumulating more championships than any sports franchise in the history of Kansas City

    40. Is it possible that the final outcome was also fixed so that the new franchise and its followers were allowed to continue all the way to that final game of the season? Another reason for the team winning no matter what may have been payback for that playoff game between the same two teams a few years before that I just described

    41. then meeting the initial and monthly requirements becoming a “walking franchise” of the

    42. The franchise model

    43. Final Fantasy saved Squaresoft from bankruptcy, and would later go on to become the most successful RPG franchise

    44. Though T- and M-rated titles including the GCN-exclusive Metroid Prime franchise did exist, the overwhelming majority of GCN games were E-rated and mostly cartoon-style in their art design

    45. Coleman’s franchise of top of the range motor vehicles on the Green Lane’s golden mile of car sale yards would benefit strongly from what was going down at this moment and at 4pm in a half light, he was content to stand in the steady drizzle and watch the tail lights of the transporter vanish into the gloom

    46. The trust would on-sell these vehicles to his motor vehicle franchise at standard wholesale prices, having absorbed the excessive capital gain

    47. franchise, (flicking his cigarette butt in) and on to the lifts

    48. reviews, - the evidence is the Star Wars franchise whose movies

    49. 15) Colonel Harland Sanders was 61 when he started the KFC Franchise

    50. Whether you are in direct sales, affiliate marketing, network marketing, or a major franchise or corporation joining the ranks of web 2

    1. Old Ted, on the other hand, went from strength to strength, earning a small fortune from his globally syndicated television show and from a chain of franchised garden centres bearing his name that sprang up across the whole country

    2. show and from a chain of franchised garden centres bearing his

    3. With such brutal tactics Sylkie acquired a whole fleet of boats, which she painted her characteristic yellow and franchised out to prospective captains

    4. on past the franchised coffee house, where he customarily flicked his cigarette

    5. Franchised Bottling Operations, South

    6. A franchised company such as McDonald and Kentucky Fried Chicken have power to make any fast food to acheive profits

    7. When you are married, the spouse, the state and the franchised God of your choosing own you

    8. Another franchised business with fancy names, fancy coffee, sold to rushing anonymous crowds, by underpaid serfs

    9. How many no’s would it take you to give up and settle down into retirement? Fifty? A hundred? Five hundred? It took the good Colonel over one thousand and fourteen no’s before he convinced one man it would be a good idea and franchised the recipe

    10. When Coldwell Banker’s franchised brokers sell properties, the company receives a fee from the sale proceeds

    1. sold the franchises and worked out the real estate deals while other people ran the car washes and the gas stations

    2. franchises such as the “City Stories” for Grand Theft Auto also appear on the PSP as full games as opposed to the sprite based mini-games that appear on the NDS

    3. Banpresto’s Super Robot Wars series is one of the largest gaming franchises in Japan, and the OG set is the only one that has ever been translated into English

    4. was giving out territorial franchises

    5. Franchises are famous for their training programs

    6. As you can see, franchises are a powerful force in the marketplace, and

    7. Most of the successful sixth-generation console games were rated T and M by the ESRB, including many now-classic gaming franchises such as Halo, Grand Theft Auto and Resident Evil; the latter two of which were notable for both their success and notoriety

    8. Third-party support, on the other hand, was slower in coming; game designers, used to the conventional gamepad control sets, had difficulty adapting popular franchises to the heavily motion-based Wii controller, and some didn't bother, preferring instead to concentrate on what they felt to be their core audience on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3

    9. Here, in the gut of a GameWorld's distribution center rotted by obsolescence, indifference, and a time expired popularity, ASers and GOGs had spontaneously assembled seeking an escape from the zombification that ensues when collapsed States are replaced by local franchises of Bubble Totalitarianism

    10. What are some franchises that offer a product or service similar to yours? ______________

    11. There was a bewildering array of divisions, subsidiaries, regional departments, franchises and foreign branches

    12. joint venture in four Holiday Inn franchises

    13. levels for some of the most popular food franchises in the U

    14. Most al of these franchises also wil have their most current

    15. Real estate franchises include Century 21, RE/MAX, and ERA

    16. in spite of the modern supermarkets and the obligatory fast food franchises that made

    17. Prior to grabbing a Fantasy Football guide it is advised you keep informed of reports and news regarding NFL franchises and players throughout the year

    18. Cable franchises, clothing brands, new drug discoveries, store chains, and even music labels are bought by sophisticated buyers (usually larger companies) from sophisticated sellers (usually smaller companies)

    19. , to eliminate from the calculation such items as good-will, trade names, patents, franchises, leaseholds

    20. Buffett, a student of Graham and Dodd’s at Columbia in the 1950s, had, by the early 1980s, evolved from being purely a balance sheet investor to being an investor who was seeking companies with exceptional business franchises that were run by honest, capable, and shareholder-friendly managements

    21. That is why Buffett looks for managers who emphasize the long-term protection and enhancement of their business franchises and are primarily concerned with the effectiveness of a company’s capital allocation process

    22. Tax of America, and of course started to sell franchises to others to use the idea and the name

    23. Most franchises do not expand so easily

    24. While Buffett in the Berkshire years still speaks with reverence about Graham, he looks for companies that have impregnable franchises even though they may sell for multiples of their book value

    25. " To him that essentially means operations with strong franchises, above-average returns on equity, a relatively small need for capital investment, and the capacity therefore to throw off cash

    26. The GEICO and American Express situations, extraordinary business franchises with a localized excisable cancer (needing, to be sure, a skilled surgeon), should be distinguished from the true "turnaround" situation in which the managers expect-and need-to pull off a corporate Pygmalion

    27. The fact is that newspaper, television, and magazine properties have begun to resemble businesses more than franchises in their economic behavior

    28. Let's take a quick look at the characteristics separating these two classes of enterprise, keeping in mind, however, that many operations fall in some middle ground and can best be described as weak franchises or strong businesses

    29. Moreover, franchises can tolerate mis-management

    30. ” In 1968, virtually all the companies in the new-issue boom had growth-industry identifications in areas such as computers, electronics, franchises, and nursing homes

    31. For the 2004 edition, he wrote, “Being patient and buying great business franchises with strong growing cash flows will never make one poor

    32. It is vital to invest in high quality companies with strong business franchises that are most likely to be resilient in the next bear market

    33. But, whenever it started its franchise operation, McDonald’s owned the land beneath its restaurants and leased the land to the franchises

    34. The last category we try to own are emerging franchises, which are typically younger companies with excellent growth prospects

    35. I often say the only small company we want to buy is one that can become a big company—that's what we're looking for in emerging franchises

    36. Jiffy Lube, meanwhile, kept eating money and opening franchises

    37. If franchisees are selling franchises, it means the parent has competition selling new units

    38. Franchises (Chapter 4) have extensive potential for financial stumbles; and once one franchise is analyzed, a group of them can easily be perused

    39. It is said that the corporation, which it is proposed to recharter, independent of the facility it affords to Government in the collection of the revenue, has also particular advantages given to it; that it is a monopoly; and what right, it is asked, has Congress to grant a monopoly? I will ask, in return, when an officer is appointed to collect the customs, has he not a salary and emoluments? Is not every office in law called a franchise or a particular privilege? If the officer who has these emoluments, privileges, or franchises, (call them what you will) receives these in consideration for his services, have you not the power to hold out inducements to associated bodies of men to form an institution from which the public may derive benefit, not with a view exclusively to their monopoly and benefit but on account of the advantages to be derived from it by the public?

    1. He already had publishing, public relations, promotion advertising, and franchising under his belt

    2. Farming and food products gave him his start in public relations, promotion, advertising, franchising, citrus grove and timberland ownership, real estate and investments

    3. country? Franchising, that is it

    4. Franchising as a business model succeeds because it has proven, in the

    5. Franchising a family legacy, is all about creating a survival life span for a family’s business, so that it would last longer, serving the lineage for generations, up to the sixth generation upward

    6. One of the ways of which you can keep you financial legacy lasting for generations is by franchise; franchising has its way of making your money and your idea work for you

    7. Claire had guessed correctly about Paul’s franchising the system

    8. An extreme example of public stock-financing of a small company; its value based on the magic word “franchising,” and little else, sponsored by important stock-exchange houses

    9. By 1968 he had joined the “franchising” movement and was selling others the right to sell mobile homes under his business name

    10. It will fall for any company identified with “franchising,” computers, electronics, science, technology, or what have you, when the particular fashion is raging

    11. Williams later announced that AAA would come up with a new franchising concept every month (if people would step into a mobile home to get their income taxes done by “Mr

    12. Selling, general and administrative—Mainly Fixed Costs: “The cost to operate the franchising business is reflected in SG&A expenses on the consolidated statements of income

    13. James Hindman, CEO and chairman of the board of Jiffy Lube, was one of four partners in the aptly named BATH partnership, which in turn owned the franchising entity Lone Star

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