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Freestanding в предложении (на )

1. The freestanding, nonprofit.
2. They are currently the only freestanding.
3. It took almost an hour to locate the freestanding tenement with B.
4. My mother had given him a freestanding fireplace, which he was in the middle of installing.
5. I got up, stepped over to the freestanding blackboard that listed the cases we were working on.
6. In the corner of his eye, he saw Felicity look at him in the long freestanding mirror across the room.
7. The hub itself is a box, either freestanding or rack-mounted, with a number of ports to which the cables connect.

8. As the name implies, the device is freestanding, has its own power source, and can easily fit on or under a desk.
9. Server cases are usually either freestanding towers or specially designed to be mounted in a standard 19-inch equipment rack.
10. Freestanding silver Argand lights were placed near the seating area, but could be easily moved to shed light elsewhere in the room.
11. The building like its original counterpart will be constructed entirely of pentelic white marble, and will be surrounded by freestanding columns.
12. Generally, active solar greenhouses are freestanding greenhouses aimed at commercial production where solar energy is used as supplemental source of heating.
13. He knew how she liked to work and had taken that into account, adding a massive corkboard wall on one side and a giant freestanding glass board on the other for brainstorming.
14. Gnosticism had at least a seventy-year time advantage over the infant Christianity with what appears to be the first evidence of it as a freestanding cult being found in Samaria sometime before 30 BC.
15. The house, for one thing: an actual freestanding brick mansion on Sutton Place, smack in the middle of the east side of Manhattan, aloof to the high-rises that had seemed so impressive on previous visits.
16. In that quadrant, between and above freestanding double doorways, there was bright blue sky above with the distant ocean below, and the occasional cries of birds and monkeys were carried in on a fresh sea breeze.

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